On Marriage Equality, Ctd

The debate in the UK about marriage equality is heating up. There are the proponents and the opponents. I am seeing a change from the fundy opposition, which frankly just turns people off to a more reasoned approach.

That approach is ultimately doomed though because it essentially is just a begging proposition about leaving things the way they are.

If you talk to ministers just now, they say, “Gay marriage is like the smoking ban. People thought they were against it, but when it happened, they just accepted it.” I cannot prove this wrong, but the triviality of the comparison makes me suspicious. Marriage is a great, big, deep subject. There is no crying need to change it just because a vociferous lobby says we must. I recommend a policy which should surely unite all conservatives, trad or modernising – masterly inactivity.

It is like the Homosexual Law Reform debate of the 80’s. there were vast numbers of people opposed to it but I doubt you could muster more than a few hard core fundy weirdos these days to march in the streets. All the calamitous predictions of those times have failed to materialise.


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  • Andrei 1

    Unnatural marriage is a trojan horse which is all about the final destruction of marriage by rendering it essentially meaningless so as to advance the brave new world of socialism.

    The old it takes a village to raise a child leftist thing to grow generations of docile worker ants by wresting control of the children that are born from their parents.

  • Pete George

    Giving rights enjoyed by many to a few is not going to impinge on the rights of the many. Gross exaggeration of consequences makes a very poor argumant.

    Similar to asset sales – a lot of people don’t think it’s their thing but they aren’t going to go nuts about it, and are more likely to accept it in reaction to the small number preaching the end is nigh.

  • dad4justice

    “calamitous predictions”  but Aids is spreading like wild fires?
    Homosexuality is just another social engineering ism!

    • Gazzaw

      Aids is spreading like wildfire? 103 cases of HIV in NZ last year. Latest stats that I can find for STDs more commonly associated with heteros are 2007. 4500 chlamydia & 925 gonorrhea.

      • dad4justice

        “Since AIDS was first recognized in 1981, it has led to the deaths of more than 25 million people, making it one of the most destructive diseases in recorded history”

        I rest my case.

      • Guest

        What Dad4Justice doesn’t realize is that the majority of these AIDS deaths have come from Africa and/or Asia, where the epidemic is due to unsafe sexual practices between heterosexual people. 

        The US/Western spread of the disease was mostly due to unsafe gay sex, followed by drug abusers, but concurrent with the western spread were epidemics that weren’t as well covered in Haiti, and Sub Saharan africa. 

      • Jester

        4500 chlamydia & 925 gonorrhea.

        And that’s just in Carterton!

    • Kosh103

      With some of the biggest increases in the hetrosexual population.

      And homosexuality is a sexuality, D4J, far from just another social ism. Do get a clue

  • starboard

    Sodomisers shall not be granted the sanctity of marriage. Marriage = Man and Woman. This will never change. 

    • Guest

      That’s interesting, because there are a lot of straight people who practice sodomy as well. Are they not to be granted marriage either?

      • starboard

        Straight people dont commit sodomy. Homosexuals commit sodomy. Your argument is flawed. 

      • Granny

        Starboard, you must have led a sheltered, or celibate, life.  Or is there a special word for heterosexual sodomy?  I don’t have time to read my Profanisaurus. 

      • Starboard…yes they do…plenty of straight people commit….indeed enjoy sodomy…you really need to…erhmmm..pull your head out of your arse.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO, ohhh starboard you fucktard. There are soooo many straights who take it up the arse, millions upon millions.

        In some places it is know as doing it catholic style. Why? becausee arse fucking was a way to have sex but not have babies.

        You idiot you.

      • Greg M

         The ship’s motto of the old HMNZS Canterbury was latin but it roughly translated to “up the bum, no babies”

    • Never say never…and what is this “sanctity” of marriage crap….look around you fella…look around…heterosexuals killed off the sanctity of marriage a long long time ago

    • Kosh103


      And you are a hate filled idiot.

      Have a crap day.

  • Pukakidon

    Is a man doing a woman in the dirty hole not sodomy?


