Port 6 – 0 MUNZ

Despite all of Garry Parsloe’s threats and intimidation that not a single ship would be worked at Ports of Auckland and despite Chris Trotter’s assertions that they would “pass by”:

Maritime Union president Garry Parsloe said the striking workers were stopping trying to stop non-union members from unloading the NYK ship, which he claimed was part of the spreading “cancer” of the employment dispute.

The port had told the union the ship would not be unloaded in exchange for a guarantee striking workers did not stop the cruise ship from docking, he said.

“It’s all fixed at this time. We’re only taking action against the ships that are taking action against us.

“We just don’t want these ships in there and have non union workers doing our jobs while we’re on strike. It’s reprehensible.”

CSAV Ranquil has just docked at Fergusson and unloading has commenced. Looks like Gary has lost another one.

Here is a screen shot of the AIS data for that ship showing the track into the harbour. This is exactly the same type of data that all ships have and a quick check of this shows that the union’s story about ships turning off AIS data is like all things they seed with the media a complete fabrication.


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    “Non union members doing our jobs while we are on strike,its reprehensible”.Hey Parsole you fuckwit.all your jobs are gone.Shame you dont as well.Keep up the good work you non Union workers we are all behind you.

    •  is this steve or monique..?

      who are you today..?

      ..is there a pattern..?


      • Don’t be a dick. Comments like that add nothing.


        Steve,and when the wife wants to add something she jumps in.So guess we should put an S or M at the end of posts so people know.But then again you seem to be the only one who cares

      • Travdog

        phillip, the only pattern seems to be your use of drugs interfering with your train of thought. That’s evident in your repetition of the Parsloe lies. Is he paying you to be kneeling under his desk, or are you spreading his lies for free?

        Port chair/board getting fired? bloody hell phil, this isn’t a comedy show. The port management did what they needed to do, they won’t be sacked for purging out a bunch of lazy arseholes who bit the hand that fed once too many times.

        The Union/Ure are away with the fairies, its over. Gone. Done and dusted. Oh they’ll be back working at the port alright, but under a contractor, and they’ll have to work their lazy arses at a productive rate for once.

        Some of them might even find they develop a work ethic out of it.

      • Doodlebug


      • Vij

        You may be a dick, but a moron is a better description.  Go get a real job you lazy slob

  • Salacious T Crumb

    The “spreading cancer” was you and your ilk Mr Parsloe. Poisonous and potentially systemic. Luckily the treatment was timely. You have been duly excised like the tumors you are.

  • the fact of the matter is that 28 ships were due over this period..

    ..and maersk have said they aren’t coming to auckland until this is sorted..

    ..what was that score again..?

    ..shouldn’t it be ports 6..union 22…?

    ..and the unions can hang in/out for far longer than the port..

    ..which has to be bleeding money bigtime..

    ..my prediction:…?

    this will end with the port chair/board all being fired…

    ..and negotiations will then re-commence..

    ..with a fresh slate…

    ..the port management have handed over a loaded gun..

    ..with their refusal to negotiate in good faith..

    ..then there are the court cases coming up..

    ..and the international support..

    ..but mainly that cost…

    ..something has to give..and it won’t be the unions..

    ..so that only leaves the port management…

    [email protected]

    • Salacious T Crumb

      No doubt you’ll be down there tomorrow to help the comrades dish out some bash then Phil?

    • Repeating union lies. Maersk haven’t said that at all….in fact a Maersk ship (Maersk Bratan) is due at 0530 tomorrow…so when we see that tied up alongside I fully expect the union to say otherwise.

      I wouldn’t believe Helen Kelly’s shopped fibs…as you clearly have.

      •  i heard the maersk think on mainstream media news..

        ..maybe that will be the last one..?

        ..and then the 28 ships scheduled..and the actual 6 that were unloaded..

        ..to me that spells major money/blood-letting..

        ..that the port owners can use as yet another excuse to fire the chairman/board..

        [email protected]

      • Jester

        That’s the problem Phool. You heard the Maersk report on mainstream news. What you heard was repeaters repeating Kellys claim.

        There’s an old saying and it seems to fit our media repeaters and gullible twats like yourself.

