Once a tweaker…

NZ Herald

Millie Elder reckons she is free of meth…rubbish…she hasn’t done nearly enough time allegedly free of the drug to claim she is free of the clutches of methamphetamine:

Paul Holmes’ daughter, Millie Elder, has spoken of her long battle with P, her often-fractious relationship with the broadcaster – and being drug-free for more than two years.

In an exclusive Metro magazine interview, the 23-year-old admits she was “a bit of a shit”, with little respect for her family, as she battled her $1000-a-day addiction.

But she is now drug-free, working at the Auckland Chamber of Commerce, studying by correspondence and talking again with her father after they famously fell out over her lifestyle and police arrests.

“Looking back, I cringe,” Ms Elder told Metro. “I just think I was a bit of a shit, to be honest. I was emotionally dead inside. You don’t have any respect for people when you’re on drugs, you don’t care about anyone else.

“As a parent, you need to understand you’re not dealing with your child; you’re dealing with your child on drugs, who doesn’t give a shit.

“I didn’t care about anyone else but myself.”

She says she would not have won the battle with P without longtime boyfriend Connor Morris. They eventually became clean without professional help by living a hermit-like existence – eating, sleeping and watching TV – in their West Auckland flat.


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  • Grizz30

    If she really has been drug free for 2 years, is working and working on her education then I can only give her credit. However, agreed, the war is not won and the battle continues. However I am disappointed whale that you are not prepared to offer some praise for getting this far.

    • I don’t have too much time for Tweakers…once the brain is fried it is fried…I have seen the damage up close and personal.

      I think that dealers and cooks should be shot like dogs.

      • Grandstream

        WO – agree 100%.  You cant polish a turd….

      • Jim

        Agreed that dealers and cooks should be shot like dogs.  However, much credit should be given to her for taking the strides to fix her problem.  However, the best steps she could take to ensure she doesn’t’ fall back into the habit would be to report to the police exactly who was supplying her (and who was supplying them).

      • Peter Wilson

        Couldn’t agree more, stomp on the dealers. But why not hit the users hard as well, get rid of the customers. The users that are addicts might need counselling etc, but get at the casual users, zero tolerence.

      • David Garrett

         I tried very hard to get P manufacture added to the list of “strike” offences Cam…every senior cop I spoke to during my short career said that  in all of the worst of  serious violent offences – Antonie Ronnie Dixon cutting of hands  being the best example – P was involved somewhere. Evil drug, evil evil people.

      • Living with the son of her suppliers probably won’t help in the long run.

  • Mighty1

    Na stuff her, it’ll take a bit more than a paid? Metro interview to get my vote.  Is she giving the money to charity or keeping it for herself?  Has she set up an anti P related charity?  Nah, just thinks she was a bit of a shit!  

    • Grandstream

      There is no need for her to set up an anti-P charity – Paul Holmes set up the Stellar Trust, by getting his life long mate Mike “who ate all the pies” Williams to take a stint as CEO and fleece the charity of $200K !!!!

    •  (garrett said..)

      “..Evil drug, evil evil people…”

      ..’evil’ drug…people trapped by/in it…

      ..i have never used it..but i had my time with smoking crack/cocaine..

      ..and ‘p’ is just the poor-mans’/geographic-isolation version of that..

      ..so i have some idea of the strength of that compulsion/addiction..

      ..and it is kinda awesome/all-encompassing..

      ..( i ran away to jamaica…and stayed with vegetarian-rastas/used hideously-strong-pot to help with the coming off..

      ..and was totally scared off/by it..)

      ..so that elder is two years clean…if correct…is to her credit…

      ..(and all i can tell her is that the longer the time ‘clean’..the easier it is..)

      ..you really are quite the judgement-queen..aren’t you..?

      ..oh glasshouse-dweller…

      ..’evil people’…what bullshit…

      (btw..’hideously-strong-pot’ should be offered as an option for anyone trying to come off anything..

      ..it is a valuable tool…and it’s not for all..

      ..but it can burr the jagged-edges/ease the withdrawal-stress…

      ..it also helps in the battle to stay off..once you have gone thru the physical-withdrawals..)

      btw..does anyone else find it alarming that an irrational-bigot such as garrett had such a negative influence on our society..?..

      [email protected]

      • Vij

        Does anyone else find it alarming that an irrational bigoted moron like Phil is such a negative influence on all of us..?

