Play of the Day

David Shearer came to parliament to play gotcha politics and got got.


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  • Michael

    Someone get an ice pack for Shearer.. that smack down has to hurt. 

  • Mbw1964

    Comedy gold!

  • Euan Rt

    Can it possibly get better? 

  • Vlad

    He doesn’t seem to be a bad bloke, which is why he doesn’t belong & won’t last with the Labour Party. 

    • Dion

      My thoughts _exactly_

    • Cullen’s Sidekick

      Vlad – I also agree. Looks like Uncle Shearer seems like a very decent guy. I think nasty Labour will dump him soon.

  • Gazzaw

    You can’t help noticing a stunned Shearer just after the PM’s delivery that the ex-Finnish PM had purchased a healthy shareholding in the mixed ownership company. Chubby Chops Robertson appeared to be suitably outraged though.

  • I certainly wouldn’t want to play poker with Michael Woodhouse; he was totally deadpan when he asked those supplementaries!

  • Jester

    Absolute gold!

    On a more serious note just saw the news, some nutter just walked into Goffs electorate office and threatened to kill him!

    • Travdog

      If Shearer hadn’t been so invisible it would have been him. I’m sure the assailant still thought Goff was leader. Ironically, this is the same problem Goff had when coming into power, months later people still thought Clarke was leader

      • Jester

        So true Travdog.

        I guess the office staff would have known something was iffy. First bit of foot traffic through his office in 6 years would put you on edge.

      • Travdog

        and the occasional tumbleweed passing by…

      • Steve (North Shore)

        You mean Helen Clarke is not the leader?
        Noooooooooooooo. I thought these other tossers were muppets and she was still in control, silly me

  • And take a look at Shearer at the 1:30 mark. He looks thoroughly defeated.

  • Landy

      And, according to the very very rich and still walking free despite all charges Silvio Berlusconi, Finland is a great place to invest.  He said five years ago or so it’s a fave place to put his money.   Some of that mixed-ownership-model investment the PM spoke of in the parliament clip might, in fact, be Silvio’s loose Italian cash rattling round in their airline or other part-state-owned companies.
      So — both David Shearer AND Berlusconi say Finland’s economy is the way to go.  Strong recommendations…. 
      Except – um – isn’t Finland outside the Euro?  
      And- um – isn’t Italy one of the worst economic disaster economies wrecking all of the rest of Europe?   Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, the four economically hopeless PIGS.  
      That would mean the slippery but smiling Berlusconi was stacking his private dosh there all the while (under his leadership) Italy was turning into one of the sickest economies in the EC.

    • Kn0bz

      Finland is a member of eurozone and has been since the inception of the Euro as a currency on 1 January 1999.

  • doshi

    good to see Mr Woodhouse asking the serious questions  as is expected of a lap dog of the smiling assassin Mr Key
    question as Mr Woodhouse’s father was a wharfie when is he going to stand along side the  lads in Auckland as his father and himself enjoyed all the great things achieved by our great union.
    come on Mr Woodhouse speak out in support of  the wharfies as the only reason you have done alright is because of the watersiders union
    proud to be a wharfie like Michael Woodhouse’s dad

    • Kiwidon

      grow up ffs!

    • Euan Rt

      I am sue he might think that he has done well ’cause he worked hard.

    • Travdog

      A bit of time on your hands now eh doshi? My sides nearly rupture with uncontrollable laughter every time you say “our great union”, in identical context ‘our great Black Caps’.

      •  Wrong Trav; even the Black Caps win now and again. MUNZ are perennial losers!

      • Travdog

        Yes Inventory2, but lose the series!

    • Jester

      I guess you have been internalising a real complIcated situation recently aye doshi

      “Shall I sit all day on the front porch or the back porch.”

      • Euan Rt

        Doshi, Monique thinks you’re an egg.

    • Markm

      Hes done well in spite of the handicap of a watersides union father

    • Gazzaw

      Evening doshi, I drove past the pickets at 3.25pm this arvo and only seven lads were there. I suppose the rest would have been picking up the kids from school.

      The port seemed to be busy enough though.

      • Jester

        Nah they will be all off shopping with the Mrs.

      • Mully

         I looked this morning on the webcam (just to see if the poor little scamps were getting wet) and there was about half-a-dozen then too.
        On strike, but too bone idle to get out and picket in the rain, I guess.

    • Super_Guest

      Michael Woodhouse’s dad is relevant, how?