        The saying is ” shit in….shit out”

      •  Quite so WO; just because Helen Kelly and Gary Parsloe shop a story around the lamestream media doesn’t mean that the story has any factual basis.

      • Vij

        Why are you tolerating the Moron.  If the clown lies he should be gone like the Phut

    • politically unstable

       PAW  that is one hypothetical outcome…..

      “..something has to give..and it won’t be the unions..”

      Untrue….they seem to be very happy to give shit to management and give shit to female workers at the ports etc….unless of course these affected people are all liars as well (like the police….)

    • Jester

      Even a drug addled waster like you must be able to read.

      Maersk bemused by claim

      Amid the talks came a claim by the CTU that major shipping line Maersk will not be stopping at Ports of Auckland while industrial action continues.

      Kelly said the ongoing employment dispute had become an international issue.

      “Maersk has advised today that they will not be carrying containers loaded out of Port of Auckland during the current industrial dispute,” she said.

      “It will stop calling at the Ports of Auckland until the dispute is resolved”.

      Kelly said Maersk management are planning to meet with members of the Maritime Union to discuss the dispute.

      However, Maersk said it was not aware where the CTU had received its information and was investigating.

      Four Maersk ships are scheduled to arrive at the port in the next two weeks, the first, the Maersk Bratan, was expected tomorrow.

      • Justine

        And finally, MUNZ have now jeopardised the lucrative cruise ship calls.  This too will go to Tauranga who will ensure tourists have a pleasant stay and that the elderly cruise ship passengers are not bashed as they hobble down the gangway to get a look at NZ.

        Down go the Auckland businesses that thrive on tourists spending money here. Tauranga booms.

      • John Smith

        She is an idiot.  So the CTU will be meeting with Maersk in NZ?  Every fool knows that New Zealand do not make the call here.  Its Maersk in Singapore and I very much doubt they will waste the money to fly to see the CTU over this.  Not when they are getting such great rates out of Non Union labour.  Philip you detach the whore from your cock, as then you may start seeing some sense


      Phil (man)Ure.Hey where  you gone.Hit and run is not a good look.And I had even replied to your snide remark.S

      • Bunswalla

        See my post below – he’s just realised he left his kid at the library and was supposed to pick him 2 hours ago. He was a bit stoned and lost track of time, apparently that can happen…

      • Vij

        He has gone to “work”!!!!

    • Bunswalla

      How’s it going raising that good citizen of yours Phill? You seem to be spending a lot of time posting, you farmed him out to the rellies again? Or just parked him in front of the TV? Eh?

      Shouldn’t you be doing some actual, what’s it called again, parenting?


    • Ronnie Chow

        If you are wrong about this , do you agree to cease posting on this website?

    • Justine

      PAW, it doesn’t matter whether the board go or not or the union negotiates a new collective.  Their customers have lost faith and left.  Fonterra the countries biggest exporter has chosen to make the ports of Napier and Tauranga their preferred Export Gateway. 

      They’ve lost 2 Maersk services and knowing that this union is still around and their history of striking every 2 years whenever negotiations come around or someone has tampered with a shower head will make the other shipping lines ensure they don’t put all their eggs in the Auckland basket. 

      In the meantime Port of Tauranga has ordered another shore crane and 6 more straddles.  It will soon be able to scoop up excess straddle machines from Ports of Auckland.  People in the Bay of Plenty like having jobs and are less likely to bash women and and prostitute their children. 

      Port of Tauranga has masterminded an excellent attack on the Auckland import market which over the last 12 years has stolen a huge amount of Ports of Auckland work.  The only downside for importers being that some of them want to pick their containers up almost as soon as they are discharged and do not want to wait for the rail from Tauranga to Metroport.  Now what they experience is that this is the fastest option.

      Port of Tauranga already have a proven inland rail hub with Metroport out in Onehunga and if you check out their press releases you will see they are looking at further inland hub options.  Their relationship with Kiwirail is superior to Ports of Auckland because POAL refused to work rail 24 hours a day and only day shift on Saturday and closed on Sunday – thanks to their union.

      Either way your beloved team of hoary barbarians down there on the picket line are doomed.  They’re either sacked by POAL or made redundant anyway because the work has gone elsewhere.  Then to triple curse them, their bashing, bullying ways have made them untouchables when they try to go for other jobs.  I doubt anything could save their image now.

