Paul Holmes calls out MUNZ

NZ Herald

Paul Holmes calls time on Garry Parsloe and his band of thugs, bullies and racists masquerading as negotiators:

Anyway, I formed the view that the ports company have not been ungenerous in their offers to the union. In fact, even Auckland Mayor Len Brown himself agreed that the company’s first offer made early last September should have been accepted.

The offer would have rolled over the collective agreement and given the workers a 2.5 per cent pay increase each year for three years. There were several offers but early on the company decided it could no longer tolerate its workers getting paid for sitting around doing nothing.

I do not believe the union when it says that it’s a lie that the workers earn in excess of $90,000 for an average 26 hours work. Ports of Auckland had Ernst and Young audit the figures. And that’s something you notice about the ports’ conduct throughout the dispute. They’ve done things very thoroughly.

The union’s argument that its people ceasing to be permanent staff would mean that their families couldn’t plan things was obliterated by the company’s offer to roster the men for 160 hours a month, and the roster delivered a month ahead. For the life of me, I can’t see what’s wrong with that.

I think the union was dyed in the wool. I think they didn’t read the signs. Before they knew it, it was all over. Nearly 300 men were made redundant, just like that. End of story. I think there were some hardliners who’ve buggered things up for everyone. Hysteria is never a good thing.

Garry Parsloe needs to call a meeting Monday morning and hold a secret ballot and then call the Ports of Auckland management and negotiate a return to work or facilitate placing the strikers in the new contracting companies. He and his “biker” gang of union leaders should resign themselves to unemployment.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Parsloe would ratheer take everyone down with him and go into Trade Union History as a “fighter for workers rights”.

    He would never be like a samurai and commit seppuku or a German Junker of the Old School and blow his brains out, metaphorically speaking of course.

    • Mully

       Yep – Parsloe turned this into a pissing contest with Gibson and the POAL Board. It appears he took it personally and anything except a total win would have been considered a defeat.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Oh I forgot, He would not do it as Parsloe is not and honourable man

    • jackwhite

      were u in dads army???

      • Gazzaw

        And if the answer is ‘Yes’ then is there a problem?

      • Boss Hogg

        Jack, It appears that you are a Winston supporter – that is all we need to know.

      • ConwayCaptain


        The good ships on the coaset had crews that had been there for years and many were crewd by blokes who were dad’;s armies.  However the ships were well maintained and they worked well.  When someone like Parsloe arrived he usuallybdidnt last long

      • ConwayCaptain

        BTW jackwhite,

        i was on ships on the coast as old man and I was usually in the youngest 5 epr cent and I was 40!!!!

  • Greg M

    Captain, When did Parsloe last work a ship, and what was his role ?

    • ConwayCaptain


      I have no idea.  He was an AB on one of the Is;land Ships I commanded in the late 80’s.

      As I said before the lads got rid of him, I cant remember whether he did the whole voyage or he was paid of “sick” and repatriated from Raro.

      • Greg M

        Captain, Did you command NZ Pacific for a while? And what happened to her ?
        As a kid she nearly ran me over, I was in a kayak in the rangi channel at the time!

    • ConwayCaptain


      I was a junior Master in SCONZ and was promoted about 3 yrs before they went under.  Was Mate of the Caribbean for 18 months.  Neraly went to the P as a relatively junior Mate which put a few noses out of joint but ended up on the Offshore vessel SCONZ managed.  There for 2 yerars and HATED it

  • Johnboy

    An unemployed Parsloe might be able to get a bit part as a fuckwit in Jacksons latest movie. Thank God his adviser didn’t fuck that option up for him!

    • ConwayCaptain


      Parsloe is UNEMPLOYABLE as is any of the so called negotiators now thei names have been spread far and wide across the media.

      • Owl

        Wrong. Mr Parsloe still has a job and has a number of Directorships. It is his members he represents don’t have a job. MUNZ generates around $100k of subscriptions from their members at Auckland so won’t be a major dent on their overall income in the MUNZ accounts.
        Plus MUNZ is receiving funds from the MUNZ trust which their annual accounts says they don’t have to disclose information on.

        The Owl is working on what this secret Trust is as there are no records in the MED offices. Anyone with information please send to WHale Oil so he can forward on.

