Garry Parsloe said that not a single ship would be processed at Ports of Auckland.

This morning Maersk Brani sailed into Fergusson Terminal and began unloading.

Ports of Auckland 4 – 0 Garry Parsloe.


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  • Tinadrum

    Let’s get the day rolling with this thought.

    Who is paying for all the overseas “visitors” the union has brought in? The union members each week.
    Who is paying for the failed court cases? The union members.
    Who is paying for lost income while on strike? The union members
    Who is going to pay when this whole strike is finished? The union members
    And here is the really really really sad fact of reality…the port is going to be here in a 100 years time and no one is really going to be slightly interested in the fact that a few hundred people decided to have unpaid annual leave for 3 weeks.
    I am more interested in the $600k loss MUNZ has accumulated in the last two years refer annual accounts in the incorporated societies office – public domain. And by the way these losses were incurred prior to the strike so no way can they say it was part of the strike cost.

    • johnopkb

       You need to add one more “Who” question:

      Who is paying for the very generous salaries of the Unions’ executives who are choreographing members’ hardship now and into the foreseeable future?

    • Patriot

      If the Profit & Loss account is your concern — Union members are incurring more losses NOW – than increasing their revenue .

      I dont like the Union action — it is a form of restraint of trade – which is illegal .

      I support the Ports right to employ any service provider to provide a service — even if it includes contracting out the services 

      Union must not have a gun  on the table — no good

      If I dont like the way a Ford goes – I buy a Holden .  If Ports dont like the way Union goes – buy from independant contractors

      MUNZ are shooting themselves in the head , if they are trying to limit the slide into increased deficit — no sympathy

    • Travdog

      The union members are paying for jack shit, most of it is donations. Their union memberships won’t cover fuck all.

      It’s not annual leave now, that’s redundancy my friend.

  • parorchestia

    All union votes should be secret, and the members should elect a review committee as is done in many businesses.

  • thor42

    Bloody good to see 290 MUNZ pricks made redundant.
    I ***LOVE*** the sound of POAL boots being applied to MUNZ backsides.
    Parsloe couldn’t run a pissup in a brewery.

    • Travdog

      couldn’t organise a root in a whorehouse.
      couldn’t run a bath of cold water.
      couldn’t run a truck into the side of a barn.

  • thor42

    If there is one question I would love to ask Parsloe, it would be this – 
    “Your union has just been rooted like a Bangkok hooker.
    How do you feel?”  

    • Patriot

      If the Union has been rooted like a Bangkok Hooker
      Sack the Union Boss for their lack of leadership that got u into the mess .

      There are just so many people that work casually — MUNZ are not unique in that regard . The Union Boss’  arguments are pitifully laughable leading sheep off the cliff .

      We see the Boss on TV — and listen to his pathetic excuses that fool only the weak minded .