    • Justine

      And another blinder that you’re not seeing coming is that the vacant and crippled Ports of Auckland is a prime target for Maersk.  They like to own and operate their own container terminals and have made noises about both POAL and POT.  POT is thriving, POAL is in jeopardy.  Maersk may very well be happy with this situation and come in and swoop up the container terminal in a lease to the council.  You can be sure they will run it according to the Danes agenda not NZ and not MUNZ.  And there won’t be any room for union disruptions under their rule.

    • Vij


  • Vlad

    No Caps Phil, you should understand that a “success” ending in ships being denied entry to Auckland and goods being denied NZrs, and overseas thugs being called in, does not, in this century, equal a victory.   The scenario you described will not happen.  The clumsy and crude MUNZ will be taken down and Labour and many other causes you support will be damaged with their primitive and ugly behaviour.   They had alternatives.  They will harm reasonable causes in their failure. 

    • Euan Rt

      pity union action doesn’t affect dole payments, then we’d see some anti union sentiment.

      • jackwhite

        sorry i hurt your feelings euan,get mum to make you a packed lunch jump in your tractor and fuckoff

      • Euan Rt

        My mother died 40 years ago. been successfully looking after myself thankyou, and I don’t need a packed lunch – I work from home.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    Many thanks for confirmation that the ‘navigation systems’ story was bogus.

    The last report I saw was the Herald shamelessly repeating Parsloes insistence that the story was true.

    And by the way, did the Ocker heavies who are here fly business class?  Does anyone know  in which flash  hotel the pricks are staying?

    You’d think any half decent joourno on a salary could find out these simple things.

  • Guest

    Fuck there’s no place whatsoever for Unions or Labour in NZ. Never has been, never was, never will be again.

    If only we could get a bunch of “specials” down to the port, smack down MUNZ and all the bludgers and be done! 

    Sid Holland knew what to do: If only Kiwi Key would follow his example.

    No more unions! No more bludgers! No more Labour!

    • Chrish4

      Well, you would have to ask if with their staff (especially female ones), being harrased – wouldn’t POAL be well justified having a few sizeable security staff on duty at the gates to make sure that doesn’t happen again??

      I’m sure its actually very tempting for them – but I guess our media would then spin it that POAL heavies were causing all the trouble…

      A stoush is just what they want, so guess its a case of continuing to show restraint. Must be galling though…

      • Travdog

        4WD with bull bars, problem solved.

      • StacyMcNaught

        It does appear to take a special kind of idiot to trust that one of the truckies that you have been jerking round for weeks will actually stop when you and your shit stirring mates are standing in front of it…45 tonne, even coming to a rolling stop would thin the herd.

      • overit

        not really the dont do much, The police were fuckin useless as well, they did hardly anything,

  • Willie Jackson is telling the warfies to use violence: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=10791570&ref=rss

    Some highlights of what he said:

    Intimidation or violence was needed to stop non-union workers being called in to do the striking workers’ jobs, he said.

    “If you really want something you’ve got to act… You don’t go stop and
    then the scabs come in and they take your jobs. Go and bust your picket
    or your placard on theirs cars. I support that action.”

    Striking wharfies should also hit out against the “slick” Ports of Auckland board chairman Richard Pearson, Mr Jackson said.

    “I’m into militant action. Go and occupy. If I was them I’d go and
    sit on that Pearson’s car, right. I’d sit on his car, occupy his car.
    Occupy his office.

    Occupy everywhere. Do what you have to do.”

    What an idiot!

    • Jester
    •  Henry was sacked for far less, and Laws was stood down for six weeks. What’s the bet that Jackson will go unpunished?

      • Travdog

        TAB is paying $1.01 for no action, and $50,000 for a sacking. Worth a gamble?

      • Paddles83

        Correct just because the fuckwit is brindle

      • overit

        Maybe the non union boys should go pay Mr jackson a visit!!! especially after what happened to me, thanks Mr jackson, Ill be pushing to see him get sacked.

      • Justine

         Well, at least he and MUNZ can talk about fun times at the dole queue.

