Over 300k signatures oppose marriage equality

The Telegraph

More than 300,000 people have signed a petition against Marriage equality.

Organisers claimed that their petition had become the biggest public campaign since the 2010 election.

It highlights the support for the traditional definition of marriage as the union of a man and a woman, they said.

Earlier this month, the Government proposed redefining civil marriage laws so that the term can apply to civil unions between same-sex couples. There will be no change to religious marriage.

Senior Conservatives, including ministers, have joined Christian leaders in opposing the proposals.

The leader of Britain’s Sikh organisations said the proposal was an “assault on religion” while the country’s largest Muslim grouping has also voiced its opposition.

I find it incredibly interesting that the churches want to have their cake and eat it too…david Cameron;s law changes only affect civil marriage…there will be no changes to religious marriages…and yet the busybodies in the churches, and yes that includes Sikhs and Muslims have decided that they want to control civil marriage as well.


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  • James

    300 thousand insecure bigots…….whos surprised?

    Where’s our local mob of “loving Christians”?

    Where’s  Andrei to indulge in his sodomy fetish?

    • Grumpy

      Face it James, the smoke screen of the cool gays is gone. The homo pedophiles are destroying what goodwill there was.

      • titanuranus

        And yet the church pedophiles get that goodwill and a free pass from their parishioners,go figure.

      • grumpy

        For “church pedophiles”, read “homosexual priests”.

      • Kosh103

        Oh look Grumpy is demonstrating his lack of knowledge again.

        Anyone who links homosexuality with being a pedo is a major fool and bigot.

      • grumpy
      • Steve P

        “Anyone who links homosexuality with being a pedo is a major fool and bigot.”

        There does however appear to be a link between pedophilia and homosexuality:

        “The percentage of homosexual pedophiles ranges from 9% to 40%, which is approximately 4 to 20 times higher than the rate of adult men attracted to other adult men… This finding does not imply that homosexuals are more likely to molest children, just that a larger percentage of pedophiles are homosexual or bisexual in orientation to children…  heterosexual pedophiles on average reported abusing 19.8 children and committing 23.2 acts, whereas homosexual pedophiles had abused 150.2 children and committed 281.7 acts…”


      • Kosh103

        Oh look Grumpy playing to homophobic bigoted ill educated sterotypics of the fucktard clan.

  • Ramitupis

    On the contrary James, 300K people upholding what they believe to be Biblical values, established and practised over thousands of years of written Biblical history.

  • Peter Wilson

    Well, I guess that’s an end to that argument for now. With such a sizable mandate, back to square one for the carpetbagging camp.

    Perhaps the emphasis should now be on an information campaign for homosexual people and their supporters, to bring them back into the mainstream.

    • BJ

      “Perhaps the emphasis should now be on an information campaign for homosexual people and their supporters, to bring them back into the mainstream”.

      ReplyYes because it really is ok to love deeply another of your same gender  and it really is ok to have an attraction to someone who has a body you envy and consider attractive but has it ever really been ok to want to possess that body of your same gender and have it to oneself?  
      Gay relationships have come about through envy and control urges (to control a perceived external self[partner]  lacking in themselves), far more-so than a man or woman’s desire to do so to the opposite sex (certain f..k.dup religions and cultures aside). The idea that two of the same gender completing each other is fanciful and there is no balance because there aren’t the inherent differences of Yin and Yan – Man and Woman. The world needs more balance for peace and harmony not to be weighed down all at one end or the other.

  • “Sikhs and Muslims have decided that they want to control civil marriage as well.”

    So what?

    They’re all just fucking belief systems for fuck’s sake.

    Like secularism, socialism, Marxism, whatever.

    One could just as easily ask why Sociaists, Secularists or Marxists also want to control marriage.

    Well, one might ask that question if they were not full of left wing liberal shite.

    • Steve P

      Marxism under its various guises is far more insidious and subversive than any religion because it claims not to be a belief system; that it is “rational”, “progressive” and “enlightened”.

      The intelligentsia sneer at the hoi-polloi, convinced of their own superiority and intellectual freedom while being utterly oblivious to their own articles of faith, shibboleths and blasphemies.

      •  I agree.

        And an example is the misuse of the word “equality”, a common left wing tactic and used to falsely underpin so many of their political initiatives.

