Port 8 – 0 MUNZ

Despite Garry Parsloe’s hollow promise that not a single ship would be worked at Ports of Auckland and Chris Trotter’s rather hopeless assertion that ships would “pass by”, another ship docked this morning and is discharging cargo. No wonder the picket has packed up its tent.

The BC San Francisco is currently at Fergusson Wharf:

And again this ship’s AIS data shows the track and its current location as Auckland:


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  • Grandstream

    WO – did you see the Herlad article complaining about you exposing the details of poor Cecil and how well he was treayed by the right wing facist employer….! boo fucking hoo to those union parasites !

    • Andre Capper

      Whats  “treayed”  Dumbso.

  • Pete George

    More complaining too from The Standard.

    Releasing private payroll details wasn’t a good look for POAL, they (whoever did it) could have countered claims without resorting to breaching privacy.

    Just another bloody round, with  Thugs to Port, Thugs to Starboard.

    •  No individual’s payroll information was released Pete, which is probably the line in the sand which ought not be crossed. But given that the union was basing its campaign on inaccurate pay information, PoAL had every right to correct that misinformation IMHO.

  • Peter Wilson

    Seriously, it’s not a great look for POAL. No problem with WO publishing relevant information, but if leaked from the Port, it does create a problem for them. You can argue all you like about good faith bargaining etc, it’s hard to argue this wouldn’t be a vindictive breach of privacy – if proven, of course.

    • So it is ok for Helen Kelly and Garry Parsloe to use the deaths of three workers at Tauranga and the tragedy surrounding those accidents but not ok to tell the truth about Cecil Walker?

      • Justin Murtha

        theres a difference between “public” information (ie: reported work place deaths) and “private” information (ie: an individual payroll info). Its dispicable that POA would release this info on an employee and shows there dirty coporate tatics for what they are!!!.

      • The union decides which people to front their campaign. Their Save Our Ports website has precious few actual wharfies, it is covered with kids. Cecil himself brought his daughter into the debate.

        If you base your whole campaign around “family time”, taking your missus shopping and not having to sit by the phone in  order to have a nice home time then you have only yourselves to blame for the focus on family.

      • truth sayer

        There is a difference between public knowledge and the public good and a vindictive attempt to besmirch a good man’s reputation.
        He does not need to be reminded that his wife died in tragic circumstances. 
        It seems that the previous port management were certainly a lot more compassionate than this one who give a rats about the workers.

    • Scanner

       Fuck off, good on whomever released the information, remember it was Cecil who chose to sit in the spotlight, nothing disinfects like sunlight.

      • Pete George

        I thought “the end justifies the means” was usually a criticism of the left.

        Even if it was one person in POAL acting on their own there’s no excuse for breeching basic rules, and it’s unnecessary and counter-productive.

        This ends up being an own POAL goal.

      • Peter Wilson

        No-one’s saying it’s not good the info didn’t come out. Hypocrisy should always be exposed, it’s just the competency of POAL that is called into question.

        And I fear a lowly employee will be hung out to dry. We know how these things happen, a manager would have said to his staff, something like, “It would be interesting if this information became public…”. Without an actual directive, but the underling takes the hint…and possibly the hit.

      • Pete George

        Payroll information is usually ringfenced and tightly restricted, anyone with access to it in an organisation that size should be fully aware of privacy responsibiities. Even if lowly.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Of course Peter, a consipiracy theory! Fantastic. Socialism 101.
        I doubt whether any rational person would call into question the competency POAL since it is an entity, not an intelligent life form. If you are alluding to the management of POAL, then their competency can’t be questioned, the left should be querying the competency of the MUNZ leadership, no more, no less.

      • Andre Capper

        Yeah the sunlights burnt your f…ing stupid head wanker.

      • Scanner

         Dear Andy Crapper, did you have a tough day out on the picket today, never mind after 8 hours you go to double time, at your new rate that should work to double nothing, never mind Gary and Helen still get paid for their day. Sucker

    • Bunswalla

      And it’s OK for union sympathisers to direct people to individual’s Facebook pages so they can be abused publicly too?

      There’s nothing vindictive in the details, merely providing some balance to the “POAL is an evil monster” meme being put about by the union, abetted by the MSM.

      Did you see the cartoon in the Herald yesterday, by any chance?

    • In Vino Veritas

      Which details are you referring to Peter? The details regarding sick leave are almost without question public knowledge at the Port, since the guy’s wife was seriously ill (and his workmates would know it). And its pretty hard not to notice a limo turning up to a Christmas function. It would be hard to prove the Port has breached anyones privacy. Its called gossip.