    • starboard

      If a man did his wife in the arse surely you couldnt call him “straight?”  I would say if he is that way inclined he would probably be doing blokes in the as well. Disgusting..and they want to be classified as normal ? Mainstream ? Married with children ? Be fuck they will.

      • titanuranus

        Have you heard the expression , you protest too much?
        I would suggest there is only one reason you would be getting hot under the collar on this subject.
        Why else would you be getting hysterical over what  consenting adults (that you do or don`t know personally) get up to in the privacy of their own homes?

      • Hey, don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.

      • Travdog

        what a braindead retarded fuckwit of an argument.

        “I would say if he is that way inclined he would probably be doing blokes in the as well.”

        I don’t even know what to say to that, you are beyond stupid. Either that or just trolling. I would hope it’s the latter, because you’re in for a hell of a life if you’re actually that dumb.

    • Travdog

      It certainly is pukakidon, unfortunately for starboard he didn’t think before he spoke and proceeded to make a fool of himself.

      Since he’s having a bit of trouble: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sodomy

  • Peter Wilson

    Enough already. If gays want marriage, or to be given roses on valentines day let them; they’re making enough noise so they’ll get what they want eventually – thats the way of things. The thing is, for some reason it’s the embarrassment and cringe more than anything thats offputting. Mr and Mrs, becomes Mr and Mr? Ms and Ms? What names do the kids take btw?

    • Kosh103

      Hubby and I have hyphenated ours.

      And before you go all ” OMG how awful think of the kids…………” stop and think. A very large number of straights hyphenate, so think of another stupid arguament.

      • Peter Wilson

        ….and what happens when kids of hypenated parents want to get married and keep their names….lmao…..but that’s really an arguement against anyone hypenating…

      • Kosh103

        What they do is up to them.

        Do you now have bug up your arse about what future generations MIGHT want to MAYBE do?

        Fuck, if thats one of your biggest objections, then I would suggest you stop commenting, as you are about to look like a massive idiot.

      • starboard

        ” hubby “! You disgusting filthy pervert. Youre in fantasy land kosh….you’ll only ever be a couple of old pillow biters…nothing more nothing less.

      • Kosh103

        Oh look, starbaord is keen to show everyone is homophobic backward thinking dumbarse ways.

        How cute the stupid fucktard thinks his way of thinking has any place in the 21st century.

  • starboard

    Up to you. My original argument was about fags wanting to be like normal people and call themselves married and adopt children. Unfortunately thats not the way its meant to be. Call me what you want..do you think I give a flying fuck ? No thats right…I dont. Good day.

    • Travdog

      you said straight people dont engage in sodomy, you got bounced, hope your tail doesn’t accumulate dags whilst between your legs.

      • Travdog

        Look on the bright side starboard, you’ve learnt something today. Maybe you’ll even broaden your horizons sexually and ‘chuck it in’ out of curiosity.

    • titanuranus

      LoL , c`mon  starboard you know you want it.

    • Kosh103

      LMAO –  in other words, after being outed as a homophobic fucktard who is cluesless about a great deal of things you are going to run away.

      May I suggest running away to some African country where your type of backwards thinking is acceptable.

      • Bafacu

        .. “thinks his way of thinking has any place in the 21st century”

        Of course it does, whether he is right or wrong is a matter of opinion however. His points are as valid (to him) as yours are on the state of NZ’s education are (to you).

        A diversity of opinions and beliefs is not  the end of the word but a reflection of the changing society we are part of.

        I may not agree with what he says but he has a right to say it.

      • Kosh103

        Actualy when it comes to hate speech I would argue he has no right to say what he does. Any speech that is designed to turn peoples anger on any group in society should have zero protection.

      • Super_Guest

        Fuck you, Kosh. You’re a typical left-winger trying to gag free speech. I couldn’t care less if two guys want to get married, but if your solution to homphobia is to silence dissenters then you’re worse than the homophobe themselves.

      • Kosh103

        Wrong super guest.

        Anyone who thinks we have 100% free speech in any western country is fooling themselves.

        We have accepted free speech, not total free speech.

