Port 7 – 0 MUNZ

Helen Kelly and Garry Parsloe have once again proven to be liars. Yesterday they insisted that Maersk would no longer berth ships at Auckland. They have also insisted that Maersk ships are “invisible ships”. This morning both claims are in tatters.

When will the media stop to check out their lies. Every single claim from Helen Kelly and Garry Parsloe in this dispute has been independently and demonstrably proven to have been a falsehood. In the case of the “invisible ships” it was preposterous from the get go. Firstly the AIS information is easily obtainable from free websites, secondly the schedules of the ships are available on multiple sites as well, including the Ports of Auckland, and lastly they are able to be viewed on webcams that are publicly accessible. Not to mention is is bloody hard to hide a 32,000 tonne ship discharging cargo alongside.

Maersk Bratan is alongside at Fergusson and is discharging cargo as of 0530 this morning. Proving yet again that Garry Parsloe’s promise that not a single ship would be worked at Auckland was as hollow its democracy processes allowing secret ballots of members. Chris Trotter also must feel a bit sick in the stomach after likewise predicting that the ships would “pass by”. Since uttering those fateful words 2 ships have been scheduled to arrive and discharge cargo and two ships did arrive and discharge cargo.

The AIS data also shows the track down the coast and into the terminal, proving again that Parsloe and Kelly are natural born liars.


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  • BJ

    They should be ashamed of themselves. In another time they would have their tongues cut out for such blatant lies – at the very least a few days in the stocks down at the docks.

    • Patriot

      Union leaders – Parsloe & Kelly making statements — dont they realise that the evidence has told what the facts really are — that they are liars

      How stupid Helen Kelly & Gary Parsloe are .. Crap leaders , sack  them

      • Super_Guest

        Are you kidding? They’re the best leaders we on the right could want.

  • ConwayCaptain

    I see in today’s NZH a photo with a banner saying that te MUA supports MUNZ.  I suppose the people holdng the banner are BRUVVERS fronm across the ditch

    •  Nah aren’t they callin’ each other Comrades still?

  • As MUNZ have confirmed multiple times how dumb they really are and haven’t as yet taken a trick I can see POAL vs MUNZ in the future being used as a case study by universities who have degrees available in industrial relations and law.

    How not to represent your fellow workers. Perhaps some of the key union leaders could even give a lecture or two?

    • MBP

      MUNZ have already supplied some case studies for students to sink their teeth into.  The Andrew Angus and Graeme McKean cases are being used by law students as we speak

  • Dave

    @ Lindsay Addle.   Can’t see the key union leaders turning up to give a lecture, there might be a crowd which they like being part of, but no free lunch and no cameras.   

    Kelly looked very nervous on TV News last night, Parsloe looked the un-intelligent giggling idiot he is just standing behind her grinning.     Helen knows they do not have support of the masses, as they would have had 30 years ago.   

    Lets hope for some very very bad weather, see how many turn up to protest then.

  • politically unstable

    A webcam focused on the picket yobbo’s would be handy. POAL might even have noe they can use

    • Hollyfield

      Try this link   https://one.axis-intermodal.co.nz/onevent/webcam.aspx then click on Fergusson Park.   At the moment it looks like there are 2 picketers – one holding up a sign, and the other one resting his sign on the ground.  They’re in the top left corner – about one inch down and two inches in.

      • Bafacu

        Huge support for such a popular strike!!

      • politically unstable

        Its a shame there is no zoom ability!!  Thanks

  • Does someone know how much Maesk are making out of this? Just thinking free advertising alone…..

  • AnonWgtn

    When will the Australian and USA union representatives realise that this is not Australian normal (read Melbourne concrete boots) thuggery and corruption, or West Coast USA port (read San Diego) normal port corruption.
    Go home twats – keep out of New Zealand’s minor skirmish, which the Maritime Union has lost already.
    There are only 76 new jobs available to replace them.