Person of the Week

Person of the week  – Marteine Robin.

Very honest – no namby pamby trauma counciller is going make money off her misfortune.  I bet all the greenies, criminal apologists and refugee advocates cringed
watching the item on TV3:

It started out as just another one of her daily pie delivery runs, until she swung into Redwood School and was confronted by the man who offered her a stark choice.

“’Drive or I will stab you’; he jumped in and said I have got two knives and he pulled out the bigger one and I just told him to get the f*** out of my truck,” says Ms Robin, who is now out of hospital.

But he did not get out of the truck and she was then forced to drive, at knife point, more than 50 kilometres around the city.

They ended up driving around together for nearly an hour but, naturally, their relationship did not improve.

“We heard a siren and he said if the police try to stop you, don’t stop, and I said I will stop and I hope they shoot your arse,” she recalls.

Ms Robin says that is when he stabbed her in the shoulder.

She kept driving until stopping in one of the busiest intersections in the city. She fled the truck as motorists called the police.

“At 8am in the morning the whole street is full, so rush hour traffic is a Godsend.”

The knife-man then hijacked a Christchurch City Council car and stabbed the driver several times before police arrived and tried, unsuccessfully, to taser him.

“It didn’t contact him, and I was like ‘damn!’,” says Ms Robin. “I was just saying ‘fry the bastard, just keep zapping him’ and then you hear this ‘pop, pop’ and I was like ‘yes, they shot the prick’.

“He just went ‘boom’ and he fell flat on his face. I cheered; I was like ‘yay, they shot him, hopefully he’s dead’.

The man survived, as did the driver of the council car, and both men are still in hospital.

Tough, resilient and an awesome attitude to criminals.


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  • Mike Smith

    “I bet all the greenies, criminal apologists and refugee advocates cringed”

    and you’d be wrong! No change there.

    • tspoon

      It’s disheartening when the most entrepreneurial individuals a society can muster are ‘councillers’, ‘charities’ and various ‘aid’ workers. Their bare faced pimping of the less fortunate of the world (and quite often the unbelievably stupid of the world) is almost enough to make one become mildly cynical.

      • tspoon

        wow! just watched the clip. I’m bald as a big ugly bald thing, but I reckon my hair style is better then the channel 3 teleprompter readers’ effort….

  • Killjoy

    Doesn’t sound like the type to mess with… 

  • Pete George

    Frank and totally justified comments. Yeah, I don’t think it’s a bad thing the bastard surivived, but she was perfectly entitled to feel that way.

    • Gazzaw

      I suppose that the fucker is a refugee so we are stuck with him. There will be no shortage of handwringing lawyers to stick their hands up to defend him. Not too much wringing of hands though to collect and count the dosh due from legal aid.

      • Scanner

         When the piece of shit gets out of the pokey his first stop should be the departure lounge on his way back to shit hole he came from, better still lets not bother with jail just deport the prick, cheaper all round.

      • parorchestia

        He is a Somali refugee – a member of an ethnic group  that is terrorising Hamilton and Christchurch.
        Perhaps we should follow Aussie practice – kick The b*gg*r out of NZ when he gets out of gaol.

    • Troy

      The resolve of the many will always triumph over the stupidity of the few… and in this case the lowlife who hopefully gets a long time to think about his stupidity – no guarantee of that tho – i have less trust in the judges in our system than I do of second hand car dealers.

  • Greg M

    Good on her. What a breath of fresh air.

  • Kez

    Yea, zap his arse!  

  • Phar Lap

    Seems another person of his ilk tried to hi-jack a plane in Blenheim not that long ago.Thats what happens when the Liebour Party aided and abetted by Clark, the legal prostitution lobbier who was  in Govt at the time also, 
     threw NZ doors open to riff raff. 


      oh dont be racist. they are just trying to make a fresh new start here. its not their fault they’re COMPLETELY FZCKIN NUTS AND TOTALLY DONT FIT IN TO OUR LIFE STYLE WHATSOEVER!!!

      • motorizer

        but seriously. i live in blenheim and i was firstly shocked the day that that hijacking occurred and then scared that she wouldnt be thrown in jail. god i cant believe the sorts of people we get in our little town now. and just on helen, did you hear the bitch on the news the other day saying that street prostitution is just fine and dandy because aids is well under control here in nz. bitch made my fuckin blood boil when i heard that. 

  • davewin

    Are the tasers  the police use here weaker  than in the USA? The people hit there seem to collapse like a pack of cards. I wonder the same about the spray our police use. I remember seeing a NY policeman with a spray gun of the garden variety, and he was not being sparing with the gas. We need to ensure the weapons we give our Police actually stop people. Fast.

    The lady is a heroine, and should be applauded for her efforts.

    • Travdog

      By the looks of it he had a bulky jacket/coat on, and a tazer is no good unless it makes proper contact. A glock however, always makes proper contact.

      • Anonymous Coward

        The police just need to learn to shhot for centre of mass rather than appendages – it saves legal, jail and deportation costs.

      • Travdog

        That’s what they’re trained to do, aim for critical mass, or perhaps they’ve revised their training to aim at limbs.

    • parorchestia

      He was wearing insulting clothes and a thick jacket as he may have been sleeping out in the Redwood School grounds.  

  • aimbee

    I believe this Somali needs your understanding. He’s one of the fifty million saved by DS. He was looking for the Labour Leader. The two knives were to peel the mangoes with, and the deal was to be, “I’ll peel the mangoes if you let me have the skins”. Poor bugger didn’t have enough English to make himself understood 

    • Frederico

       Hah..nailed it!..comment of the day.

  • Bunswalla

    The real Person of the Week is the guy that jumped out of his truck, distracted the knifeman away from the other peopke, and smahed him with an 80kg pinch bar.

    • Fozzie

      80kg ? Some pinch bar Bunswalla – maybe you over stating of the facts is why wa’il should moderate – hate to see him accused of overplaying his hand…….

      • toby_toby

        Calm down, mate. 80kg is what the truck driver was quoted as saying, not what Bunswalla is claiming. There’s two possibilities; either the driver was misquoted by the media and actually said 8kg, or 80kg may be what the bar can handle before it bends.

      • Bunswalla

        Thanks Toby, you’re right it was exactly what the driver was quoted as saying:

        “He was really aggressive. I grabbed an 80-kilogram pinch-bar.” I thought it sounded a lot too, and it was in the newspaper so it’s undoubtedly wrong.

        Probably that Helen Kelly’s behind it, you can’t believe a fucking word she says.

      • Tom

        Eighteen sounds very like eighty when spoken out loud.. Any pinch bar is a fearsome thing to get bonked on the head with!

  • Thegenets

    Persons of the week: Marteine Robbins and Jade Lynn

  • simple simon – 2012 revision

    Simple somali met a pie-woman
    going to the fair
    Says simple somali to the pie-woman
    what have you there?
    Says the pie-woman to simple somali
    Pies, you stupid cunt!

  • Brian Smaller

    What is it with NZ police not being bale to hit a perp in the chest. Arms, shoulders, legs – all seem to get hit. What do they teach them at Police College?  Seriously question that someone may be able to answer – how many hours on the range does the average NZ cop get a year? Where is Constable Abbot when you need him?

    • Travdog

      Ironically they are trained to shoot at body mass, and yet never seem to hit it.