Bullies at Vic Park

This video was posted on Levi Hawken’s Facebook wall and apparently shot yesterday at Victoria Park in Auckland.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    Members of MUNZ having a day out with the family??

    • Sue


  • Agent BallSack

    Baldy is a fucking tosser, hopefully small pommie git did call the cops.

    • Mike Smith

       “po**** git” – racist nonsense!!

      • Agent BallSack

        Or, history lesson to those with the nous to do some research. Your call.

      • Bunswalla

        You forgot “height-ist”

  • johnbronkhorst

    Security?….Who’s security?..What a fucking hero, pushing kids around for skating ….in a…skate park.

  • crabstick

    2 x assault charges right there… forum thread written by the guy standing up to the bald bully http://muckmouth.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=30193&fb_source=message

  • crabstick

     the guy who organised the comp in which this all happened is william murdoch… ecstasy smuggler… according to the forum thread above he gave out spraycans to the kids to ‘tag’ the park with the sponsors names etc… what a lemon

  • Random66

    So, does anyone know what happened to these guys once the police were called – any consequences??

  • In Vino Veritas

    Firstly, what was it about?

  • Top Bloke

    Now posted on NZHerald & Edge FM, Conviction coming I’d say.

  • So the fat bully says its a skate park not for skateboarders? Umm isn’t part of the name of the device “skate”? Let’s hope we see the results of this – although knowing our police force at present they probably didn’t come near it….

  • joe bloggs

    MSM play catch-up (yet again)…

    I trust Hissoner Mayor Len will be referring this to the police

  • toby_toby

    As disgusted as I am by Gorilla the Thug, I’m also pretty peeved by him dumb mates (co-organisers? hangers on?) who stood by and just say “heeey, chill.” No, man, don’t tell him to chill. Tell your thug buddy to pull his bald head in.

    BTW, the thug seems to be a guy called ‘Doc Murdoch’

  •  The serenity place seems really spooky. Apparently they were raising $15K to sponsor someone through their program… right, $15K through your own program..? Looks very quasi-religious too, and run by a convicted drug dealer. Really does tick all the creepy boxes.

  • wannano

    I understand the actual assaulter is not “Doc Murdoch”…the Doc is the organiser of the event and is the weedy guy with a bit of a beard who appears in the video saying “we don’t want any trouble” after the assaults. I stand to be corrected though.

    • toby_toby

      Cheers, I was just about to post that having done some more reading :)
      Would love to know the name of the thug though

      • Random66

        Just went to the facebook page you posted before, and I’m thinking the name is Craig Platt, based on the recent postings.  Might be wrong??

  • Mickrodge

    Bit o “roid rage” from the over pumped douch with the chrome dome.

    No excuse for those actions. And now he’s all over the MSM too.

    How’s your Monday going cock?

  • Agent BallSack

    Facebook update from Len Brown attached.

    • Pharmachick

      Well, I have to say that although I have not been (and am still not) a supporter of Mr. Brown, I am *very* pleased by his reaction to this. I expect the NZ Police to give this their full attention, IT IS NOT OKAY to assault people, especially kids!

    • Salacious T Crumb

      It is deplorable. Fancy telling Len “you are the man”

  • Mickrodge

    Well I didn’t see this coming. Here’s the website for the tough guy.


  • Jan

    “Stuff” is reporting that the bully is a parent. Wow, lets hope all available social services check out the dynamics of his family and safety of his kids. 

  • Sam

    Nek Minnit…… assault charge. Idiot.

  • honcho

    there is already a ‘kony’ campaign up and running


  • Mr_Blobby

    Once a druggy criminal, always a druggie criminal. No comment from our friend, and local apologist, Phil the pill Whore.
    What I saw was also a bunch of Gang members minus patches.The guy who stood up to them should probably watch his back.
    No surprise the Police will be last on the scene.
    The Mayor will duck and dive and accept no responsibility.
    The sponsors hopefully will get some shit over it and only deal with reputable events in the future.

  • brett dale

    The bully is Craig Platt according to a ton of webpages.