    • Doug_S

      With all due respect Peter, regardless if proven or not Mr Walker has by his own actions prompted some truths to be told. I don’t blame POAL for leaking if it exposes the true colours of some of these people. For all the good will that was shown to him he shows his gratitude by protestations about “working conditions” and participation in thuggery by association. I would have thought he has enjoyed some of the best working conditions of any employee in New Zealand. Stuff him and stuff his privacy. You give up the right to privacy when you act as he has. DIDDUMS!

  • Phar Lap

    Just heard on Newstalk news that Union Kelly are taking a privacy action complaining Cecil the part time wharfie on full pay has had his privacy compromised.Kelly is desperate to get some traction on the port dispute.Wonder what Cecils privacy has got to do with the dispute.

    • Pete George

      Cecil has a right to address breach of privacy issues, just as allegations of intimidation and thuggery can be investigated.

      • Scanner

         Perhaps it would help if POAL deducted all un-entitled leave taken from Cecil’s final pay, that should help to square things up.

      • mustapha

         Well the idiotic part of all the pettiness is it takes employee/employer relationship issues back to the dark ages. Don’t these people ever learn? One day in the future the boot will be on the other foot and this crap will be brought up again. This is just repeating mistakes made every decade. The unions screw the employer, the employer screws the union. Duh.

    • Justin Murtha

      If privacy’s got nothing to do with it, then that means POA will be happy to release all the CEO’s private payroll info to Whale Oil to post……….HAHAHAHAHAHA……..like thats gonna happen. POA managment, 2 faced corporate bullies!!!! They want to put information out there like that, put it all out that.

      • Bunswalla

        What a dickhead. Tony Gibson’s salary and remuneration is a matter of public record. I believe it’s something like $750k a year, and worth every penny at the moment.

      • In Vino Veritas

        Justin, you are whacko if you don’t think this is straight gossip. This all happened three years ago. Cecil was off work for a long time. A good few people would have know why. There are people that may not even work at the port now that know this stuff. I’d suggest Cecil isn’t the brightest light in the room, and its likely he also told people. If he told anyone, it would be difficult to prove a privacy breach.

      • Oskar

        I find it funny that you are calling the POA management as bullies. Wasn’t it the protesters that were stopping contributing citizens from earning a living by blocking the Port entry? Go hug a tree.

      • Scanner

         Tony Gibson isn’t standing outside the gates of his ex-employer harassing women lawfully attending their place of work, or pissing on the BBQ.

      • truth sayer

        @Oskar and scanner   Actually I was there and your information is incorrect.  The woman in question decided to avoid the picketers and almost rolled her car as she travelled up a very wet hillock.  The picketers had no intention of stopping her and politely let most cars [email protected]:disqus 
        One employee decided to run an EPMU guy over and his car was slapped once by the guy he hit.
        Please tell the truth about the situation rather than inflammatory bullshit!

      • Rts

        @c89ac3f273a47f035e3ed14c2dabfac4:disqus  Why do they have the right to hold up traffic like the. This is one of the only situations when a Hummer would have been useful – to run the assholes over. As well as the fact that if they are taking action against POA then the victim of the assault should file a complaint to the police about the thug who thinks physical violence will win.

        Plus we all know the end result is that the protesters will eventually break rank and join the contractors. I just hope the pay is slashed and they are withheld from access to any of the staff benefits because at the end of the day there is no excuse for urinating in the bbqs and stealing sky decoders. Realistically the actions of a few do affect the outcome and it is all of their faults for siding with these idiots.

      • Really cant believe the lies

        truth sayer, Here are some physical FACTS that prove you are telling lies ,it would be physically impossible for one to even attempt to go up the hill lock with the new road lay out. There are big red bars preventing you even driving on the foot path and on the other side is a cement wall drop, then you have the machinery for the new road been made for the truck park. Please if your going to use a name like truth sayer, then tell an actual truth. Do you have selective sight or are you just stupid. As for the MUA that got hit , its quite simple, if your not on the road you wont get hit. The female drivers that were verbally abused, intimated and harassed were only driving small cars. FACTS!

  • johnbronkhorst

    So the union believes it is OK for Cecil Walker to lie by omission, re his treatment by the POA. But not OK for a counter arguement using the very information he chose to ignor! Now that ALL the information is out, we can make up our own mind as to who is lying, and who is being “FAIR”.

    • Peter Wilson

      Perhaps the union simply believes POAL shouldn’t break the law.

