Port 13 – 0 MUNZ

Another Ghost ship is in port. Ships continue to call at the port and are being processed.

Garry Parsloe said that not a single ship would be unloaded and Chris Trotter said the ships would pass by.

ANL Birrong is currently alongside at Fergusson Wharf being discharged.

Contrary to another of Garry Parsloe’s lies, the AIS data shows the ship in Auckland.


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  • ConwayCaptain

    WO  Send Parlsoe a copy of The Flying Dutchman by Wagner.

    Doubt he would get the joke.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Must be me but the jokes still funny…13-0……Nothing like beating up a bully with his own stick!!! (words)

  • John Doe

    Whaleoil, did OWL send through his/her survey?  Very keen to see what he/she has to say….

  • Nemisis

    Gee why don’t you morons look at the whole picture . How about the ships that have not come in ? The ones that do discharge only . POAL 13 MUNZ 78 !!

    • johnbronkhorst

      Really??? We didn’t count the imaginary alien abductions either….did you count them….IDIOT!

      • Nemesis

        No I didn’t count them because they threw you back dork!

      • Tramper

        Haha, good to see you now know how to spell your name Nemesis.  Looks like you do learn from Whaleoil, but you are out of your depth here, so go back and hug a Fenton at the Standard. 

    • ConwayCaptain

      Well if your nemesis comes true ( I assume you know the meaning of the word) the POAL will go out of business and then no jobs for MUNZ, no jobs for other POAL workers and no jobs for many other people in aKL AS THE MANUFACTURERS, IMPORTERS/EXPORTERS WILL MOVE CLOSER TO THE ACTION AT tga

      • hoha

        I never thought of all those manufacturers, importers/exporters etc. However I was thinking that the port would have to shut down as they wont have any clients to service, as they have already lost two shipping lines from mearsk and not forgetting fonterra, if the union should win mearsk has said they will pull the remaining two lines from poal and Im sure any other clients would move as-well.
        With the shut down of the port munz will loose any way.
        The big question is do they care?
        I would say that they dont. All they are thinking of is the now and not the future of their so called families as it is at the ports its who you know not what you know that gets you a job there.

        oh and they also lost carter holt harvey about 18 months ago due to munz workers fucking around with their containers and they still havent learnt from that. They must be real dumb fucks if they cant see the bigger picture of what they are really accomplishing here, it sound already be showing in the shops now with higher prices.

      • Beenthere

        Your right Captain, Tauranga could profit from this, & become much bigger as a result.
        If they close the Ports of Auckland, the nimby’s would have got what they have been after for sometime.
        I suspect some companies will gradually move closer to Tauranga & therefore thats where the jobs will go.

      • ConwayCaptain


        They dont have to move to TGA, they can move to the BoP or Waikato hinterland within 1-11/2 hrs drive from TGA and there is cheaper real estarte and facilities.  The roads are free running and there is rail access as well.

        Why run a business in AKL where commercial real estate for factories/stotrage is V V V High when you can run the same business in the hinterland.  Staff are 10 mins not 60-90 mins from work and the rates etc are cheaper.  If POAL goes down Akl will lose  its manufacturing, import export business.  Tge NIMBYs in Parnell/Dport will be able to sip their lattes and chardonnay as the property prices PLUMMETT and people move out.  Maybe people would take their businesses to WTN, TGA, Napier, etc etc

      • Gem

        You’re onto it CC.  Tainui are doing a lot in the Waikato and their CEO is Mike Pohio who was the former Manager of the Port of Tauranga Container Terminal, before that he held a high position within Fonterra and he is currently serving as director on the boards of Transpower and NZL Group.  NZL Group formed the partnership with Ports of Auckland under the business name of Conlinxx and they run the POAL inland hub at Wiri.  Join the dots for how well the man is connected to the ports.  I’d bet money on it that Mike and co would love an inland hub in Hamilton or the surrounding area and he’s in a position to push for it to happen.  All they need is a bit more business to go Tauranga’s way,and it will become commercially viable.

      • Gem

        Oh, I forgot to mention, that prior to MUNZ going on permanent strike they had a pseudo strike.  Just against Conlinxx. So they were on strike, but they went to work and refused to load or unload Conlinxx trucks.  Yet another MUNZ getting up the nose of a customer event in this ongoing PR debacle.

    • Gem

      The ships that haven’t come in are your fault.  You and MUNZ are responsible for that loss.  I hope you sleep well at night knowing how you’ve crippled the supply chain and put others out of jobs. 

