Politician of the Week

Chester Borrows is the Politician of the Week:


Courts Minister and former detective Chester Borrows has been brushing off his old skills, performing a “citizen’s arrest” and turning in a hitch-hiker who allegedly stole his cellphone.

Mr Borrows said he had given a lift to the young man on Monday.

“You do someone a good turn … It was no real big deal. I picked up this hitch-hiker  it was pouring with rain, so I thought, pick him up, give him a lift,” said Mr Borrows, a former detective sergeant.

“And then when he jumped out of the car I noticed my cellphone had gone for a walk. As you can imagine it’s full of highly confidential addresses and stuff. So I hooked him back to give him a bit of a speaking to.

“He denied having it and he did a bit of a bag search and didn’t find it. Then he mysteriously needed to go around the back of the building to relieve himself. I then went around there and found that he had dropped the thing under some iron behind the building so I grabbed the cellphone and grabbed him and marched him around the corner to the cop shop.”

By coincidence it was the police station in Patea where Mr Borrows had served a stint.


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  • At least being an ex-cop he would have
    known how much “force” he was allowed to use. Dodgy territory is a “citizen’s arrest”. How much force is “reasonable force” to hold on to someone without some prick of a lawyer having you for assault….

    • Tristanb

      Yeah exactly.

      I can imagine some dodgy lawyer arguing that it was illegal to get the guy to search his bag and a violation of the thief’s “rights” to march him to the police station.

      Good on Burrows for doing it.

  • interesting how such ideological-opponents/opposites as burrows and sue bradford got on so well..

    ..much mutual respect..and all that…


    [email protected]

  • I see he’s about to be Acting Police Minister whilst Anne Tolley is away somewhere; crims; you have been warned!

  • Orange

    Just read the citizen’s advice page about it. Ewww, what horrible laws on self-defense we have in NZ. You can arrest someone but only have immunity if it involves a crime with more the 3 years prison owing? And can use reasonable force to stop someone breaking into your house at night as long as it doesn’t involve touching the crims body…??

    • Blokeintakapuna

      yep – don’t touch them – let the baseball / cricket bat do it for you!

      Give them the good news – repeatedly – then claim “feared for my life, don’t know what happened after that” 

  • Gravedodger

    Always fire two shots, the second into the ceiiling as a warning

  • Richard McGrath

    Had to laugh during the election campaign last year, driving to Wanganui as I do every week I noticed there were no billboards with the abbreviated name of the National Party followed by the local candidate’s surname. Makes sense I guess – “National Borrows” wouldn’t have been a good look!

  • Zacski

    Quite clearly, this is Batman