  • Matfam

    Paul Holmes daughter . And the mother as per usual remains nameless and faceless. whats with the media and Hine Elder ???????  Like its all Pauls fault is it? or when she dose good is she Hine Elders daughter then…………

    • Grizz30

      I understand Hine Elder is a psychiatrist these days. She probably prefers to keep a low profile

      • Matfam

         so Paul her adopted father gets to carry the can publicly while the mother NEVER gets mentioned,yet she was a media type- typical ,this is only a story because Paul has tried to get the smack head on track

    • BJ

      yeh not even his genes

  • fozzie

    Some times wa’il you are just a prick !!

  • Mighty1

     Paul Holmes adopted daughter, Pauls done more than the yards..

  • Disinfectedtwice

    Hine is a cross that Paul has carried because of his media status. I hope that she is truly making her way out of it. Time will tell. Some charity here I think.

  • Waiuku

    What is it with spoilt media types – why do we have to have their lives played
    out in front of us? Why not just get your sh1t together & go off & atone
    for all the rat arsed sh1t you did instead of giving us the sugary story about
    how bad it was & how good you are now. Any self repecting person would be
    highly ashamed of getting as low as this thieving lying drug addled bint did
    & in no way would want to have it splashed all through the media every
    couple of years. These desperadoes will do anything to be in the papers, good,
    bad or downright disgraceful. BTW good luck Paul you are a credit for sticking
    by her.

    • Peter Wilson

      Because any publicity is good for spoilt media celebrities. To “come out” is an instant status symbol, especially if your parents abused you, or you’re battling drug dependency.

  • Geoff

    Anybody read the book about “Christiane F”
    Read the follow up on her. Enough said.

  • Ratchet

    Eating, sleeping and watching TV at home? Sounds like a stoner lifestyle to me… either that or a bludger.

  • gonadman

    who cares she is hot .

  • Jackie

    I struggle with believing a word she says – ESP re how long she had been drug free. She was still doing that drug long after I quit and I have not been drug free three years until July.

    I had a meeting at the Chamber of Commerce last year and the lady I was speaking to told me that Paul Holmes had rung them – begging them to give her a job.

    It always helps to have a daddy that can pull strings like that after being a thief.

  • Doug_S

    If she really has her life sorted what the hell is she still doing with that loser gang member boyfriend?

  • Blair Mulholland

    I’m not generally in favour of saving stupid people from themselves, so shooting the cooks and dealers seems like a waste of good bullets to me.

    • you must feel right at home there in texas..eh..?..mullholland..?

      ..do you go and stand outside the prisons on execution-night..with the other christians..?

      ..celebrating the state catering to yr murderous impulses..?

      ..i understand you can apply to be the one who pulls the lever..

      ..you’d enjoy that..eh..?

      ..then you could share the experience with/in yr christian-fellowship..eh..?

      ..just doing gods’-work..eh..?

      [email protected]


    • Sarrs

      Phil – what? 
      Blair was saying let stupid people do stupid things, don’t shoot them and you accuse him of having ‘murderous impulses’ – that is just not very nice at all.
      How do you know he’s not saving his ‘good bullets’ for the impending zombie apocalypse? I don’t think it’s actually murder when you shoot something that’s already dead. 

      Very few people on here tolerate you without resorting to bring up your past or present situations and I think Blair has always been one to ‘play to ball, not the man’. He posts using his name which is something else you like to see. I don’t know what he’s done to raise your ire but your comments were out a line with his initial statement. 

      •  sarah/sarrs..he is advocating letting users kill themselves with the drug…

        ..to save the cost of execution-bullets..

        ..that is hardly a country-mile from cheering at state executions…

        ..as so many of his fellow christians seem to…

        ..and how is a desire for the state to execute not a ‘murderous-impulse’..?

        [email protected]

      • Sarrs

        Phil – you’re taking this too far and reading far too much into a two line comment. How can you possibly take all of that from what I suspect is a throw away comment? 

        You are judging him for being a Christian and stereotyping him. I’m sure you don’t like it when people do that to you. 

  • he stereotypes himself…

    ..and i am not basing that response on a two-line comment..

    ..there is a back-story…of him celebrating texas..and all the christians there…

    ..and capital punishment..

    ..(texas executes more (mainly black) prisoners than all other states combined..)

    ..i am just joining those dots..

    [email protected]


    • Agent BallSack

      All hail the shining light of Socialism. Praise be to Pol Pot!

  • Stacey

    She’s doing fabulously. Really nice girl and it’s good to see her doing so well.