      • Jellyfish

        Yes, they are jeapordising more than their own jobs and it really would be interesting to know how many jobs across the supply chain are in jeapordy because of their actions.  There are more than their own jobs at stake at the Port! 

    • Bullneck

      Nemisis, are you blind?  Historically NO ships would have worked under industrial action.  Fortunately ships are NOW working.  Not to the same extent as you would have with a full compliment of staff but your gloating is rather short sighted and probably short lived.  You have clearly missed the point! 

    • Salacious T Crumb

      You and your colleagues scorched earth antics will bite you all on the arse.

      And its Nemesis you illiterate twat.

    • In Vino Veritas

      It seems to me that the point of the post is that the Union, Parsloe and Trotter have said no boats will be unloaded at POAL during the strike. Therefore, POAL 13, MUNZ 0. Scorecard reflects reality of Parsloe and Trotter’s statements. If Parsloe has read and interpreted POAL’s various offers similarly to the way you have read and interpreted this series of posts, then is it any wonder the Union has let it’s members down so badly.

    • ConwayCaptain

      The HIGHLY efficient container terminals in Rotterdam, Felixstowe/Hamurg in Europe, Tokyo, Shanghais, HK,,in the Malaca starits etc do you think they treat their employees badly??  Do the employess go out o strike when they have a good deal????  These employeees are there when the ship arrives and then go to the next when they have finished.  They are FULLY employed.

      Do you at MUNZ honestly think that an emp;loyee at the abocv e terminals is going to say to their EMPLOYER I will not work this ship as it was loaded by non MUNZ emp;loyees.  Of course they womt

      It is only people like you in the Union Fanatasy La La Land in aus/nz/usa who think they will.

      Of all the people on this site I must be the omnly person who ahs experienced MUNZ in earlier guises and they havent changed.  They are living innthe 1920’s time warp when the employer was a nasty bastard,

    • Charlie the farmer

      So the confirmation from my customers saying that they received the product and the paperwork stating it was loaded from POAL is a lie???? Why is customs telling lies???

    • Gem

      Yep, you’re sure making Tauranga rich.  They’ve already put in orders for a new shore crane and 6 new straddles and soon they can scoop up the ones not needed by POAL.  They’ve got far more land than POAL and they have an excellent inland rail hub in Onehunga. They own Tapper Transport and Metropack, who by the way, pack all the Carter Holt Harvey containers – the business that you lost, and  Fonterra have now made them a preferred export gateway.  POT has long been looking to establish more inland rail hubs and the extra business they now have could see the establishment of more which would give rise to more employment for others and give importers and exporters greater options.  Let’s not forget that they have had a lot to do with Northport, and that they have a superior relationship with Kiwirail.  Mainly because MUNZ have refused to allow 24/7 receival at Axis Rail and the ridiculous, one shift only on a Saturday has been crippling exporters trying to send in their freight from other parts of the country for years.  You should be feeling the squeeze from the Port of Tauranga – they’re all around you, ready to be as progressive and proactive as they can be.  Unlike Ports of Auckland, thanks to MUNZ. 

      Yes MUNZee … GO MUNZ is appropriate, only you left off one other word it should read GO AWAY MUNZ.  You’ve certainly done a good job of driving your customers away.

  • Doug



    Look at Public perception.

    Ports of Auckland             95%

    MUNZ                                 5%

  • doshi

    geez captain the way you wrote your last statement about terminals around the world with the amount of spelling mistakes in it,makes one sense there was a bit of excitement in the old boy as you wrote it.
    settle petal it will all be over soon and you will be able to get so excited about something else happening in the maritime world.
    go take a couple of blood pressure pills as this is taking too long to get a result you want and it is obviously getting to you
    try golf or rugby league
    Take a deep breath before continuing your attacks

    • Whafe

      doshi, settle with the critical comments, have you re read your post?

      No didn’t think so!

      Capitals, comma’s etc etc etc

    • Frosty

      Pot, kettle, black.  
      ‘Take a deep breath before continuing your attacks’

    • Light

      Doshi,  there were a number of people who asked you questions in the last post that you haven’t come back to answer.  Perhaps you might take the time to do so now that you are back on line?

      • Tramper

        He can’t answer them Gem because he doesn’t have any evidence to support them.  Only spin doctoring from Kelly and Parsloe. 