      • Vij

        The clown should be sacked.  He is already a rich prick

    • Can we send him on the next boat to Aussie please 

  • Phar Lap

    Willie Jackson another failed has been.Hope he gets what he deserves.To think that he even gets quoted,what an insignificant little pest.He is so common, he feeds off John Tamihere ,probably a prince and Jackson is a serf.If it wasnt for John Tamihere, Jackson would be on the sickness benefit.

  • Travdog

    Richard Pearson after the mediation with the union and Len Brown: “the contractors are recruiting now.”

    That sounds like a mildy obese woman stretching her vocal chords to me.

    Parsloe looked like the beaten man for sure. Len Brown was just going through the motions with the mediation, he knows this is already done and over, and knows it isn’t going to be changed.

    The sad part is most of the union workers (sorry, unemployed) will probably not apply with a contractor out of sheer bloody mindedness and stubborness wrapped in a coating of ignorance thinking they will be employed by the port itself again.

    • StacyMcNaught

       ” That sounds like a mildy obese woman stretching her vocal chords to me.”

      That, is gold right there…

      • Travdog

        heh. nice one Stacy.

    • Bunswalla

      Sadly the ones that want to apply will be intimidated and bullied into not applying – solidarity Reg.

    • jackwhite

      fact is if these contractors dont get alot of these workers the port will be running at a very low productivity rate,thinking you can train up stevadores in 4 weeks to 6 weeks on machinary dream on.

      • StacyMcNaught

        But they I am sure they will become productive in time, the union workers that were there didn’t appear to be productive, getting paid for 40 hrs and working only 26 hrs. Training someone that wants to be there is way more beneficial to a company than keeping on the leeches they just let go.

      • Qplah

        Maybe not.  Drake who are one of the contracting companies were given the job of keeping one of the big European ports open and operating during a 2 year union strike.  They flew in experienced operators from around the world.

        Same could happen here.  Bring in those with experience until the locals are trained up enough to take over.  It would be expensive but top operators are worth their weight in gold, and they’re all used to union threats and bullying. 

      • Travdog

        you’d have to be a useless person to take even 4 – 6 weeks to learn to use that machinery. It’s not rocket science, anyone with a work ethic and a bit of common sense will nail it in no time. Hardly fair that you compare other people to your own abilities jack-off.

  • Len left MUNZ behind when he said to Holmes yesterday “they should of taken the first offer.”

    Any reason why force this morning was not met with like force – from boys in blue and camo green?

  • LesleyNZ


    James Kirkham the picket leader – what an intimidating bully.
    True Saamu – be your own boss – choose you own destiny – don’t be sucked in by MUNZ. You have a good brain – use it!  You don’t want to end up like James Kirkham.

  • Travdog

    Hope the pricks are still picketing on sunday when I run past for the Round The Bays race, a bit of heckling is in order. It’s not like those fat lazy cunts are going to keep up with me, they can’t even get motivated to move fast when they’re paid to do it!

    • jackwhite

      wow harsh words trav,lots of those guys work hard with long hours ,you probably work hard also….under your bosses desk

      • Euan Rt

        jack-off you don’t need to feel sorry for POAL, they are covered. As for the contractors, heavy machinery is not only around on the ports. I reckon most farmers could drive that machinery without being shown how, You need to have faith in us kiwis. Be seeing ya – as I pass the dole queue.

      • Travdog

        They work hard alright, working hard at slowing the port down. Didn’t you see the inside interview jackwhite? or are the MUNZ tinted spectacles on………

      • The longer they stay on the picket line the less chance they will ever work again.

      • Work for a living

         At least I work for a living, and I get a good pay out of it. I can look at myself in the mirror, hold my head high and be proud of raising my children in an environment of good work gets rewarded.

        Something you’ve never experience, and will never experience.

        And that mate, is invaluable.

  • Tony saved our port dot com

    The “otherside” as I now call them have discovered our facebook site TonySavedOurPort. com https://www.facebook.com/TonySavedOurPort . Posted by the one and only Politician Darian Fenton – Comments are found on the Save Our Ports facebook page “Check this out – unbelievable” and also posted here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/POAworkers/  with the comment “And there’s this little doozy”. This comment followed a post by one and the same person linking to a Ports Employee’s personal facebook page. That is low, especially for a politician! and Unbelievable – really Darien, did you honestly think that everyone thought the same as you did?