  • Pharmachick

    Serious questions raised by this video:
    1. Will the NZ police investigate and prosecute the two assaults clearly documented here?
    2. Did the organizers have the correct permits from Council to have the park exclusively for the day?3. If “no” will there be a prosecution or fine for unlawful commandeering of public property?
    4. If yes …
         a. Were the “security” guards from a properly licensed company?
         b. Why did the “security” guards allow a member of the public to assault a minor and not remove him?
    5. Will the police investigate the vandalism caused by people spray painting Sponsor’s names on the park and then prosecute for public nuisance, damage to public property etc?
    6. Will the Council investigate the vandalism caused by people spray painting Sponsor’s names on the park and issue civil fines?      

    I believe these are very valid questions to ask of our elected council and our sworn Officers of the Law.

    • Agent BallSack

      Skinny, aided by the ARC are cleaning the graffiti off at this very moment.

      • Pharmachick

        Cheers ABS, I don’t know who “Skinny” is… but this seems to indicate that, at a minimum; someone is cleaning up their own mess. Its a good start … 

    • Mr_Blobby

      Pissing in the wind. I think uncle Len will just want it to go away. Druggy Thugs and Mobsters with previous convictions don’t pass the test for a security license. The Police will be told, and won’t need much encouragement, to sit on there hands and do, not much.
      Best to get busy with the sponsors it was them that paid for this shambles, without there support these Muppet’s would have not been able to turn up and pull the skin off anything.

      • Pharmachick

        Interesting Mr_Blobby,

        how do you think that Foodstuffs Inc (the parent company of the supermarket independent franchisee, or Dick Smith, or Tall Poppies (whatever that is, they used to be a covers band that played Whangamata at New Years)  feel?

        Perhaps a few questions to their corporate websites about their invlvement with this fiasco are in order. 

    • Landy

      What’s the matter with you people?   These skateboarders were bullying and enjoying it.

      If some big kids are making it dangerous and scarey for small ones, what is an adult guardian supposed to do?   The big guy said he had tried asking them to stay away from the small kids’ activity.   It was I think a public space.

      How could a bunch of six year olds use this public recreation space safely and fearlessly?

      It’s also time there were speed limits and walking-only rules for footpaths, where walkers of all ages get terrorised by this stuff.   Those skateboarders can get up to high speeds, and a skateboard at high speed is a dangerous weapon.  As is a racing bike.

      • A-random-reader

        I didn’t see *any* six year olds in the video. Just a bunch of adults who should have known better.

        Also, as the owner of a “racing bike” I would kindly suggest that a car at high speed is more a weapon than a bike could ever be.

      • John

        That’s not correct if you were watching TV3’s report. Craig was lying when he said the older skaters were bullying. TV3 showed him the extended covereage and he admitted he was lying. We see this guy use the services of the whore house next to our work at least once a month

  • ShaunHay

    I did a search of the companies office… funny story, there is a company with the name “Craig Platt Graphic Design Limited”.

    Address fits…
    Name fits…
    “Graphic design” fits…

    Probably someone else though.  


    • ShaunHay
    • joe bloggs

      Hmmm… he’s been outed on a whole heap of websites today – I rather suspect the security guards will be out and about on Marine Parade this evening.

      Wonder what wifie has to say about hubbie’s impending assault charges?

      • Onetrack

        His wife must be so proud

    • Mr_Blobby

      Looks like he got a lucrative contract with NZ Post to cut and paste some bird pictures.

  • dutyfreenzsbro

    not withstanding the assult which should be dealt with , and the spray paint given to the kids which is dumb with a capital D , the event seems very dodgy , some suppossed sponsors are saying they were asked and said no but names and logos still used and others are now distancing themselves as it did not go as it was supposed to , some are saying that thier names were used to get the event through council without thier knowledge  . The prize monies seem out of whack , lots of age catogories but still cant get it to add upto $$ quoted on the flyer.

    • ShaunHay

      You’re prob missing the prize where you get to attend rehab… My understanding is that Serenity was donating as well (though I may be wrong). 

  • brett dale

    The bully is going to be on campbell live tonight.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Starting to smell like a fundraising Con I wonder how much the Council chipped in.

