Politician of the Week

Good on ya Tau. Bashing pooftahs is so 1970s.

But what about marriage discrimination in New Zealand?

Fag hag Nikki Kaye wants a big gay mardi gras at the tax payers expense but won’t do anything meaningful to promote the cause of marriage equality, which would cost us all nothing.


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  • phronesis

    Taken literally he just said he made sure that discriminating what his own sexual orientation is will be on the agenda for Quebec. Politicians are such narcissists.

    Perhaps he meant to say discrimination on the basis of ones sexual orientation.

  • Peter Wilson

    One would hope he will be speaking with more sophistication at the conference.

    I’m not sure discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation is such a problem these days. Although there are assocatiated issues that need to be addressed, such as gay marriage/adoption rights.

    • BJ

      There’s nothing to address because they have no right

  • Rufus


    Please show us all how gays are being discriminated against, keeping in mind they have the same right as everyone else to be lawfully married.