Port 10 – 0 MUNZ

Another one of Garry Parsloe so-called ghost Ships turned up again last night.

Remember that Garry Parsloe and Chris Trotter have said that ship will pass the port by and not a single ship would be processed at Fergusson wharf.  Right now there are two ships being processed at Fergusson.

It seems that not only can we see Parlsoe’s ghost ships but so can the cameras.

Schelde Trader arrived last night.


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  • Scanner


    The great thing to come out of this has been the awakening
    of minds to the total irrelevance of the left, when even Loosehead Len can see
    he was backing a set of intellectual dwarfs you know your days are numbered.

    Northey and “The Toxic Jock” have been beaten down by the
    balance of the council, and no amount of childish tantrums or wee pouty outbursts
    seem to work anymore.

    The three stooges Fenton, Moroney, and Beaumont, none of
    whom have ever had vote cast in their names, have disappeared into the
    distance,  and now seem to be
    contributing nothing more than the occasional peep from the background.

    The media is starting to realise that they can’t regurgitate
    crap verbatim, especially when it is so easily proven to be lies.

    Parsloe and Kelly are totally rooted, both are now standing
    there watching their credibility disappear over the horizon at warp speed, neither
    of them seem to understand they are supposed to be representing all their
    members not just the bully boys, nor do they understand that there is such a
    thing as losing gracefully, Parsloe is now reduced to issuing hollow threats
    that are currently running at 9 to nil against him and growing by the day, if
    anyone needs to be concerned about a pair of concrete gumboots as a going away
    present from the American brethren it should be him, Kelly now being reduced offering
    pathetic threats against radio stations and blatantly lying to the media.
    doesn’t even have the nuts to enter a public debate with a blogger, which
    proves how sure of her argument she is.

    The final touch is the only time Findlay, Angus, Davies,
    Walker, McKean, Harrison, Skipper,  Williams
    or any of the other bullies, who will all be identified and blacklisted, will
    ever set foot on a wharf in this country is to go fishing on benefit day when
    they’ve got money for gas to take them there.

    In years to come this whole debacle will be used as a case
    study on epic fails in the workplace, and the above mentioned have all played a
    part, and lost, what a great thing to be able to tell your grandchildren, NOT.

    • Guest

      You don’t get it.  We don’t just want to blacklist the SUP ringleaders – we want the lot.  All this means is that your taxes will pay their benefits, their kids schools, their GP & hospital “care”, not to mention their fucking super and worst of all their redundancy.  They should get nothing. They mortgages if they have any, should just be cancelled & terminated; they should be thrown out of state houses, ammo benefits stopped.  Let them starve in the gutter!

      Not jus them, but anyone who’s in a union (except cops & firefighters) anyone who votes Labour, the who damn lot of the left

      When Key follows Chris Christie – really “Downsizes” the public service (OK, yesterday was a start), cancels every union contract in the country, and actually stops benefits, welfare, health. “education” etc then we’ll have progress

      •  have you thought of starting yr own political party there..guest..?

        (redbaiter wd probably sign up..eh..?..dunno who else..off-hand…)

        ..shall we flog them too..?

        ..in the town square..?

        (hey..!..when your dream state comes to pass..you should apply for the floggers’-job..eh..?..

        ..i’m sure you would approach the task with a rigorous enthusiasm..eh..?.. )

        ..and no ‘health/education’-funding either…eh..?

        ..better hope you (or yours’) don’t get sick..eh..?

        …in that case..should we just tip you/them into that ‘gutter’..you favour..?

        (btw..love yr highlighting of yr shouty-bits..eh..?..

        ..it gives those words so much more heft..eh..?..)

        ..got any more ‘thoughts-of-guest’ there..guest..?

        ..c’mon..!..i’ve already had a dose of both stewart and colbert this morn..

        ..but i can handle more…

        [email protected]

      • ConwayCaptain

        A flogging in the morning sets me up for the day Captain Bligh!!!!!

        Show me his backbone Mr Christian

      • Bunswalla

        I love the smell of napalm in the morning. It smells like….victory!