    • AzaleaB


      • jackwhite


    • ConwayCaptain

      It was rushed out in between running my business.  You know what running a business is like do you Doshi??  Ever run anything have you???  Where you have to rely on CUSTOMER SERVICE to retain your customers???  Something that MUNZ doesnt know anything about.

      You, when you go to work are giving A SERVICE to POAL.  If POAL aren’t satisfied with your CUSTOMER SERVICE they can go and get it elsewhere.  They can pay the same for the service and get a better service or they may pay more and get an even better service.

      Would you go and support a service provider who not only gives a poor service but threatens other people with viloence???  Because that is what you and your BRUVVERS in MUNZ are doing.

      I must be the only person on this site or one of a very few who has had to work with MUNZ in it’s previous existence as the NZSU or the Cooks and Stewards Union.  I know how they work.

      I am fed up with being held up by BRUVVERS who seem to expect good salaries,working conditions etc  without giving the CUSTOMER SERVICE in exchange.

      If you want POAL to go out of business and take the $1bn+ of economic activity it supports with it and therefore the estimated 170K jobs, then you are thicker thatn I thought.

  • doshi

    It appears to me that this blog is like a club and most of you are members.
    Every time i put my point of view,which is usually always contrary to most who write into this,I am accused of attacking people.
    For Christ sake you people have continually and with out foundation attacked the job I work in.
    if you don not like what I write, do not read it.
    This is the trouble with the far right,they always believe they are right and when critized they immediately go on the defence and say I am too critical.
    You have your say I have mine or do you just want just your comments printed.
    I think you would find that extremely boring as  most of you are.

    • Bunswalla

      Poor doshi, tissue?

      We haven’t attacked the job you work in – you don’t work in a job at the moment, and soon not at all. There is plenty of foundation for the attacks on the out-dated fantasy world that you and your union scum bruvvers inhabit, and as long as you carry on like a pork chop it’ll continue.

      And if you don’t like what we write, don’t snivel and bleat about it like a little girl. Just fuck off, OK?

      • Tramper

        Yes, off to the Standard where he can be molly coddled with Fenton, Coddington and Kelly….yuk!

    • Pharmachick

      Actually doshi, if it was just a point on view then I’d be happy to debate with you … but I have two problems that are completely unrelated to left wing/right wing or union/non-union:
      1) as Light says above, when we ask you questions, you don’t answer them. 
      2) you insist on posting racist and misogynist statements then wonder why people are not cordial towards you. Play the ball and not the [wo]man and you’ll go a lot further here.

    • Justine

      Ever been to The Standard doshi?  What kind of club would you call that?

      How do you think we might fare there if we ventured over and thought we could start up a bit of debate and harangue each other over the finer points of the MUNZ vs POAL issue?

      I thought I’d try it and went and had a look. 
      Good God Doshi – it would even make your eyes water

      If you think you get attacked here for having an opinion, over there you are massacred, clubbed, rubbed all over with a cheese grater and then have lemon juice poured in your wounds while being dragged naked by a rope behind a pick up truck along a gravel road. The people who enjoy blogging at the Standard like to not only attack, but threaten violence. 

      Maybe you’d like it better there, yet you are always welcome at WO.  I enjoy the debate you bring out, even if my own opinions differ vastly from yours. 

    • Light

      Hmmm Doshi,

      “You have your say I have mine or do you just want just your comments printed”.

      The more I read from you, the more and more you are looking like Graeme McKean.

    • Gandalf

      Sorry Doshi, but the moment anyone posts on the pro-MUNZ facebook pages we get ambushed with name calling and unfounded arguments. I must say though, bravo for coming on here and putting forward your side knowing that there are more pro-POAL comments posted.

    • Beenthere

      Doshi, it’s a bit rich complaining about abuse, when Munz (who you seem to represent) have been abusing non union staff, contractors, etc & pretty much anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view.
      As for who’s going to win, I don’t think anyone is, even if you went back to work tomorrow, you have lost several weeks of pay & theres going to be a lot of resentment around for a long time, which doesn’t do anyone any good.
      The 80 or so staff that have left & found other work, dont have the baggage you are going to have, whatever happens.

    • hugo

      hi coach

  • Jester

    Are you happy with the decision to make 300 Auckland wharfies redundant?

    Yes 67 %
    No 30%
    Unsure 3%

    Latest ZB Poll

    • Fergus

      Same as every other poll, Yahooxtra, stuff etc

      • Gandalf

        yeah we need a nationwide referendum to gauge the actual support for either side – a secret ballot!