    • Travdog

      Darien and her opinion are a waste of space, which should be treated as such by ignoring.

    • toby_toby

      Interesting comments on the pro-munz page. In reference to a Stuff article with a poll on who you support: “Rene Stoica U can vote as manny times as you like just go there and clik vote vote vote vote…let’s get it to 100pct”That’s a mathematical impossibility. Good luck trying though.

  • Owl

    Okay – where are we up too. 300 lost jobs – actually none lost they will be held by new employers on new terms. Every year a collective is renewed it has for want of a better word “NEW TERMS”. MUNZ negotiated new terms – NONE.

    I really suggest that MUNZ members sit back and ask a few questions.

    Especially what is going to happen to your $18m Seafarers Retirement Fund which G Parsloe is a Director/Trustee of. There are 600 members in it and if people leave then it dwindles down to the remaining few.

    Because you won’t have employer contributions – will who knows what may happen.

    Now probably a good time to ask for your statements of assets. Tell me if I am wrong – if a retirement fund comes under question doesnt the Govt have statutory power to administer? Does anyone know?


    • Justine

      Yes Owl, it is important to restate that – no jobs are lost.  The jobs are still there and will either be taken by someone, whether MUNZ or not.  

    • Guest

      I hope Kiwi Key confiscates that fund & uses it to pay bonuses to the POAL executives who finally got rid of the union!

      • Vij

        No, the fund should be used to reimburse all those businesses that have lost money because of the stupid Union.  The Union has to be held liable  with certain senior union officials personally liable.  Can this really happen??  Please I hope so.

    • Vij

      I have already asked this question.  Does anybody know what the status is?

  • Guest

    The only thing that needs to be done is to ensure no MUNZ bludger ever gets a cent from the benefit. They had their chance.  They got fired. No other employer in NZ should touch ’em.

    So let ’em starve.

    And before the bleeding heart liberal say “what about the mortgage?  what about the kids? what about the communities?”  well they should have thought of that before striking, shouldn’t they!

    Bludger MUNZers, Bludger kids, better of without ’em.  

    Now they should starve in the gutter. No benefits, no WFF, nothing. 

    And that includes no exit visa to Oz.

    • Bunswalla

      Plus, they should be shot through the head, and asked to leave the country.

    • Vij

      Do what Ronald Reagan did with the air traffic controllers when they were sacked.  They never worked as air traffic controllers ever again.

  • Jester

    As a side thought, I reckon once you got Helen Kellys kit off, flexibility wouldn’t be an issue.

    • Travdog

      I could do without that thought before going to bed thanks.

      • Jester

        Sorry Travdog.

        I would swap 2 Helens for 1 Kerri if that helps.

    • Vij

      Please Jester, why do you want to punish yourself?

  • Vij

    Does anyone know where the clown Doshi has gone?

    • Greg M

       WINZ ??

  • dutyfree

    Willie is against violence, but promotes law breaking! Idiot.

    However, later today Jackson said in a statement that he did not advocate violence of any kind.

    He said the port dispute was one he felt passionately about and his
    comments had to be viewed in the context of a heated debate.

    “I want to make it clear that when I say ‘militant action’, I’m
    talking about taking a stance on an issue in a strong but non-violent
    manner, in the way that Lucy Lawless took a stance recently with
    Greenpeace,” Jackson said.

    “As I said very clearly in today’s broadcast, I do not advocate violence

  • Here’s what Jackson is quoted as saying:

    Mr Jackson, a former trade union
    organiser and Alliance Party MP, supported the striking port workers’
    calls for eight hour shifts and job security on his Radio Live
    afternoon slot today.
    He called Ports of Auckland bosses “greedy, filthy, right wing fundamentalists” who were led by a “gutless wonder” mayor.
    Intimidation or violence was needed to stop non-union workers being called in to do the striking workers’ jobs, he said.

    “If you really want something you’ve got to act… You don’t go stop
    and then the scabs come in and they take your jobs. Go and bust your
    picket or your placard on theirs cars. I support that action.”

    So Willie; what part of the above ISN’T advocating violence?