  • Kiwidon

    Well said Scanner!

  • Karlosbop

    As per http://www.globalrichlist.com/how.html the top 1% that the occupy movement hate so much, earn approx $58,500 NZD per annum. Maybe we could get the great unwashed to occupy the MUNZ picket line, the bully MUNZ reps will attack them (they can’t help themselves, it’s the warrior gene), an all out war of the left occurs.

    If only the were intelligent enough to put 2 and 2 together all by themselves.

  • ConwayCaptain

    Ils ne passerant pas dit M Parsloe

    maintenant Il passerant beaucoup!!!

    • Ciaron_A

      I think I get the gist of what you’re saying there Captain, but Google translate doesn’t :)

      • ConwayCaptain

        They shall not pass said Mr Parsloe

        They are npow passing in great numbers

      • Ciaron_A

        Google attempt #1;

        They do not say passerant M ParsloeHe now passerant much!

        Google attempt #2;

        They shall not pass said M ParsloeHe spent much now!

  • Agent BallSack

    I would suggest Parsloe should retire immediately but then he’d disappear with a great wad of cash and there would still be 300 people out of work. He’s really done a number on them, best thing for the wharfies to do would be to break strike, show him they do not want to lose their jobs and turn up for work. At least it would show an act of good faith to a company that as far as I can see has great working conditions and wants to succeed, whether that.s with the wharfies or without.

  • interesting how the employment court has stopped the port bosses dead in their redundancy-tracks…


    ..next step..?..those bosses get fired…

    ..watch that space..eh..?

    [email protected]

    • I don;t think so Phil…it was neither a judgment nor a directive…it was a pause so the Judge, who is obviously a slow reader can catch up prior to a further meeting on Monday.

      •  i still reckon this will end in tears for the port bosses..

        ..it is fast becoming a scene-setting/benchmark for the next couple of years…

        ..(and no..i am not an expert on employment law…i am just reading the breeze..)

        (…and dot-copying is the most sincere form of flattery…eh..?..

        ..it works well..eh..?

        ..and like many things..once you start…it is very hard to stop..
        ..just wait…soon you’ll be shedding capital letters..

        ..and wondering why you ever thought you ever needed them..?

        ..they are so ugly/ungainly…)

        [email protected]

      • Agent BallSack

        Phil you really should stop predicting the port disputes. So far its WhaleOil 100 – Phil 0

      • In Vino Veritas

        And not only a pause, one which has cost the unions in $ since I believe they have to pay POAL’s costs with regard to employment advertising pre booked over the weekend. 

        Phillip, you are not alone amongst the left thinking it will end in tears. But unfortunately, it already has ended. Are you Irish Bill from the standard? That’s “their arses will be handed to them” Irish Bill?

      • St Hubbins

         Phil – are you sure you’re not a Precog, as in the movie Minority Report. Your predictions all seem to come true, it’s as if you knew something in advance!!

    • Agent BallSack

      Unlikely Phil. The port bosses are actually doing their jobs, while being affected by one of the more ludicrous strikes in NZ Maritime history. This isnt about safety or working conditions, this is greedy MUNZ trying to get a bigger suck on the tit. 

      • Vij

        Don’t say that.  Phil is a hard working full-time bludger who lives in his own universe and rewrites history.  They can be no fun if we don’t have a moron like him.

      • Dave

        I disagree – MUNZ are not trying to get a bigger suck on the tit, they want to own the entire cow, add it to their herd with all the other Cash cows.   Their reserves and control has been declining, and they can’t sees the writing on the wall.

        Be interesting to find a graph of union members as a % of population in NZ and AU over the last 100 years.    Now that would see a serious decline over the last 25 years.

    • BW_Lord

      Actually you’ll also notice that the pause was initiated by the lawyers for POAL.

      Thats right … FOR. Another sign of good faith methinks?

      • Vij

        Phil never lets the facts get in the way of his ramblings.

      •  yep..there is a massive arse-covering attempt going on..

        ..it is to little..too late..

        ..in the public mind it is fast becoming obvious.the port boses who are the ‘thugs’ in this little to-do..?