    • Philip ure a cock

      More people were interested in supporting the Pacifica festival, the yacht race, and this weekend in Wellington – the highlight of the year: the terrace tunnel reopening following renovations, than supporting a bunch of lazy dumb-fuck bullies on their little protest tantrum rant! Unionists are such pathetic little men!

  • doshi

    Bumwalla I love what you write it is just when I say something everyone complains
    some fuckwit earlier called us scum.I do not say that about you
    i may think it but i do not say it
    One of the great things about this dispute is the frustration from you all that it is not sorted and you can claim victory.
    I bet you must wonder after your great assumptions about what will happen that it has not in fact
    not happened and I bet the old dog is taking a kicking, through frustration.
    You will all get over it although some in the hatred towards us and the strong possibility of us winning this dispute,you may jump off the nearest cliff.
    proud to be a wharfie again!

    • Timandtim

      This is not a dispute. Two parties under made offers. One party disagreed and went on strike as per the law. It is called contract negotiations – the same sort when you take out a mortgage. After a certain amount of time the contract expires.

      Time had expired – there are no legal remedies after a contract period expires.

      Doshi you need understand as a member of a union you are legally liable for any comings or goings. Equally you are party to the negotiations.

      You may want to read the fine print of your union membership.

    • Travdog

      How’s work doshi? you seem to dodge this question every time.

    • Ratchet

      I asked this on the last thread and didn’t get an answer, so I’ll ask again, seeing as doshi seems to be around:

      I think there is one important question that I would ask Doshi to answer:If you were to be given the original offer of a payrise in return for flexible hours (i.e working a ship rather than a shift) guaranteed at 160hrs per month, would you sign and go back to work?If not, what are your PERSONAL reasons (not the union line) for not accepting the offer?

    • Patriot

      The reason wharfies are not liked , in my view  – is that wharfies are trying to preserve an operating & payments system that is out of date with commercial competitive environment  of today and that the arguements put up by Garry Parsloe / Helen Kelly are not logical … in fact i laugh at them when i hear their arguements  eg wharfies who cannot go out cos they are waiting by the phone

      Thats 1950 talk — for a start aint wharfies got cell phones —

      ie Get with the new millenium wharfies . – your ideology is prehistoric nonsense  

    • Taillight

      “some fuckwit earlier called us scum.I do not say that about you”

      That being so much worse than scab and blackleg?

      • Tramper

        Agreed Taillight – yesterday he was all for supporting that vile poem!  Who is to say he didn’t write it?!

    • Jim Bob

      Doshi, even your own members are saying that its “over”!  Not to mention your Saviour Mz Kelly…Don’t hold back doshi, we don’t care what you call anyone here because your opinions really don’t stack up.  You are a gloater and a MUNZ lover and you never have evidence to support your claims.  You will put MUNZ ahead of your own family and then find yourself hitting the pavement looking for employment because you are no longer employable and at the end of the day your family suffers – MUNZ wont. Garry Parsloe will still have his job as will Helen Kelly. The point in fact here Doshi is that people are not crowing over victory here, they are expressing opinions on the fact that we are suffering a form of eco-terrorism from a Union that does not put the interests of their own membership, let alone the livelihoods of companies that depend on the import/export business first.  These businesses employ tens of thousands of people.  But you don’t care about that, all you want to do and all that you are interested in, is a victory so you can gloat about being a MUNZ lover.  Lets say you have a victory Doshhi but due to that victory, two thousand people (the same amount at your rally) lose their jobs because the companies that they work for could not afford to keep them due to the loss of business thanks to your striking.  Would you classify that as a victory? 

    • Jester

      How did the meeting go today doshi?

      4 demands from MUNZ I hear.

      What was POALs response?

      Parsloe promised you would be back at work today. Did you work today?

      • Bullneck

        How can Parsloe promise anything after all the inaccurate statements he has been making. 

      • EpochNZ

         Really Jester?

        I cant find anything quickly on the MSM (Herald, Fairfax, et al).

        Could it be they’ve seen the writing on the wall and no longer cover it?

        (BTW, I found out in the weekend my Grandad was a ’51 striker and my Uncle in the Air Force ended up working the wharves.  Another skeleton in the family closet).

