Port 11 – 0 MUNZ

Another “ghost ship” is in port this morning, showing yet again that Garry Parsloe’s hollow threat that not a single ship would be worked at the port is indeed empty bravado.

Empty too was Chris Trotter’s assertion that ships would pass the port by.

The Kota Permata is discharging cargo this morning.

Once again the lie of the unions that GPS/AIS tracking is being turned off by the shipping companies is proven false.


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  • I see the ship did a 360 in the Gulf – rather odd unless it anchored overnight and swung on its anchor?

    For something more MUNZ being apparently rejected, http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/no-one-has-community-work-sacked-wharfies-subbed-co-p-112816   from the NBR

    • ConwayCaptain

      Not unusual to do a 360 if you are ahead of time for the pilot or you want to burn off SPEED.

      The signature tune for Parsloe Kelly et al should be Wagner’s The Flying Dutchman about a ghost ship.

      • Thank you, was expecting a reply from you there Captain :) 

  • Brent Byrne

    MUNZ – “You know I can’t unload your Ghost ship”

    • Spiker

       Nominate for comment of the day.

  • ConwayCaptain

    ZShe was coming down the leads to pick up the pilot.

    The anchorage is across to the west more off the leads down to the Fairway Buoy

  • Guest

    If the  Kota Permata is a ghost ship, does that mean the Men & Women unloading her are Ghost Busters? :)

    • agnes

      Hahahaha thats so funny

  • Scanner

    Poor old Gary,  he just seems to constantly chewing on a shit sandwich and it always seems to be lunchtime.

    • AzaleaB

      We shoudl rename him POG ( Poor old Gary) or WCM ( wrong century mate!)

    • Life is a shit sandwich…and the bread is getting thinner and thinner

  • Dave

    Lets add up some basics here.  A ships owners gets a message from Gary and Helens mates.   Don’t dock at Auckland they say, its non union labour, and they are all scabs.   

    Ships owners does some maths in their head, lets see…..  say 10K an hour to operate the ship, $25k to dock, $25k to unload – and these turkeys expect us to leave it anchored off the port for a few extra days or weeks.   Hmmmm And if the striking workers all get replaced and productivity improves, my ships sail sooner, saving me more funds…….  

    Decision made in a nano second. – Gee, dock now boys, bugger the strikers.   

    Can someone with an abacus please explain the maths to Kelly and her mate Parsloe.

    • ConwayCaptain


      If you go on to the Baltic Exchange web site you cazn see graphs that show you what a certain class of ship costs pd in charter rates. This is known as the Baltic Dry Index and is a very good barometer on how the world’s economy is going. Now there is an oversupply of aships so many are being chartered out at less than the cost of operation.

      FYI some of the big PRC charterers have cancelled charters because they signed up in the good old days and now they are too expensive.  The charter rates are what you pay for the ship.  Fuel and port dues operations etc are extra.

      Some years back a Capesize bulker (200,000 dwt) was getting US$200-250K per day.  Now it is about 15% of that.

      • Dave

        Thanks Captain – I’m off for a look.    Had a quick quiz, I recommend the site!!

      • davewin

         Thanks for that, it is a very interesting site.The changes in daily charter rates are staggering. Thanks again

      • ConwayCaptain


        The changes in daily rates are afected by

        Ship availability in the afrea where  you want to start the charter.

        Where you end it and the owner may have to steam to another area for a new charter.

        How long the charter is for and the type of vessel being chartered and age etc.

  • Bunswalla

    I don’t know about the rest of you, but for me one of the many good things to come out of this dispute is that (largely thanks to CC, but also others) I now know a hell of a lot more about the shipping industry and the economics of running a port.

    On this blog you actually get some really useful information – cheers Captain.

    • ConwayCaptain

      Please to be of service

    • ConwayCaptain

      When I did my Master’s FG cert in the days when box boats were just a gleam in someones eye, we had a paper called Ship Masters Business.  This covered a whole host of things like, marine insurance, charter parties, marine law, freight, bills of lading etc etc.  And I was really interested in it.

      When I was declared redundant from SCONZ I became the Marine Ins bloke + the resident boatie at NZ Steel.  Want to know about ships ask CC.  I was responsible for the safe carriage of 350K tonnes of steel world swide worth about 350 million US.  The cargo clainms pa were about 250-300K, when I started no one really knew how much they were, definitely up in the millions.

      Didi a paper on what ship to use on the Trans Tasman and then found the ship.

      After that I did cargo surveying and stood on my hind legs as an expert witness on two occasions and was involved in about 10 cases that never came to court and the cargo owner won damages, sometimes several 100K or more.

      Got interested th the Baltic Dry Index when it was pointed out that it is a good barometer of the worlds health.  It cannot be manipulated unless someone went out and chartered a hell of a lot of ships at ridiculous high/low rates and everyone would know what was happeneng within hrs as the charter market is wide open.

      Most of the worlds charters are arranged in London at the Baltic Exchange and most of the Insurance is at Lloyds.  Now Lloyds is not a company it is a marfket and made up of “names”.  Want to insure a nuclear power sattion???  I have a friend who does that.  Ships???  I can put you in touch with another!!!!  Your wife’s legs, well they insured Betty Grables!!!