Photo of the Day

Let’s make this a caption contest.


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  • I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time…..

  • johnbronkhorst

    “What do you mean, this isn’t David Shearers car?”

  • johnbronkhorst

    “To all you boy racers….seems i had the last laugh, afterall”

  • [from a Labourite, or Kosh :P] OH SHIT…

  • Charlie the farmer

    And I killed it with one whack!!!!

  • Corner_shop_not

    I’ll show what crusher means Gower, come here you little warthog….

  • Nisugo Neep

    “…and this is how I administer corrections!”

  • Deep blue

    Is this Michelle Boag’s car?

  • Coventry

    Bugger the Greens, this is how you clean the Denniston plateau of bugs & hippies.

  • Whalehunter

    Finally!! My inner feminist is set free…..i…must…destroy…this…symbol…(wack)…of (wack)…male….(wack)…patriachy…(wack)(wack)(wack). Male..genius…invented (wack)…this form of transport (wack)…therefore i must destroy…as (wack) it must (wack) somehow therefore (wack) be a symbol of (wack) the oppression of (wack) women!!!

  • Blokeintakapuna

    STOP! Hammer time…

  • rouppe

    Oh…!  Trevor…! What are you doing down there…? 

  • At least this time I’m wearing protection right guys?

    (And in answer to any OMG questions – if you remember photos of her shooting a glock pistol she was wearing neither earmuffs nor eye protection – both required safety gear in a firing range.)

    • Only for sooks…it isn’t required unless you value your hearing

    • Johnboy

       A Glock is as loud as a double happy THAT we used to allowed to have Neil!

  • Richard B.

    Winstone you piss head, this is how I get hammered.

  • Blokeintakapuna

    I can sledge with the best of ’em

  • Beagle

    Breaking News: Minister clearly aroused whilst holding big tool. ; Female memebers of labour caucus baffled.


    Hey John Key, i just executed 10 murderers with one hefty blow to the head! thats saving the tax payer over a million a year – and thats just the start baby!

  • Groans

    Poll dancing craze reaches Parliament

  • Rod Meharry

    Hurry up and take the photo, it’s bloody heavy

  • Travdog

    I bet she could hold one in each hand if she wanted. And crush 2 cars at the same time……………

  • jay cee

    bronwyn, come here, nick told me to give you something.

  • P1LL

    ” caption contest” I need this sledge hammer to make sure my butt plug stays in place :P

  • Thegenets

    Three strikes and you’re dead

  • motorizer

    New ministry of violence (M.O.V) opening at south Auckland school hailed a success.

  • just out of camera-shot..

    ..nick smith is staked out..naked..spreadeagled…

    [email protected]

  • collins:…’reminds me of my first husband’…

    [email protected]

  • Greg M

    “Come and have a bang Mr Parsloe”

  • Vicltd

    J.C. joins Port of Auckland to show that real strike action can combat strike action oh no thats how the unions play