Port 18 – 0 MUNZ

Another “Ghost Ship” is at Fergusson Wharf and is being discharged.

Despite the strong words from Garry Parsloe that not a single ship would be worked, that the port would be shut down. Despite the words of Chris Trotter that ships would pass Auckland by and despite the words of Helen Kelly….the ships just keep on coming. Since they made the claims that they would shut down the port 18 ships have docked at Fergusson Wharf and been processed.

The latest arrival is Amazon River. Once again union claims that ships were turning off AIS systems are proven false. The AIS data clearly shows the arrival and docking of Amazon River at Fergusson Wharf.

And not a single union worker is back on the wharf. Crane rates are up.


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  • Random66

    On a postive note, if the PoA keep quiet about how much work is actually going on at the port, and with Garry Parsloe doing what he does best – lieing – then this whole situation should support the PoA line that they can’t take union workers back (before the lockout takes effect) because there is just simply not enough work for them.

    • jackwhite

      lets just get auckland importers up and running again you moron

  • Orange

    So are the union people getting paid to stay away at the moment?

    • Richard B.

      It increases productivity.

    • Gem

      Yes, at the moment they are not on strike but are locked out so they have been paid.  The union is also paying them to turn up for a set amount of hours on the picket line.

  • HW

    Breaking news:
    (Quoted from POAL website)
    This afternoon POAL announced it had cancelled the lockout due to start on 6 April, on the basis that the parties return to the bargaining table, and then use the facilitation process set out in the Employment Relations Act. 

    • Random66

      Well I hope those non-union boys pack a little extra next week to help defend themselves against those shoving, threatening, pissing and spitting mongrels that are coming back their way.

      • Bilcaro

        Yep the Port Co chewed them up and now they have spat them out. Be interesting the management changes

      • jackwhite

        wow what a fuckwit you are..

      • Random66

        Jackoff I wasn’t the one they were prepared to pay to STAY AWAY.  I think what’s happend here is PoA management got smart and thought “hmmm why should we have to pay these loosers when if we give these cowboys enough rope they will only hang themselves anyway and do it for free”.  It seems simple really, you get to go back and stay if you accept less than what you want in the collective bargaining or you walk away again on strike (packing a sad) and guess what they won’t have to pay you again then.  What a masterful plan the PoA management have come up with.

  • Orange

    If the lockout was to start on 6 April then there is no lockout now. The union is not working now so that means it doesn’t matter if there is a lockout or not?

    •  no orange..it is a complete victory for the union..

      poal  have cancelled the lockout…are paying wages from yesterday..

      ..and the workers will be allowed back at work next week at the latest..

      ..and the port management say they are totally re-focussing on mediation/settlement..

      ..the backdown/u-turn from ports of auckland could not be more complete..

      ..more humiliating..

      ..and i hafta tell ya..

      ..this is how i told you it would end up..eh..?

      ..and as i noted at the time..poal did it all too themselves…..

      ..(was boag advising them on tactics..?..)

      ..just who is responsible for this cluster-fuck on the part of poal..?

      ..the whole thing was an unfolding disaster in not only p.r…

      [email protected]

      • johnbronkhorst


      • Gem

        Snore …….

      • Jewel

        Hang fire.  The NZ Herald article say that ‘
        Ports of Auckland today said 195 union members had come to the port to accept its offer of a week’s pay while issues around a return to work were before the court.’  A weeks pay is what, 40 hours only?  Still for them on the picket, it better than what they have for the last 4/5 weeks?

        And in today’s Herald: – “MUNZ must be ready, willing and able to deliver modern customer service,” said Gibson. 


        Modern and MUNZ don’t really go together……..

        Here’s the rope MUNZ…. How long do you need it to be to hang yourself?

  • Bilcaro

    Bit quite on here

  • BW_Lord

    Just been reading the media release by POAL. Seems like MUNZ either have to put-up or shut-up. A clear challenge to work to the effeciencies of the non-union workers.

    What do you think are the chances of that?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Maybe the stratergy is to let the union back in, wait for them to try and intimidate the non union workers, then fire them under the instant dismissal clauses in their agreement. Could start with a compulsory drug and alcohol test at the gate on their way in!

    • jackwhite

      yes and you could start by taking your butt plug out,you fuckwit

      • Guestosterone


        abusive neanderthal muppets oclock!

        shouldn’t you be back at work?

      • johnbronkhorst

        Of all the thousands of words you could use in the english language and all the insults you could have even copied from someone else….You chose this limp effort to insult me??…LAME. Does beggar the question though……..Would you pass the drug test???

    • Frangi

      Yes, drug testing should be compulsory before they return

    • Jewel

      If they do a drug and alcohol test before they go through the gate, that will probably reduce the number of stevedores that actually get back in the gate…….

  • Bilcaro

    After the Port Co effort i reckon they should be the first to get tested for drugs and a lie detector test as well