      • johnbronkhorst

        and peter maybe we believe that the MUNZ should also not break the law (re blocking the port)! or tell blatant lies while hiding behind privacy laws. This idiot brought the subject of his treatment, by the company, into the public domain. Therefore it’s only fair that the company can use the information, he chose to misrepresent, to defend themselves. messy arguement, but to be childish for a moment….THEY STARTED IT!!

      • Who says they did. You are just assuming they did.

      • Peter Wilson

        ….if proven.

      •  And whilst the union is taking legal action against PoAL for allegedly not engaging in good-faith bargaining, perhaps it ought to abandon its threats of widespread trade union action and preventing people going about their lawful business, which doesn’t seem especially good-faith to me.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Didn’t I here Helen Kelly saying on TV,…”The people support us”..or words to that effect. Poll on “Stuff” 68%…support the POA…yesterday…on “yahooxtra” poll today 72%..support POA. So Helen who supports you again? Also could it be the Greens and Labour have Nailed their colours to the (union) mast…..of a sinking ship?…I live in hope!

  • wouldn’t it be interesting if this was traced straight back to ports management..

    ..and the groundswell of public-revulsion at these tactics..(‘thuggery’ in the extreme..eh..? )

    ..is what tips the balance..and is what gets the ports bosses fired..?

    ..wouldn’t that be an own-goal of staggering proportions..?

    ..and surely hurt people will sue..?

    ..you might well have grabbed a whirlwind by the tail with this one..mr oil..

    ..btw..has anyone asked you direct..?

    ..did the ports of auckland management leak these deeply-personal worker files/info to you..?

    ..and are you being paid by them ..or anyone else..to run this campaign..?

    [email protected]

    • Scanner

       As a taxpayer and therefore your employer I should ask WINZ for a copy of your employment records, I can just bet that would make for an interesting bedtime read.

      • Brian Smaller

         Ure’s employment history? It would be a short read I imagine.

      • Dr Wang

        Scanner: Go easy on Phil U as he is a bona fide sickness beneficiary – he suffers from a severe case of “ergophobia”.

      • Scanner

         Probably it would be the greatest work of fiction ever seen, after all this man has made a career out of dodging work for long enough but is very quick to point out others shortcomings.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Well phillip…….did cecil lie….Yes. Did cecil bring the question of his treatment at the hands of POA re his poor wifes circumstances….YES…So it is HE who went on the attack with FALSE information….anyone in NZ is entitled to defend themselves…so IF the POA did release this info. it was in self deffence against a false alegation! Nothing like beating up a thug with his OWN stick!!!!

    •  Groundswell of public opinion Phil? This despite a Stuff poll THIS WEEK running two-to-one in favour of PoAL, despite instructions being published on the Save Our Port FB page as to how to multiple-vote and manipulate the poll? If the best that MUNZ can come up with is a 68/32% deficit, it’s hardly a groundswell. And notably, it is less than the combined vote of left-leaning parties in November last year, which suggests that even those who supported Labour, the Greens, NZ First and Mana do not endorse what MUNZ is doing. That’s hardly a groundswell Phil, and I think you know it.

      •  no inv..

        this makes it into a whole new ball game..

        ..you will see public-revulsion at this one…

        ..and the whole dispute will now be seen in a new light..

        [email protected]

      • Pete George

        It’s just one indiscretion amongst a cacaphony of crap Phil. It’s being over-egged by some which is just as lileky to backfire as a PR battle.

        If privacy was breached it is a valid issue, but it may not be seen as nasty by many as it claims a highly supportive employer and the ‘fury’ and ‘thuggery’ has taints of massive exaggeration.

        As misguided as it may be the intent was not to force Cecil to do anything but be honest.

      • Brian Smaller

         Phil – that is what you and the left said about the wharfies pay rates being released some months ago…guess what?  People don’t like bludgers.

    • BJ

      Wouldn’t it be interesting if it was traced back to a Union member

    • Euan Rt


  • johnbronkhorst

    I believe this is more relevant to this dispute (I have posted it before)…”The Maritime Union recognizes the importance of not relying on achieving its goals simply through parliamentary methods, and will continue to use industrial tactics and community campaigns to further theinterests of the majority, the working class.” from a peice titled “Election 2011” c dec 2011, on the MUNZ web site t me this makes this a politcal action, not an industrial one!

  • ted

    Cecil Walker, was he speaking for himself or for the Union and who prompted him?
    If you put your head up and start shooting, expect the other side to shoot back.
    The debate is not morality, it is legality, the two are very different platforms and should not be confused.