        ..the refusal to negotiate further..the abrupt sacking..and the leaking of a union members’most personal details have seen to that/swung it…

        ..they were winning the p.r.-war until then..

        ..btw…when do you think the general strike will happen..?

        ..and the re-emergence of occupy..?.

        ..and the campaign of direct-action against asset-sales..?

        ..it’s gonna be/get interesting…

        ..(and..btw..shearer coming out as a pussy for the right yesterday..

        ..must only strengthen the arm of those campaigners..eh..?

        ..and firms the realisation that labour really has no answers…

        ..has naught of any relevance to say…

        ..i’m picking mana/hone are going to see a blip in the polls…

        ..(and at the next election..)

        ..as he/they is/are the only ones addressing those issues such as poverty in any sort of realistic way…

        [email protected]

      • Agent BallSack

        @ Phil, National’s ‘Welfare Card’ is designed to stop the spread of poverty in New Zealand. We have so many people out there taking money then using it for things other than necessities currently, we will see a massive reduction in poverty once we stop handing out free money to people who have no idea what a budget is.

      • BW_Lord

        @ Phil
         If you actually believe that Hone’s version of welfare politics ie. “just give them money” is realistic, then I really do pity you.

      • @36865c0faa179b461bb9037211c79669:disqus General Strike? What are you still in the 70s?

        General Strikes are illegal, as are secondary strikes as the Maritime Union and RMTU found out in the Employment Court when they were ordered to go back to work.

        At least Occupy had more stickability that the MUNZ guys, they have packed up their tents and gone already.

      • Leata

        Hey BWLord I do not understand why the lawyers for POAL would do that. Is there a reason you are able to share with us.

    • RightNow

      phillip, what was the last prediction you made that turned out to be correct? 

      •  well..right now…

        ..archives at whoar will confirm that i was early to catch the first warnings of the g.f.c…(by a matter of multiple-years..)

        ..i have been saying for a long time ..and been scoffed at..for predicting that the cancer/death-causing-outcomes from eating animal-flesh/bye-products would be proven beyond any doubt…

        ..and would be unable to be denied..

        ..this has now come to pass…

        ..(and you don’t need a very large brain to work out the implications for our countries economic-base of exporting that cancer-causing muck..eh..?

        ..we need to diversify..and quick..)

        ..archives at whoar will confirm that i have been pointing out for some time that lab-grown-meat will eclipse the animal-cruelties-one…

        ..archives at whoar will confirm that for a long time i have been saying the health-qualities of cannabis will become self-evident…

        ..again..unable to now be denied..

        ..(and i further reckon that cannabis will be recognised as a powerful tool in the shedding of nasty-addictions…of all types..as it should be..)

        ..(btw..i have also long contended nicky hagar is an agent of/for the right…

        ..his corngate book shut the greens out of govt..

        …and his ‘hollow men’..destroyed brash..who clark could have beaten..

        ..and gave us his understudy..key….and the return/rise of the neo-libs/right..

        ..he is the ralph nader of nz politics..

        (in how by splitting the vote..nader brought us shrub jnr..and the hells he wrought..)

        ..and..back in the day..

        ..i was sure dexys midnight runners were a one-hit-wonder…


        ..want/need more..?

        ..your turn…

        [email protected]

      •  bw lord…

        i think it was g.b. shaw who said…

        ‘there is no such thing as poverty…

        ..it is just a lack of money…’

        and that is only a small part of what he is saying..

        ..a more progressive tax rate..a capital gains tax..

        ..and the holy grail..a financial transactions tax..(which will hurt the banksters not a whit..)

        ..these will give us the tools/wherewithal to fix what ails us…

        ..and these are all on yr horizon..eh..?

        ..not if..but when..

        .your plan is..?

        [email protected]

      • johnbronkhorst

        Phil…So much wrong with what you are saying…Where do you start. CGT read some reports into the effects of CGT on other economies ..ALL bad..Start with the ASX report by Alan Reynolds….As for transaction tax, didn’t labour rail against high bank fees, bringing about “kiwibank”? Surely transaction fees are just govt. bank fees? Fixing what ails us, is NOT about taking money out of the system, but leaving it in, stagnant money (esp taxes) does nothing to grow or improve the economy and therefore the lot of the “poor” you CLAIM to champion. It just gives the politicians MORE power over you!>>.IDIOT!!!