        It bugs me so much to see so called right wingers sucked in by this obvious ploy of the left wing propaganda machine.

      • Steve P

        RB: “…
        so called right wingers sucked in by this obvious ploy…”

        It has been suggested that the Left has been so successful in portraying the Right as bad and evil that some on the Right are over-eager to say, “No, I’m not evil, look; I support !”.

      • Steve P

        Ha well HTML didn’t like my attempt to format… what I meant was: 

        It has been suggested that the Left has been so successful in portraying the Right as bad and evil that some on the Right are over-eager to say, “No, I’m not evil, look; I support whatever cause of the moment!

  • dad4justice

    I am astounded there are 300,000 sane people still living in the motherland.

    • starboard

      thats right D4J…kosh and his ilk are up against it..dirty perverts trying to be normal.

      • Kosh103

        Poor starboard, hates to face the truth that homos are normal and his homophobic kind are the sick ones.

  • Grumpy

    Will be interesting to see if the govt goes with the Muslims or the poofs. Hard choice for a feeble country.

  • guest

    300,000 people who will most definitely get their guaranteed returns of Heaven, 70 virgins, reincarnation as a domestic animals, etc I can get more signatures for a marmite referendum…

  • Seems to me

    Seems to me that sometimes. Just sometimes……that democracy, as in the will of the people, trumps those who want social engineering to address their particular hobby horse. Governments in the western world have addressed the challenges posed with homosexual couples living together and wanting equal treatment under the law for such things as housing taxes health benefits etc.

    the debate over the word marriage is just that. a debate over a word…I haven’t read anything substantive that removes the emotion in the debate than that of the usage of a word.

    yes in NZ civil union partners can’t together adopt a child. otherwise they get the same legal support as married people. sorry but I can’t get excited about all this outpouring of angst in wanting to change the meaning of a word……

    These bloody iPads are crap to type on. I know, let’s change it’s name to nonpc and that will make the world a better place. Yea right!

    • grumpy

      Suggest you cure the iPad typing issue with a bluetooth keyboard.  I bought one that comes with an attached iPad holder.  Work great.

  • BR

    “Marriage equality” permits any two men to marry each other. This is the stuff of Monty Python. Laughable if it weren’t for what this will lead to; i.e. the adoption of children by pairs of “married” men. Two pederasts would be able to “marry” and adopt children. How horrific and disgusting is that?

    What advantage would it have for children if two men were able to “marry” each other? Answer: none. What advantage would there be in leaving traditional marriage as it is now? Answer: it would protect children from being adopted into all sorts of perverted and depraved domestic situations. The law does not currently allow two homosexual men (and most likely any two men living together) to adopt children. That would change as the cries of discrimination between homosexual “marriage” and traditional marriage grow louder.

    The only ones who would benefit from a law allowing two men to “marry” are the homosexuals that are trying to bolster the fantasy that their sordid relationships are in any way normal, and the pedophiles who would see an opportunity to adopt children for their own depraved pleasure.

    It should never be forgotten that NAMBLA supports the idea that two men should be able to “marry” each other.


    • Peter Wilson

      I’m not so bothered about the possibility of paedophiles adopting, that can happen in heterosexual marriages, more about the quality control of adoptive parents.

      •  How come Peter that every solution you ever come up with involves more government?

        Here’s a truth I hope you will one day realise.

        It is an over supply of government, and an over supply of people who BELIEVE IN GOVERNMENT LIKE A RELIGION, who are to blame for the degradation of this country.

        There is only one solution to our predicament, and it is the reduction of government to an absolute minimum, and a return to the rule of law. Blind justice.

        This country will only be fixed by those INDIVIDUALS who hold NZ’s present Marxist state in utter contempt, and understand that it is only INDIVIDUALS who can fix it.

        More government, more regulation, more ministers, more social workers, more depts and qangoes will just add fuel to the destructive fire that is consuming this country.

        Join me. Believe in the goodness that is in the hearts of most people, and hold the socialist state that has crippled this country in utter contempt.

      •  Are  you seriously suggesting that Key is leading a Marxist Government “Redbaiter”? Re-read  your text “…..NZ’s present Marxist state……”

      • grumpy

        “can” in hetero marriages to “will” in homo.