  • Michael. C

    Key has had a great week. His take down of Shearer was priceless, but it was an easy target. Even better was his total put down of John Campbell on TV3 late ast week. Campbell put on his fiercest, face screwed up “I’m going to have you for breakfast ” look only to finish up crying into his muelsli.

    Key made him look the naive left-leaning prima donna he is.

  • Phar Lap

    How they tittered, how they chaffed,Shearer was the fall guy everybody laughed,when last week he declared, Finland was the country,NZ should compare. We are. Yet he dosn’t like the Nats policy on assett sales,  OR DOES HE.  We are mirroring Finlands success.Maybe he should combine with the Nats on a grand coalition.If not, why not,the way he  talks he could be a Nat in drag, masquerading as a Liebour Party leader.

  • Doshi

    the black caps will come back just like the wharfies
    you people have had us gone for weeks now but we seem to still stymie any attempt to  remove us from POAL and we as the only union  prepared to fight for all workers in NZ and although some of you must sit at home hand on penis prepared to celebrate our demise it aint going to happen

    • Euan Rt

      It has already happened – just a couple of weeks to finish off your employment contracts.

    • Gazzaw

      Mate, it isn’t going to happen overnight but simple attrition will finish you just as sure as. You can see the dwindling picket lines already. As Ive mentioned already there were only seven lads there this afternoon, there were no tooting cars, the media is bored with you & the public is over it. Reality is setting in at home – mortgages & bills need paying & the missus is getting pissed oof.

      • Travdog

        someone less stubborn and ignorant with an ounce of common sense would be out sorting employment and accepting the situation for what it is, a defeat. Hanging on won’t change it, all it’ll do is make it less likely to get a job with a contractor.

      • Gazzaw

        Maybe that’s why the picket lines are dwindling. They are all signing up.

      • Roger

        And Doshi. I think you’re the one handed typist. 

    • toby_toby

       Of course the wharfies will be back. Working on a contract basis for Drake or AWF! BAZINGA!
      BTW, if you try any of the shit you’ve been trying while working directly for POAL when you’re under contract, you’ll be out the door as soon as the contract ends. That’s right, you’ll have to work all of your contracted hours and you won’t be able to grizzle in exchange for perks. In other words, you’ll have to work to the same standards that most other people in this country have to work to. Something to reflect on, eh?

  • Johno1234

    LOL pwned!

  • titanuranus

    I can`t believe someone hasn`t posted this earlier in the thread, Finland not quite as nice as Belgium lol,

  • Stevo

    This beats that
    .Islands – “Hallways” from Lex Halaby on Vimeo.

    • Sgcox

      Sorry, referring to ‘Hallways of Parliament’.

  • Wayne

    Doshi – who the hell do you think you are claiming to represent all workers in New Zealand. You are representing about 300 overpaid and lazy workers – not true hardworking New Zealanders like most of us

  • Peter Wilson

    oops…..I’d say Shearer is being stitched up by his colleagues.

  • Doshi

    hi everybody tomorrow we head back into POAL and this you fuckwits said would never happen
    I told you we would win  and now to sort out the scabby bastards still in there.
    please just a short note of thanks as we have work to do
    kia ora steve/monique same person/pommie captain conway and the rest of you right wing fuck wits
    now you can write about something else or if suicide is the option make sure you use a strong rope.
    Proud to be a wharfie(successful one)

    • ConwayCaptain

      The attitude of you Doshi is why no one has any time for members of the MUNZ.  Of all the people on this site, I suspect I am the only one that has had to work with members of the MUNZ and the old NZSU, and it seems that you haven’t changed.

      Why an employer would want to negotiate with a negotiating committee where HALF the committee has disciplinary actions against them I know not.

      The attitude of you people is that you consider that you deserve to be paid a lot of money for not doing very much and be able to take your employer for a ride and treat them and their property like shit.

      I would not employ one of you if you were the last people available.

      As I have said before, I have sailed/worked with some of the old style unionists who had come up from the slums of London, L’pool. Glasgow etc and left school at 12 and went to sea. Many had been at sea on the Atlantic convoys and I have sailed with some who had been on the Arctic Convoys.  If you can read I suggest that you read the story of Convoy PQ 17 and see what these men put up with.   They were self educated and well read men (unlike you and your ilk) and they could see both sides of an argument and were REAL gentlemen in all the meanings of the word, which I doubt you would understand.

      When you have a discussion you play the ball not the man, if you can understand that.  I have never abused you and I object most strongly to your attitude. 

    • bledhead

      remember what was said downtown this morning,lets not fire the cannon just yet