      • Agent BallSack

        What the fuck is the use of cannabis if you can’t eat a burger when you get the munchies? Sorry Phil, we all know meat causes cancer its hardly rocket science. Guess what? Barbecued meat is even worse, the charred flesh causes stomach cancer, and I don’t need to overdose on hyphens to prove it.

      • Super_Guest

        Fuck you, Phillip. Why don’t you get a job and actually start paying some tax before you carp on about “progressive” (envy) taxation. Also, good job citing the eugenics supporting socialist GB Shaw. Real “hero” that man. Man, it really pisses me off that a fucking dole bludger has the gall to suggest I should be paying more taxes to support his lifestyle.

      • Grizz30


        I do not think you were the only one to predict the GFC. I found books on this in the library years before it actually happened. Evem Olly Newland published “the day the housing bubble burst”. The premise is that all great boom cycles will end in a bust. The bigger the boom and bubble (It was a mighty housing bubble made worse by NIJA loans) the greater the bust.

        People have been saying we need to diversify since Britain decided to join the EU way back in the 1960s although I do not think anyone would have predicted the Dairy industry explosion we have today (at least we have removed subsidies)

        However I will give you Dexies Midnight Runners. Cannot say anyone cared if they put out another hit or not.

    • Peter Wilson

      I have some sympathy here for Phillip’s view.

      There’s probably some evidence out there that POAL did not bargain in good faith, knowing full well the intention was to contract out the work. Good on them for wanting to do that, but you have to be up front about it. It will happen, but perhaps with a hefty payout to the “workers.”

      • Agent BallSack

        10 offers is hardly evidence of not bargaining in good faith. Unless Parsloe is actually working for POAL and its all a big cover up to sack the indigent wharfies.

      • Jester

        Hi Peter, my understanding is that the “bad faith” silver bullet that MUNZ has is a one page strategy document that discusses the merits of casualisation.

        The value of that document to the case is yet to be seen, however its believed that based on the fact that the document is not dated and could relate to any period of time and that the POAL employee and MUNZ senior member who removed the document from the managers office has been sacked for how he procured it may play a significant part in its future value.

      •  grizz..i didn’t say i was the only one…

        ..i said i picked up on the earliest specific warnings/timetable….

        ..and published them at whoar.

        ..and got laughed at at kiwiblog for the years before for trying to warn them…

        ..and i must defend the dexies..

        ..despite the overalls…

        ..it was a rollicking little ditty…

        ..we could have handled more…

        [email protected]

    • Ronnie Chow

       These your kin,ill lip?

      Washington, DC — Today the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom
      (CCF) published documents online, obtained by a Freedom of Information
      Act request, showing that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals
      (PETA) killed a staggering 95.9 percent of the adoptable pets in its
      care during 2011. Despite years of public outrage over its euthanasia
      program, the notorious animal rights group has continued killing
      adoptable animals at its Norfolk, VA headquarters, at an average of 37
      pets every week.

  • Jester

    With a comment like that its clear that your knowledge of employment law is non existant Phool.
    I suggest you need to investigate “settlement conference” and the reasons why it was introduced. You may end up disappointed when you find out that the judges directive is neither for nor against, but purely a process to ensure finality of the outcome.

    •  (for right now..)

      one more..

      ..i predicted a mass-march at high-noon on a saturday was our best chance of stopping a g.e.-bent clark..

      .and that came to pass..

       don’t forget..it’s your turn now..