      • Super_Guest

        Again, fuck you. What’s this “western country” shit? Are you one of those pathetic individuals who thinks that the east is somehow better? Try being gay in Iran or speaking your mind in China or Russia, and then get on the “I h8 da west” bus. Also, perhaps we don’t have 100% free speech (I don’t know, I don’t really place much credence in the words of a union hack teacher on the internet), but we should be aiming towards it, not gimping our own rights just because a few gay people get their feelings hurt when a couple homophobes call them faggots.

        It’s gay people saying things like that (basically, you don’t like me, so I’m gonna stick a sock in your mouth so no-one knows) that cause people do dislike you. Very few people care that your gay, and even less care about your right to get married because it doesn’t affect them. So take a deep breath, ease up on the Malcolm X and get a bit more MLK jr. and you’ll go much further in promoting your cause.

        Hate speech laws are also ridiculously hard to define (what constitutes hate speech? Would what Hone Harawira says be hate speech? What about Paul Holmes? It really depends on who’s in power, and that’s why we have a bill of rights to protect our basic freedoms from left/right pissing contests in parliament) and are a colossal failure in the European countries in which they’re enforced (remember the Muhammed cartoons?). They’re never gonna come here unless fucking Mana win the next election, so grow a thicker skin.

        The purpose of free speech laws is to protect unpopular speech, and that’s far more important than the self-esteem of one gay guy on the internet.

      • starboard

        Gee, I think kosh just got handed his gay arse on a plate. Muwhahahaha!

      • starboard

        oh look..its the great philip ure-useless , the great pharamacy robber , the man who has spent a lifetime bludging off the taxpayer. Bome idle useless fuck. Wouldnt work in an iron lung…eh ! ..eh ? Get a job ya bum.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        I always thought Kosh was more of a womens big front bum than an arse Starboard

  • Rufus

    I still don’t get why they want to change the definition of marriage – because that is what this boils down to.

    As it stands, their relationship is already legal. 

    There is nothing stopping them from getting a civil union which recognises their relationship and gives them rights as a marriage would.

    There is also nothing stopping them from being married – they simply have to find someone of the opposite side to join them – as per the definition of a marriage.

    But they’re not happy having the same rights as everyone else – the homosexuals want MORE. 

    They want a special new definition of marriage designed especially for them.  With sprinkles on top.

    This is not about equality or discrimination – their union is already recognised and protected by law.

    This is about special treatment for a small, vocal minority.

    • Peter Wilson

      It’s more about gays wanting to be different and to get attention for it. Simply being gay got the attention, but, now, alas, noone really seems to notice, so new strategies are in place to get that attention back, so their sexuality can be justified, rather than regretted.

      • Kosh103

        Wrong as usual.

    • Kosh103

      It boild down to REAL equality.

      Hell a CU isnt even equal for hetros as I found out yesterday. A hetro cpl who get a CU cannot adopt. As they have a CU, not a marriage.

      Equality for all.

      • starboard

        Leave children out of it. How embarrassing it would be for a kid to have a couple of blokes as parents. Dont be so fucking selfish. You make me sick.

      • Kosh103

        Oh look starboard has come crawling back after beeing made a fool of. Given millions of kids are being raised by and have been rasied by gay cpls, you are once again looking like a homophobic out of touch fuctard of a fool.

      • PeterS

        Starboard:  “How embarrassing it would be for a kid to have a couple of blokes as parents.”

        That is your homophobic agenda coming out not the kids.

      • starboard

        sure kosh. I’ll let you think you have won the argument. Remember kosh  , you and your lot are the minority, and it will always be this way.Sodomy , wallowing in sewage is never going to be accepted as the norm. You will just have to accept it. I bid you farewell. 

      •  given that star-bored is one of the nastiest rightwing trolls aroiund..

        ..spewing whatever made-up bile he can think up..

        ..(and is top of my list for when the troll-id-app surfaces..)

        ..i am enjoying watching him get handed his ..um..!..arse…

        ..and soon..we will also know his name..eh..?