        So Mr Parsloe has a job.

  • Dave

    I agree with Paul Holmes, the POAL trumped the union, and the union is left on an island, with the tide rapidly coming in.

    One important fact to remember, is the contractors need just about as many GOOD workers as are on the ports of Auckland currently.  This means, the majority of workers CAN get work with the contractors, but what it does mean, is the union will be OUT.

    Hence the unions battle, they are the “BIGGEST LOSER” in all of this, simply, because they blinked, and didn’t see it coming.

    Parsloe, Kelly and their elk deserve to be outed by their members, cut off completely and sacked for their handling of this.    

    Other unions currently supporting the MUNZ should count the cost to them, and to their members as their support is unlikely to gain anything except lost pay for their members.

    @6e0f5b4e0396ab91ffee5f5a6887c317:disqus   – I disagree, you assume Parsloe has a brain he could blow out (metaphorically speaking of course), rather, he is a muppet who is coasting along on a publicity ride basking in the media glow, and thinking he is leading the workers to protect the fees that pay his Salary, but he is blind to the collision course he created.   

    • Gandalf

      Yeah, Boycott the Bulldogs league team, rumour is they visited the Picketers this morning

      • Ronnie Chow

             Well , they’re in the same wage bracket and doing nothing much for it..

      • Johnboy

         Fuckin sad to see such a wise old Wizard as you Gandalf picking the losing side.

        Try a good squirt of Windolene on your left hanging glass ball.

      • Gandalf

        It’s not over until the fat lady sings, or until the employment court makes a ruling on the Injunction

      • jackwhite

        why because they went to picket line….please tell me you havn’t breed.

      • Gandalf

        Wow Jackwhite, very constructive argument!
        Bad english too, I think you meant “bred”

      • Jester

        Wasn’t Jack White the lead singer of The White Stripes?

        I would have thought it would be more apt that a MUNZ supporter would have a yellow stripe.

  • davewin


  • Mike Smith

    What is the source of the Holmes quotes? Thanks.

  • doshi

    very good to see winners meeting winners eh!(bulldogs visit)
    Conway Captain I have no doubt you are a blown away pom who arrived here and deceived our shipping companies at the time with all the bullshit and lies that i have seen from poms who in my 36 years on the waterfront have come here talked a load of shit but convinced the bosses to employ them usually as foreman on the wharf
    One dumb pom (masquerading as a supervisor)fuckwit told us as when he was a ships captain his tanker was cut in half but he was able to steer it while in half to an island.luckily he did not last long with our employer.
    Last year the POAL flew in 10 Tuvaluans from their island to be trained as cargo handlers.
    So whale blubber why do you not investigate that
    As POAL is owned by Aucklanders why was this allowed to happen given  there is unemployment in Auckland and people wishing to work at the port and bringing them is a disgrace to take Aucklanders jobs
    i have no doubt you will come up with some feeble excuse for this, but having people coming in from another country to do Aucklanders out of a job is wrong.
    to Steve and Monique I believe you are  one person as you both can not be as silly as that and I believe nut cases like you must have a hell of decision to make in the morning whether to put on a skirt or trousers.
    Whale blubber make sure you take Gibson to task about the Tuvaluans if you have any backbone
    and are looking at both sides of the argument

    • Travdog

      Hey look, doshi is back. How’s work bro? oh, right…………………..

      Were you one of the sad looking cunts standing there on sunday? what a sorry arsed looking bunch of soft cocks you lot looked. Might need to swap those placards for a begging bowl soon eh?

      • Travdog

        And the sad part is, even at this point in time you’re still in denial that it’s over.

    • Ronnie Chow

         Aah , so that was the issue all along , doshi , the POA showing the same level of compassion and respect to some of our less well off Island brothers and sisters as they had shown to you muppets . And we all thought you should have taken the first offer ..(You know , the one that would have taken you all to the magical hundred grand a year mark , thereby forfeiting the need to ever  buy a lotto ticket again )
         Silly , silly us . All of us . All of New Zealand  . We just thought you were power tripping like the good old days . Well , buddy , it’s over , and now you are floundering around in the drink without a life jacket . Ain’t it cold ?

    • Jester

      Get a job ya fucking muppet!