  • ShaunHay

    Serenity website has been pulled down (http://www.serenitythecure.com/)… however thanks to Google cache we can tell a little bit about them:

    Making a statement that addiction can be cured is a rather bold view to offer those who suffer from it given that the traditional models for treatment like to promote the idea that once an addict always an addict.At Serenity our program is designed to find the underlying reason why you use any drug or type of behavior as a means of self medicating.While our program is opened ended with regard to treatment time we firmly believe that at some point you will find our services are no longer required because you have found what made you use and abuse in the first place.Can Addiction be cured? Yes it can!Serenity is a private serene and discreet therapeutic retreat.Serenity provides answers, help and rehabilitation for anyone who has reached their limits. No matter what kind of addiction.• Addiction • Alcohol • Drugs • Gambling • Obsession • Depression • Hopelessness • Fear or PanicRead more… e-addiction (internet and phone)Serenity offers counselling sessions for parents and their children regarding problems with internet/cell phone dependence.Is it difficult to get your child or teenager off the internet or cellphone? Do they spend more and more time on electronic devices? Are they becoming more aggressive? Is their attention span shorter than usual? Are they becoming more isolated? Are these behaviours affecting their social life within the family?Read more… Success Rate 90%Of the past twenty clients, eighteen have found a new life. We define success as abstaining from their drug of choice, or having had a vast improvement in their quality of their life. Our success rate, I believe is due to the follow up that we provide, once our clients leave. We don’t wait for you to call us, we will call you. We will be there every step of the way for the first year.We offer free treatment if you should relapse. That’s right! If having followed our advice and you relapse we will treat you for free. We believe in our program, just as we believe in you, if you should become our client.Read more… Contact UsPh: 0800serenityIntl.Ph +64-21-507735Or please fill out the form on our Contact Us page Find us on Facebook Our TV AdsCheck out our TV AdsHomeCopyright © 2012. Serenity Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Rehab.

    • Mr_Blobby

      90% success rate. What a load of shit. Has all the looks of a con complete with the false advertising.

      • ShaunHay


        Also sorry that collapsed without proper spacing… fore those of you that it was tldr, here is the ‘cliffs:”Serenity offers counselling sessions for parents and their children–””Are they [the children] becoming more aggressive?””Success Rate 90%  Of the past twenty clients, eighteen have found a new life.””We define success as abstaining from their drug of choice, or having had a vast improvement in their quality of their life.”I.e. if you keep taking drugs but are happier about it (or are taking better/different drugs), SUCCESS!

  • ShaunHay

    Oh and their “Scholarship”:

    At Serenity we want to help everyone regardless of their financial situation. If you are truly motivated and want to change then we invite you to email us. Each application will be reviewed by our staff and on its merits we may offer you a place at Serenity at a greatly reduced price. We are looking for 2 such clients at present who are ready to finally address their issues and to embrace a new way of life.  

    Preference will be given to those who have tried treatment before. While your past attempts at recovery may be a red flag to some clinics, we prefer to see those failures as merely pot holes in the bumpy road that finally leads you to peace and Serenity.  

    The continuation of your scholarship depends upon your positive level of engagement, participation and motivation in the program. We request that your scholarship remains confidential. If you leave treatment prematurely, or against clinical advice, your scholarship will be revoked.   

  • Tookinator

    You don’t need to wait on the police. Anyone can file a complaint and then the police have to act. Just like a member of the public (not even present at the scene but ‘heard’ about it) did in the case of Mallard vs Henarae. As Henare did not lay a complaint it would have blown over if not for the third party complaint. There you go everyone start emailing Auckland Police!

  • Vlad

    There is a positive signal in here; the smallish guy in the black T-shirt who stood up to the bully is very brave when confronted by that beefy thug, and a bloody good role model, good on him for looking after kids.  A real man.  

  • Bunswalla

    Yep good on the guy for standing up for the kids and holding his ground, despite the bullshit coming from the “organisers” and the bald bully thug with roid rage. He looks a real coward to me, picking on little kids and a smaller person clearly not presenting a threat.

    Trying to say that he was scaring the kids, and that he’d encouraged the kids to tag with spraycans, when it was the exact opposite. I really hope buuly boy goes down, preferably arrested on the set of Campbell Live or Close Up.

  • A-random-reader

    I wonder if those “security” guys are actually licensed by the PSPLA to work as crowd controllers?

    It wouldn’t be a good look if they were working without a CoA (Certificate of Approval).