        ..and will be able to match him up to/with his anal-output..

        ..won’t that be fun..?

        [email protected]

  • Jester

    Im still getting over Travdogs ‘chuck it in’ out of curiosity comment………lmao

  • Kosh103

    Poor sad scared starboard. So arfaid of us gays. So scared that his way of thinking is now seen as (and correctly so) wrong, out of date, bigoted, homophobic.

    Run away poor little pathetic creature. Run away.

    • dad4justice

      Hey Kosh, are you phool whore’s son or james sleep the liarbour hand round cabin boy?

      • Kosh103

        Oh poor wee man. Come back when you can type correctly.

  • Rufus

    “equality for all”

    1. Everyone has the same right to get married – just find yourself a partner of the opposite sex.  If that is not enough for you – you don’t want “marriage”, you want something else.

    2. Show me why we must all be equal.  Where does this strange notion of equality come from?  Nature?  Nope.  Science? Nope.  Who decided this?  Why are men still not allowed in “women only gyms”?  No matter how much you stamp your feet, we will never be equal – not even at the most basic, genetic level – (intelligence, looks, strength etc etc.) 

    What a load of nonsense.

    • Kosh103

      So are you saying that some groups in NZ should have less rights than others. Is that correct? If not explain your silly statement.

  • Rufus

    Nice how Kosh’s hate speech is somehow “acceptable”, whereas starboard’s isn’t.  Doesn’t really advance the notion of “equality for all” does it Kosh?

    • Super_Guest

      Even though I have no time for starboard’s comments in regard to gay marriage, Kosh is indicative of leftist double-standards. It’s an animal farm “some people are more equal than others” sort of situation.

      • Kosh103

        LMAO, ahhh look the fucktards are scared.

        My speech is not enciting hate to be directed at any one group. My speech deals with facts as opposed to bigotry,

        Any speech that encites hate towards a group of people is unacceptable.

      • Super_Guest

        It’s perfectly acceptable. Nothing happens when someone calls you a name, Kosh. And what’s with this “scared” stuff you come out with all the time? No-one’s scared, this is the internet, where everyone is a tough guy. But considering how often you bring the idea up a more Freudian person than I might suggest that you’re the one that’s scared. Either that or you have a massive inferiority complex and sense of entitlement, oh, wait, union-hack-teacher, my bad…

        And is hating on a group somehow worse than hating on a whole lot of individuals? I would suggest that you do hate homophobes…

      • Kosh103

        Stop playing dumb SG. Calling names is not hate speech. However I have seen some examples of it on this site when it comes to homosexuality.

        But then I know those people who are spewing hate on here, in real life would never dare say what they say on here. And that pleases me greatly. Their hate festering inside them as gay people get to live, and love out in the open.

        • Super_Guest

          Christ, Kosh, you really need to see a therapist. “Hate speech” (whatever that means) is nothing, it doesn’t do anything but hurt your clearly fragile ego. Note the way everyone in the country ignores and belittles the National Front when they make their bi-yearly announcement of imminent power. Or the Destiny Church or fucking Hone Harawira. Very few people are down for that kind of hate, and the only reason we’d need “hate speech laws” is to protect the feelings of soft teachers like you who can’t hack the reality of the world or are naively hanging onto the idea of some sort of utopia being possible. Thus if we’re only doing it to protect the feelings of hang-wringing babies, it’s exactly the same as calling names. Besides have you ever listened to some of these people with their “hate speech”? All they do is call names: “faggot”-this and “black-cunt”-that.

  • Rufus

    Kosh – “millions of kids are being raised by gay couples” blah blah blah.

    Prove it.  I call you a liar.

  • Rufus

    Equality for all – Kosh, would it be acceptable for a man to “marry” his sister?  His Mum?  His brother, his nephew, his dad?

    If not, please explain why not, keeping your “equality for all” notion in mind.

    • Kosh103

      And now we are moving into the area of extream stupidity.

      You can call me a liar all you like you silly little thing, but the FACT is millions of kids around the world have gay parents. And you would be hard pressed to find any of those kids being abused by their parents.

