Port 12 – 0 MUNZ

Another “Ghost Ship” is in Port at Fergusson Wharf after Garry Parsloe stated that not a single ship would be worked, and Chris Trotter said the ships would pass by.

The ship in Port is Maersk Jenaz, disproving another union lie that Maersk was by-passing Auckland.

Oh and a check of the AIS data shows that another union lie that Maersk ships are turning off their data recorders is busted:


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  • Evan Johnson

    I wonder if the Chief Executive should consider his future for the costly mistakes he has made.

    The minute you referred to Cameron indicates that the Ports of Auckland have been violating the Employment Contracts Act (2000).  They have lost the moral high ground, haven’t they?

  • Willie

    I just heard on Radiolive News that POAL have given 2 weeks notice of a lockout…

  • Grandstream

    WO – is there any data regarding the loading/unloading of these 12 boats ? Dollars to doughnuts the non-union staff have improved productivity.

    •  I’m actually surprised this hasn’t come out yet – maybe the POA are saving it for the next knockout round?

  • I was under the impression that a figure of +25% efficiencies had been touted by POAL?