    • Charlie the farmer

      TimandtimSo I get it right before starting to sue the MUNZ for damaged product, are MUNZ responsible as well as all their members for all actions by MUNZ and their members for any damage caused by strike action and the flow on effect from said action?

      • Timandtim

        Ultimately they can be – any legal action would be difficult but if they withdrew labour or services to the detriment of a commercial business – yes they can. Good faith bargaining and withdrawal of services have never been tested in court – but if it could be proven that a Union had motives for gains outside employment contracts – eg pushing a politicial line or something of that ilk then yes.

        I actually would like this one to go to court because I would love “good faith bargaining” to be tested in court.

        My point is that the Mayor is on record saying that MUNZ could of settled at the first meeting.(Q & A) The second point is that MUNZ have always said it is not about the money. The third point is Len Brown he was in constant talks with both parties – that means he has seen the information and has drawn a conclusion – MUNZ could/should of settled.

        I think 9 offers being turned down shows that there was much more to it all.

        The other point I think the OWL pointed out a while back was that MUNZ paid the head honcho’s to perform a duty – right just checked – his/her words were “offer and treat” – pretty basic commercial law.

  • Light

    Here’s the latest press release from Ports of Auckland that went out today:

    POAL Comment Following Today’s Mediation
    POAL attended mediation today. The company has again advised that any return to work of MUNZ members immediately is unrealistic and can’t be finalised until all health and safety requirements are met.
    The POAL Board will need to sign off on any plan as the responsibility for the health and safety of workers ultimately rests with them.
    These matters will be discussed tomorrow in the Employment Court.

  • EpochNZ

    Seeing as everyone seems to be harking back to ’51, I did a little light net surfing.

    For a start, it seems the wartime restrictions were starting to ease but the cold war was starting to heat up.  Other workers were offered a 15% pay rise, but the wharfies were only offered 9% due to their employment being controlled by the Waterfront Industry Commision.  And so the strike was on, so far so good.

    However (to quote Wikipedia) “The attitude of the watersiders puzzled many rural New Zealanders. The
    40-hour-week legislation had been introduced supposedly to “protect”
    factory workers who had chosen to work long hours all year round. But
    New Zealand also had an agricultural economy, requiring all farm-workers
    – shepherds, shearers, hay-makers, truck-drivers, freezing-workers,
    fruit pickers – to work longer hours in summer, with much more free time
    in winter. In addition, watersiders and freezing workers were already
    earning incomes approximately 30% higher than most workers, receiving
    about 10 shillings an hour. In comparison, schoolteachers and truck
    drivers were getting about 7/-, female chefs 5/- and nuns teaching in
    Catholic schools 1/6 an hour. Wool prices tripled in 1951 and farmers
    who had been struggling to survive on small sheep farms, getting low
    wool prices for 22 years, were starting to pay off their debts. They
    felt that the watersiders were trying to blackmail them by refusing to
    work according to the agricultural work cycle.”


    And from NZ History Online:

    “Despite the scale of the 1951 dispute, the wider labour movement was not
    united behind the watersiders’ cause. In fact, only 8% of the country’s
    union members took part in the dispute – the other 200,000 continued
    working. The watersiders’ militancy had isolated them from most
    unionists, who were affiliated to the more moderate Federation of Labour
    (FOL). Fintan Patrick Walsh and other FOL leaders called on wharfies to
    ‘abandon their Communist-dominated misleaders’. Meanwhile, Walter
    Nash’s Labour Party Opposition sat uncomfortably on the fence,
    denouncing government repression but refusing to back either side.”

    And finally:

    “Militant unionism was dealt a crushing blow. Many watersiders were
    blacklisted (banned from working on the wharves) for years afterwards.
    Holland immediately called a snap election, which took place on 1
    September 1951. The electorate delivered the government a resounding
    victory, with National winning 54% of the vote and four more seats than
    in 1949.”

    http://www.nzhistory.net.nz/politics/the-1951-waterfront-dispute for those following along at home….

    All sounds vaguely familiar, wot?

    • Light

      Wow, it does sound familiar… amazing that nothing was learned.    MUNZ have been talking about blacklisting ships but it turns out they were the ones blacklisted back in the 50’s.  I wonder if they referred to themselves as Blacklegs in those days!!

      Thanks for the info.

      • EpochNZ

         Agreed, after hearing the Union movement for so long bang on about ’51 I was very surprised to find they’d actually lost!

  • Sarrs

    Aw I came back here to see if Doshi had answered any of the questions people asked him. Nope.