      As for your rather silly positon of let mother and son marry – there is a genetic reason for that not being open seasion.

      Now if you have a REAL point to make instead of being all silly, far right, tin foil hatish about it please do so, if not be you will just be mocked.

      • dad4justice

        “extream stupidity” haha I knew you were james sleep the liarbour pass around boy. Koshism is sick and deadly.

      • Kosh103

        Poor thing, still unable to type in clear english I see.

      • Pukakidon

         Kosh why do you single out hate speech against intellectually handicapped people by using this term Fucktard. You said…

        “My speech is not inciting hate to be directed at any one group. My speech deals with facts as opposed to bigotry”,

        You use a hate speech and bigotry that pokes fun at intellectually handicapped people to describe homophobes.

  • Rufus

    Kosh – merely claiming something as fact doesn’t make it so – even if you CAPITALISE it. 

    1. You made a claim to support your argument – now provide proof or retract it.

    2. Please prove to me why we must all be “equal”.  Says who?  Nature doesn’t. Genetics doesn’t.

    3. Please tell me how you can claim “equality for all/everyone”, but will not allow my cousin Mark to marry his dad.

    Where does genetics come into that relationship?

    • Patriot

      Homo Kosh, — calm down

        What does equal mean — equality is a crap socialist left wing ideal cos you feel you are fighting for oxygen – that everyone else knows is already in the air
      You are clearly not married with children that you are supporting in a home .

      My wife & I are not equal
      She cooks, cleans, decorates,colorises,nutures and makes a better/comfortable home than i can. We respect that

      I manage our sons sports activities, earn more ,cut down trees, mend fences, do maths — better than she can .

      She has strengths + I have different strengths — that complement each other for the greater good of our family .

      We are NOT equal – but we respect each others obvious abilities & know who should be on the soap box & when — we take turns to lead on the various subjects

      But WE Are Not Equal  — she is like a Jet fighter + I am like an aircraft carrier — same cause , same objective , and neither can do without the other & together we are a United family   …..  but i still get to open her car door   Thats Not equal , but we dont care for equality.   Just get on with it + get it done 

      • Kosh103

        Are you back spouting your sexist backward thinking bullshit?

        I thought the last time you ran off with your tail between your legs you had learned what a fool you had made of yourself.

        I see not.

        Sexist and a slow learner.

  • Travdog

    Same old argument going around in circles. If not daily, at least twice weekly. End result is the same every time: no progress. Oh look, NRL is on sky sport.

  • i wonder if homophobia is like racism..?

    now able to be cured by a pill..

    [email protected]

    •  should be able to..

      ‘cos both come from the same part of the brain..

      ..and both are a symptom of fear…

      ..both homophobes and racists are scared little people..

      ..on constant alert..

      ..say ‘boo!’ to them…and they jump a mile…

      ..and that’s why they are also like conservatives…

      ..fearful of change..’cos they also have such a tenuous grip on the here and now…

      ..and are scared of so much/so many people..

      ..(poor luvvies..!..eh..?..ya wouldn’t wanta be them..eh..?..)

      [email protected]

      • starboard

        ..is “homophobia”..( is that a word ) the same as workphobia philwhore?..eh?..

        …a symptom of fear…of work..eh ?

        …fearful of change..have to get off your arse and work for the dollar…??

        ..so scared…

        …ya wouldnt wana be him ..?  ..eh ?

    • Steve (North Shore)

      I wonder if laziness is able to be cured by a ‘get off your arse’ pill?
      You realy need to get your shit together phool, try and do something for NZ instead of me paying for your food/ rent/ insurance, petrol etc etc.
      Get off your arse and use your head

      •  well steve…seeing as i start finding/compiling stories/links for whoar at about 5-5.30 am every morning…

        ..i think i do ‘get off (my) arse..eh..?

        ..and given i run a news aggregation site that in the last month was read in 96 countries..

        ..and was translated into 61 different languages..

        ..i wd argue i am ‘getting my shit together’..eh..?

        ..and what i ‘do for nz’..a country with a provincial/pathetic mainstream media..