      [email protected]

      • RightNow

        Item 1:

        philu (10,919) Says: October 31st, 2011 at 8:18 am…
        ..and i repeat my prediction….mana/harawira will be the big surprise/upset of this election…Lee01 (1,678) Says: October 31st, 2011 at 10:02 amNot a single poll has Mana doing anything more than getting racist nutter harawira back in, and even thats not a forgone conclusion.Philu is living in a drug induced fantasy world, as hus woeful understanding of basic economics proves.philu (10,919) Says: October 31st, 2011 at 10:35 amwell leo..i guess come election night one of us will be right..eh..?..i commit to publicly concede yr superior political-analysis skills..should i be wrong..in this forum….will you agree to the same..should you be wrong..?phil(whoar.co.nz)

      • Stevebarker

        Predicted? I believe you were blowing your own trumpet for being one of the organisers in another thread!

        It’s like me predicting Parsloe’s assassination, shooting him in the head myself, then saying “See, I told you I could tell the future” 

      • RightNow

        Dammit, lost all my lovely formatting.
        There’s a very complete record of your failed predictions on Kiwiblog phil.

      • Ronnie Chow

           Are you addressing Agent Starling , ill lip ?

      • Ronnie Chow

           ..ever considered..

         .that the way that you address visitors to this site , your aloofness and..

         superiority , your spitting into a howling northerly every few minutes ..

        ..is simply …your  sociopathic urges ..on display?


  • Jester

    Actually in retrospect i should have said “….. your knowledge of employment (total) is non existant”

    •  steve barker..no..i said it was my idea…

      ..that i argued for and won..

      ..i also noted how there was a massive get-in-behind by lots of different groups…

      ..and that made it the success it was…

      ..just the idea on its’ own isn’t enough…

      [email protected]

  • Wayne

    Cmon Phil, give yourself a good stiff uppercut – what planet are you living on? It’s all over for the MUNZ the POAL have simply blown them away. if you believe any court in NZ is going to give this rabble of scum any credence, you are as thick as those cowardly union bullies. Don’t you get it, the majority of New Zealanders have had a gutsful of the lies and intimidation from these thugs! 


      For sure,anyone who thinks this is a win for the unions,needs to remove their heads from their arses so they can see the light.

      • Gazzaw

        Duncan Garner will interpet it as a resounding victory.

  • ConwayCaptain


    Would it be possible to banish Phil until he learns to write cogently,logically and understandably???

    If he had ever written like this at school he would have been out on his ear.


      Takes up hell of alot of space as well

      •  the internet is a big place..there…steve or monique…

        [email protected]

      • Agent BallSack

        Yes Phil, it is. And your’re doing your damndest to make it bigger one full stop at a fucking time. Stop wasting bits Phil, start assuming that every bit you use further enslaves poor African children to a life without silicon. FFS!

  • In Vino Veritas

    To June 2004, POAL made a profit of $57.2m (including one off sale of Westhaven & Hobson West Marinas) and paid the ARC $28.8m as its share of the annual dividend (in its last year, 2005, of being listed, it paid $34.3m to ARC on profit of $38.6m). To June 2011, profit $24.9m and dividends $22.3m.

    The following observations were made by ABN Amro analysts in 2008 “Putting rail costs to one side, one of the key differences driving the lower Ebitda margin for POA is the massive quantum of annual labour costs for POA; $54 million compared to POT with $16 million (we are uncertain what POA’s $21 million of administration costs relate to and whether they contain further labour costs). ABN Amro expects POA will have capacity issues within two or three years which will require significant capital spending that its current balance sheet structure appears unable to accommodate (without, at the least, a material reduction in dividends)”.
     And further commented that they believe there is a “union stranglehold over POA” making its labour costs prohibitive.

    I guess some of this stuff is coming back to bite.

    • Bunswalla

      Well spotted and analysed IVV – funny how everything that comes out (this, the so-called “score” in the courts, the ACC safety figures supplied by POT etc etc) all bolsters the POAL argument and demolishes MUNZ’s.

  • hoha

    Just thinking after commenting in another post.
    I think the score should be port 10 – 1 munz.
    This is because the ship union wont be docking at POA as it has already sunk.

    • Travdog

      nice one hoha

    • Euan Rt

      Or 11-0 for own goal

  • Work for a living

    Spotted yesterday while watching the yachts, a magical ship with magical workers on it. According to Larsloe, this photo must be photoshopped.