Port 15 – 0 MUNZ

Two more ships are currently discharging at Fergusson wharf.

Garry Parsloe said that not a single ship would be worked. Chris Trotter said that ship would pass by the Port. Yet we have two new ships this morning being discharged and loaded.

Irenes Rainbow and JPO Leo are alongside at Fergusson wharf. That is three ships in two days. And not a single union worker on the Port.

Today the Maritime Union and POAL are in the Employment Court.


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  • Macca

    I don’t get it!  MUNZ seem to think they can just rock back up at 8AM and, like a naughty child, all is forgiven and forgotten!

    What right minded employer would want these people back.  They are nothing but poison and it’s only a matter of time before more industrial unrest with their ‘You rich pricks owe us, socialist mentality’!  The figure that was quoted was $25 million a year it was costing POAL with strikes etc.

    This is the perfect opportunity for the POAL to start a fresh canvas – I really hope they teach these union bludgers a lesson and take it!

    • Peter Wilson

      ummm…maybe because the court came out in favour of them, forcing POAL back to the drawing board.

      • grumpy

        I wasn’t aware that the court had made a ruling either way……

        Please post a link to back up your statrement.

      • johnbronkhorst

        Not just parslow thats deluded eh peter….No such decision was made….IDIOT!!!!

      • In Vino Veritas

        Peter, you are very much like many of the posters on the Standard. Just because you write things, you seem to believe they are fact. Unfortunately, almost all the time, they are not.

        Should you wish, you should trawl back through this blog (and others) and find the attached court statements which give lie to your statement regarding (1) the Court finding in the Unions favour and (2) forcing POAL back to the drawing board.

      • Light

        Here’s a link to Ports of Auckland webside media page in which they clearly state that they have halted the contracting out process for the duration of the 4 weeks which the judge requested them to return to mediation with MUNZ … AND …. that they remain committed to contracting out.


        At no point are any of the things that MUNZ has been repeating in the media mentioned.

  • Stacy McNaught

    So didn’t Garry say something along the lines of ” we’re ready to return to work to get the port running again” . Now I am but a simple man, however the port looks to be “running” to me.
    Stacy McNaught
    sting as guest from my mobile as I cant login for some reason

    • johnbronkhorst

      But they’re not ready to have them back. The MUNZ seems to have it backwards (not surprising), isn’t it “he who PAYS the piper, calls the tune”?

  • EpochNZ

    Unbelievable….this just on the Herald:

    “Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly told the Herald on Friday
    that it was unclear from a meeting with the company “whether they were
    saying their guys inside might attack our guys”.”

    What Bullshit.

    • Light

      Hahahahahahahahaha!!  Hahahahahhahahahaha!!  There’s just nothing else to say that!

    • Light

      I have in my life seen one person who was so ill I wondered how they could possibly be moving around and still be living.  I’ve also seen another whose heartbreak was so tremendous that I wondered how one could physically survive it.  Helen Kelly is a 3rd such person.  She is so detached from truth and everything that is right in front of her eyes that I wonder how she can actually be a real person.

  • big victory for the wharfies..eh..?

    ..no casual hiring before the big slugfest in may..

    ..and back pay for the workers locked out..

    ..that’d have to be a woo-hoo..! for them..


    [email protected]

    • LIGHT

      They just get 40 hours not backpay and it’s only until the lock out takes effect.  A very small win for them but safer for them to remain locked out than let in.  It’s also another generous offer by POAL in order to demonstrate good faith.  They could have counter argued and the MUNZ ended up with nothing.  Given they haven’t worked for so long MUNZ might not be up to an 8 hour day so it’s best to let the real team remain in place.

      • harry

        To late!!!   they have just had another win!!!!   lockout notices been withdrawn and they back to work!!!  YES!!!,  POAL not so do not seem to demonstrate good faith towards their casual work force by not back paying them??? . POAL is a scam and the more that comes out themore we find out just who is getting huge huge salaries!!!!! yes the ceo”s !!!  the directers and management!!!   Take a pay cut yourselves and show us some true comitment towards change!!!  by the way rate payers money 

    • Tramper

      Haha Phil you are too wrapped in their spin. It’s contracting out not casualisation! You don’t have an investigative bone in your body Phil. It’s one week (40 hours) at their standard rate less tax which would probably come out as the same untaxed $300 dollar amount they are all getting paid by munz to stand on the picket line. You can crow but it’s really not that much of a victory!