        ..is to provide an intelligence-drenched local/global roundup..

        ..thereby also ‘using my head’ to do this..eh..?

        ..so..everything you asked for..eh..?

        [email protected]

      • Super_Guest

        Until someone pays you in return for services rendered AND you stop sucking at the taxpayer teat every week, you’re unemployed and a bludger. Stop pretending to have a job and get one, then I can stop paying your way.

      • Greg M

        To be fair, Phil’s site does have a roundup of international news stories.
        It is quicker and easier than watching BBC world,sky aussie etc.
        ( apologies for bieng off topic )

    • Kosh103

      I can think of a few on here that we could test a pill like that on.

      • Rufus

         Kosh, my questions stand.  I await your answer.

        1. You made a claim to support your argument – now provide proof or retract it.

        2. Please prove to me why we must all be “equal”.  Says who?  Nature doesn’t. Genetics doesn’t.

        3. Please tell me how you can claim “equality for all/everyone”, but will not allow my cousin Mark to marry his dad.

        Where does genetics come into that relationship?

      • Kosh103

        My answer rufus is I am right. Only a fool would try to dispute that there are gay parents out there. But seeing as you are a fool I am not surprised.

        When it comes to basic human rights we all must be equal. And if you want to live by natures law then bugger off to the bush in the nude and live like an animal.

        I am not preventing tour cousin Mark from marrying his father, the law is. (I hope that is not your cousins real name, poor bugger having a relative like you). And I am very happy to claim equality for all, even if a homophobic bigot like you cant handle it.

      • Rufus

         Kosh –

        1. I don’t dispute there are some gay parents out there – you claimed there were millions of them – as if the sheer numbers of gay parents somehow proved that this was a good thing.  I challenged you to prove that there were millions of them – something you still haven’t done.  All you do is assert stuff and hey presto, it’s a FACT.

        2. “When it comes to basic human rights, we must all be equal”.  Problem is Kosh, that these “human rights” are simply a human construct.  They do not exist in nature.  Someone has thought them up.  So they are arbitrary, and open for debate.

        At the moment, there is no “human right” to be married, or raise kids – so you, as a homosexual, cannot use that argument.

        Also, your “equality for all” and “gay rights” are views held by a very small subset of the Western world, itself a small subset of the human race.

        Are you arrogant enough to claim your MINORITY VIEWS are somehow better than those Billions of others?

        If you do, on what basis can you claim this?

        3. As for my last question, if they changed the law, would you not mind if Mothers married their daughters, or a guy marrying his brother?
        (As for hate speech and abuse – reread our exchanges and notice how you are very rude to those who disagree with you.  That makes you a hypocrite Kosh, blind to your own double standards.)


      • Kosh103

        Rufus – There are millions of kids around the world being raised by gay families. Millions. And if you feel that I am wrong, then produce stats showing the number of kids raised by queers is not in the millions.

        Given human rights are a construct of humans that means we can change them. And when they punish people for the act of love – then we as humans should do the right thing and change them. And the good thing is, we have done a lot to do this. Still work to do, and it will happen, no matter what you hope.

        Mothers and daughters getting hitched, if it was legal, then thats what it would be. legal.

        I also see that you are trying to confuse name calling with hate speech. Dont bother, you are not smart enough to pull that off.

      • Patriot

        KOSH – Homo teacher from Whangarei ,

        — you cant sustain a debate without getting into the gutter
        — your arguments get personal and you forget about debating an issue
        — Kosh — everyone on whale oil knows that you are abusive – spit the dummy nutcase – toys outa the cot , temper tantrum type .

        Most of us prefer sane , lively , debate —  you’re a nutter when your arguments hit the rocks . re-think yourself pal

        KOSH – You need treatment for insanity & being a poor loser.  .

      • Rufus

         Kosh – so I could call you an ignorant faggot, and that would be ok, as that is only name calling? 

        (I suggest that you make the distinction so that you can hurl abuse at whomever disagrees with you with gay abandon, but scream “hate speech” when then hurl abuse right back at you.)