    • Steve P

      BR: “The law does not currently allow two homosexual men (and most likely any two men living together) to adopt children.”
      Kinda sorta. The law only recognises married couples as being couples for the purposes of adoption, not civil union or de-facto couples. However, individuals can adopt whether they be gay or straight, but single men cannot adopt girls.  

      So we have a situation where a straight man cannot adopt a girl – presumably because of fears of molestation – but a gay guy can, in principle, adopt a boy (and of course a lesbian can adopt a girl).

      Now that’s not to say that I think gays are more likely to molest, but it gives lie to the claim that the law is somehow biased against gays in favour of straights.

    • Kosh103

      I see you are promoting lies about homosexual parents there. Given the level of abuse that goes on in straight homes any argument like yours is not only a massive joke, but demonstrates how ill educated you are.

      • grumpy

        ….and again…..any more examples needed of depravity by homosexuals towards boys?


      • starboard


      • Patriot

         your logic is utter crap — your argument is invalid  . Shutup Kosh

      • Kosh103

        Im sorry I didnt reply the second there was a post starboard, I have a life so dont have the time to pander to bigots and homophobes.

        And anyone who says homosexuality and being a pedo are akin to one and other is a total fucktard and does not (or choses not to) understand facts.

      • Patriot

        Kosh – whats your education other than maybe Primary Teachers training , seeing you are crapping on everyone about the quality of their education

        — Put up or damn well shut up . .. without lying about a Phd , you aint got

        Gettting very sick of your abusive swearing at anyone who you disagree with — you lose the arguement every time …. throwing toys outa the cot is a lose

        ps Marriage is between Husband & wife  — thats man + women

        two men = Civil Union . .. not Marriage .

      • Kosh103

        As usual partiot I see you are using all 2 of your braincells.

        If you REALLY believe that there is an actual link with being gay and pedophila then you ARE amazingly ill educated, ill informed and a fool. And  I will call ANYONES smarts into question who tries to make such a pathectic bigoted link.

        Oh and if you dont like the language I use well feel free to go and have a bitch to the owner of this site. I am sure he will tell you what steps you can take in reagrds to your bigoted view.

      • Patriot

        your pathetic name calling  & failure to address the point on debate & saying I linked gay/paedophilia … when i said no such thing  – is a sign of  dramatic failure of  your logic   .

        You have called everyones education into question — but have failed to declare your own education , that can be checked on … Kosh , you are a failed student
        whose mirror image is itself Bigotory , blindness and lack of self esteem  .

        Kosh – you are a fake .

  •  Are  you seriously suggesting that Key is leading a Marxist Government
    “Redbaiter”? Re-read  your text “…..NZ’s present Marxist state……”

    First prize for dumbest question of the week.

    Of course Key is a fucking Marxist. And so are most of The National Party. Its a cultural thing.

    You’re one yourself Neil, without a doubt, as is evidenced by comments that demonstrate an amazing degree of ignorance on politics and other things, and ignorant citizens, (especially politically ignorant ones) are what the Marxist state thrives on.

    Generally speaking, there is only one political battle really going on in NZ, (and most of the west) and its between the neo-Marxists and the Conservatives.

    Understand that simple fact and you will begin to perceive all events with amazing clarity.

    • BJ

      I just don’t see it myself. Why would the National Government be wanting to sell shares in SOE’s and allow foreign land ownership if they had Marxist ideology?

    • grumpy

      I’m convinced………..

    • Steve P

      …and the Marxists will ultimately win, but it will be a Pyrrhic victory because all they’ll inherit will be despair and collapse and tyranny… and then it starts all over again!

  • Rufus

    Whale – your dishonesty in all this is quite remarkable. 

    You keep pushing the “it’s all about marriage equality” line (even changing the Telegraph headline from its original “gay marriage”).

    Everyone has the same right to marriage.

    Some choose not to exercise that right, and opt for another form of relationship.

    You keep bleating on that there are no arguments “against” gay marriage.

    However, since you want to change it, the burden of proof is on you.

    1. Please provide a case for changing the commonly historical accepted definition of marriage.

    To date you haven’t.

    2.  Also, the situation in the UK is slightly different in that it is heterosexuals that are being  discriminated against in the proposed changes since they only have the option of marriage, while homosexuals can choose a civil union or marriage.

    I don’t see you agitating for equal rights for heteros who’d like a civil union.