  • Tookinator

     Murdochs details – 021 507 735 – phone [email protected] – his email

  • Tookinator

    The guy doing the pushing has a website – even has a feedback page if you want to send him a message or even buy some art from his shop…

    • ShaunHay

      That is the gallery website, not his personal site…

  • Vlad

    Who, in the Supercity’s mob of useless bureaucrats, let this greasy little convicted drug dealer organise an event involving children?

  • Random66

    Just saw the interview on CloseUp.  Shocking interviewing.  Sainsbury allowed that Doc Murdoch to hi-jack the interview with his bent version of the truth and don’t even get me started on the pathetic image Craig Platt presented.  My god he tried to have us believe he was the victim – yeah right!

    • MrV

      >Shocking interviewing

      You mean par for the course. The shocking thing is these clowns get national attention.

  • Gn35

    So is the little punk who crashed the competition and got a whack for doing so going to apologise, or will the little adhd mummys boy just continue with his deluded kiss my arse life? They were both wrong, but the little punk seems to be the nekjesus. FFS if the little punk shit dropped in at piha like that he’d get a fucking bigger bruising than the bald guy gave him.

    • hodad

      Seems to me the older kids didnt like being told to piss off and let the little kids compete so they baited baldy until he cracked and they got the footage they wanted.

  • Caleb

    valuable life lesson, dont mess with the big guy and dont cry about it if you do.

    • Ratchet

      Valuable life lesson: don’t let them get to you. Baiting or no baiting, that guy has reacted in a way that, if not dealt with by the police, sets a dangerous precedent and also undermines anti-violence campaigns everywhere.

      If the police don’t deal with it, then that sends the message that you can assault a person less than half your size in public on the excuse that they were scaring the smaller kids. Does this mean that I can now go around to the idiot neighbour that drives down my street way too fast because my kids are in the front yard and smack him in the head and then shove his father in the throat if he takes exception to it? I believe the police would say no.

      If the 13 yo was being a wanker then the cops should take him aside and deal with it. That’s their job. Living where I do, if I shoved every 10, 12, 14 year old that acted like a sanctimonious little shit I would be in a world of hurt.

      I also question the organisation of the event – if it was officially organised with the council, then that would give the organisers the right to cordon off the area and control the skaters. If it was done without council consent then really there’s fuck-all that they can really do about people skating through the comp, and getting all butt-hurt about it is being pretty precious. If it was with council permission, where the hell was the crowd control?!?

      The spray cans? Makes me think it was impromptu.

      You’re having a comp with big-name sponsors and a $10k prize pool? Try some organisation dipshit. I’ve been involved in organising events in both mountainbiking and car racing. First rule was contain the venue. Second rule was go back and plug the holes.

      Cliff notes for those that are TL;DR – 

      Baldy is a dipshit – should be charged
      Comp organiser is a dipshit – should be barred from running comps
      Skater is (more than likely) a little shit – should think more often
      Leighton (guy in the black shirt) has a legitimate complaint.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Hmmm. I’m not so sure I agree with some of the comments in this post. The video only gives half the story and is slanted against the bald guy. No one here saw what went on before. Perhaps bald guy did over react, but if smaller kids were, or had been barrelled by the bigger kids, and those bigger kids refused to stop putting the small kids in danger, I have some sympathy for bald guy.

    Secondly, the skinny black shirt didn’t see what happened, but took up the green shirted skate kids case without knowing both sides of the story. His approach to bald guy was inflammatory, when he could have said something like, “what happened there mate? Why’d you knock that lad of his board?”

    Then this might not have gone where it did. The bald guy would have had a chance to explain himself and the throat grabbing would probably not have happened.

    Also, the bald guy, I would point out, was giving up time as a parent, to do shit with kids. If he was stopping 11 -15 yr olds endangering 5 -8 year olds (and one of them was yours), wouldnt you at least be a little bit supportive?

    • Tim

      I have to agree vino, I read the stuff story today and it seems that everyone here made up there minds before knowing both sides of the story. I was quite surprised to see the comments here after doing so. No one saying anything about the little shit continuing to skate through the wee kids comp, complete lack of respect. I’ve more time for baldy than for that little prick.

  • Burl

    Good on you Platt ! This is what happens when kids have no repect ! No harm done and good on you for being the enforcer and making it a safe more entertaining event .Piss of you lefty cry baby , he called me a name types

  • dutyfreenzsbro
  • Notrotsky