        As for “millions of kids raised by gay parents” – you’re still simply claiming this without proof.  You started, you prove it.

        (You don’t understand the conventions of logical, reasoned debate.  You make an assertion, you provide evidence.  Otherwise you’re simply making stuff up.)

        Thank you for admitting that you are arrogant enough to claim your minority views are superior to all others.

        Interesting you agree that if we allow homosexuals to marry, there is no reason why we shouldn’t allow a mother-daughter or father-son or brother-brother arrangement.

        You are very short-sighted.

      • Kosh103

        Rufus, you are struggling here. You are trying to go to the pathetic in order to say going gays equality is a bad thing.

        And just to add insult to injury – I will provide you with a wee link.


        In the US ALONE there are millions of kids. Think of how many world wide. Now yes, that is just one link. But if you think it is wrong then stump up the proof to back up your nonsense.

        And no I did not say min. views are more important –  but what is  the right thing, remains the right thing. Even if it means changing the law to make this true for one person.

        Rufus, you are a very cold heartless person if you think a group of people should be told that they are disgusting for who they love.

      • Rufus

        Good.  You’re getting somewhere.  Evidence to back up an assertion.

        Re: human rights and doing the right thing.  So you’re saying your minority view is right, and everyone else is wrong?

        On what basis can you make that claim?  Not from nature, not from science. 

        Where did you get the idea that your view is somehow better than all the others’?

        Kos, are you saying you’d approve of a mother-daughter, father-son or brother-brother relationship JUST AS MUCH as you approve of your own man-man relationship?

        How about a man who wants to marry two women?  Or three men who want to marry?


      • Kosh103

        Nice to see that after being proved an idiot you are still willing to go that extra mile to look like a massive tool.

        The right thing is the right thing. Thats it.

        Explain to me how denying people the same rights that you have is a good thing.

  • starboard

    He’s too stoned Steve…thats his MO..go to Winz/ a job interview wasted and no one will employ him. Lazy fucken parasite. Great role model for his boy eh..meh !

  •  btw steve..if you want to know more about what/why i do…i did that ‘best song ever written’ thing with jim mora on fri aft on national radio..

    ..where i spoke with him about it…

    links to it are at whoar/frogblog/the standard..and national radio..

    [email protected]

    • Travdog

      You’re missing Steve’s point entirely. None of what you do consists as a real job. Stop making piss-arse excuses jabbering on about what you do with your spare time. Your website makes no money, therefore your argument is redundant.

      Get a real job and pay taxes, then the rest of us might actually start taking you seriously.

  • gonadman

    why not let homos have there own island . would only take one generation  and they would be extinct . 

    • Kosh103

      If hetros like you HATE us that much then get the word out to all your mates. Stop having gay babies.

      • Patriot


        — you are giving Homos a very very BAD  name – if your  ” crap on you ” attitude is representative of Homos

        Man , you are the pits .

      • Kosh103

        No, people like you are with your homophobic out dated attitudes.

        Deal with it, we are here to stay and nothing you can do will remove the hard won rights we have, or will get.

      • gonadman

        you are of no worth to the species our only reason for being is to reproduce .and putting your dick up another males waste pipe for your own dirty pleasure is as far removed from that purpose as you can get it is just a poo fetish plain and simple . its not your fault though it is natures way of keeping certain genetics out and ensuring the survival of the species ,enjoy your time on this earth but dude you and another male have no right to child rearing you gave that up when u started sucking dick you cant have your cake and eat it too .

      • Kosh103

        Are you so sure gona that I have no kids? Tut tut, stupid fool that you are making snap bigoted redneck homophobic statements

      • Patriot

         If HOMOS are like you — jealous and utterly mad with anger at society and completely unable to hold a debate without exploding into cursing everyone

        Then you have continued to give Homosexuals a very Bad wrap

  • Bilm

    Kosh is a dirty fuckin pervert illiterate school teacher from Whangarei Check him out in purgatory on mb2

    • Hilly

      he was permantly banned from Trade Me message Boards for abuse.