Phil the Greek has still got it

The Telegraph

Phil Greek still has a sense of humour:

The Duke of Edinburgh showed that his recent health problems have not dulled his mischievous sense of humour today when he joined the Queen on a visit to north London.

The 90-year-old asked a man on a mobility scooter: “How many people have you knocked over this morning on that thing?”

The subject of the joke was David Miller, 60, a trustee of the Valentine Mansion in Redbridge, which the Queen and the Duke were visiting.

He said: “That is just typical from the Duke. He is renowned for his humour but no offence was taken, it was all in good humour.

“I told him no, your Royal Highness, I had not knocked anyone down.”


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  • kowtow

    The only people outraged by the good Duke’s mischievous sense of humour are dickhead journalists,republicans and leftists.
    I think he’s a great guy.

  • phil the greek never had it..

    ..he re-defined gauche.

    ..britain/brits..ruled by the greek and the german..

    ..(that fact always makes me chuckle..)

    [email protected]

  • George

    Should have come back with ” a lot fewer than the number of gins you’ve had since breakfast”

  • Macca

    I have a lot of sympathy and admiration for the Royal Family (note the capitals) after living in London for six years a long time ago and having made repeated visits. They are no more important than Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London or the Lakes District because they are just tourist destinations and advertisements for others to visit Britain. I fail to understand how anyone could live 90 years as a tourist attraction and Prince Philip hasn’t – his wife has. He’s been the absolutely inconsequential. Good humoured though eh. I wouldn’t be.