  • parorchestia

    POA is getting boring. Most ports are getting on with their modernisation programmes so only POA are really affected by the present kerfuffle – it is a regional issue, even if token support is being given in a few other ports – these sympathy actions seem to be very short lived.

    Far more interesting is the issue revealed by Chalkie today in The Press and, I presume, other Fairfax papers.  He blew the whistle on the mess involving foreign charter fishing vessels manned by Asian crew.  Some vessels are contracted to Iwi and Asians resident in NZ.  The crew earn around $1 per hour minus 40 cents to foreign “agents”, and have to live and work in very poor and dangerous conditions.  It seems as if corruption, undue influence and just plain economic slavery is present in this major industry.  And the rorting of the allocation system makes a joke of our proud claim to have sustainable fisheries.

    Labour did nothing to remedy this when in power (in 1966 Minister Paul Swain refused release of a report on floating sweatshops).  The present government is moving slowly, but too slowly for our international reputation.  

    Where are the unions when you need ’em?

    Whale, I think there is a real need for a thread on this issue.

    • ConwayCaptain

      In 1981 when the Pacific Charger went aground on Baring Head they had Taiwanese Officers and Burmese crew.  It was found that the crew wages records were kept in two bpooks 1 to show officiaks and 2 what was actually paid which was far below the reqd level.

      Many many ships these days flying Flags of Convenience pay their crews very low wages even compared to their home countries and then they have to pay the crewing agents as well.  Back to the days of being shanghaied in the 1800’s.

      I remember speaking to Ted Cozens the Mission Chaplain in Akl in the mid 80’s and he told me that in the early 70’s the Mission to Seamen and sister organisations thought that their work was done as the vast majority of seamen had good wages and conditions and worked for good owners.  By the mid 80’s he said the condition on many ships had slipped almost to the days of the late 1800’s early 1900’ss.

      When you gp for a cruise your on board charge card will be debited US$ 5-10 pd as crew tips.  This is so that they can get a decent wage.  Many of the crews these days do 6-9 month stints and get paid if they are lucky somewhere aroubd US$1k pm.

      It is not just the fishing boats that have bad conditions and I would say that the Koreans and the PRC chinese would be the worst of the lot.  If you think that the white man is racist you ought to try that lot.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Whether I believe this or not or can make comparisons on wages ie NZ fishermen’s earning compaired to NZ average…and these guy’s earning compared to the average where they come from…afterall there wages are paid back into their home country, I am unsure. But what I am sure of..was that Paul Swain was a useless LAZY idiot who MIS represented his elecotrate for years (we only ever saw him at election time).

  • Orange

    So Cecil goes public saying PoAL is bad employer.
    Widely known knowledge of how PoAL is good employer is released.
    Union goes public saying the release of already widely known information showing PoAL is good employer shows that they are a bad employer.


  • Phar Lap

    Just heard Union Kelly on the Sean Plunkett show on Wellingtons Newstalk ZB .KELLY LIED AND LIED LIKE A SIEVE WHEN CHALLENGED BY PLUNKETT. One would think the wharfies and their illegal picket line ,were new born babies.Seems  Kelly  confirms the manifest liar she is,
    and acts like an ostrich with her two faced head in the sand.

    • Bunswalla

      And a contortionist, evidently.

    •  i listened to that too phar lap..

      ..cd you detail the ‘lies’ you heard frpm kelly..?

      [email protected]

    • a special ‘innovative mixed use of simile/metaphor’-award for phar lap there..?

      ..for..’.. acts like an ostrich with her two faced head in the sand…”


      [email protected]

  • johnbronkhorst

    No phil…people see it for what it is….the union lying through it’s teeth again. this will colour any future arguement any union will now make. Because it with cause people stop and wonder if they are lying again just as they did with cecil!…Auntie helens down fall was largely due to the massive build up of lies she told. The unions will suffer the same fate. Remember the union executive have to now convince people to join, pay fees and stay members. So they are basically selling a service. They have been so bad at it over the 25 or so years since voluntary unionism, that now only about 1 in 6 workers belong to a union.


      Will be good to see the back of them,if this is how they run their show.Wankers.Parsole,Kelly,Minto,and the rest of these disrupting losers need to go.Dinosaurs are extinct,union will be next.S

    • you really think the public will be cool about an employer releasing such personal-details about a worker..?

      ..in the middle of an industrial-dispute..?


      [email protected]

      • Sarrs

        Well the article has been knocked off the front of the stuff page and currently sits 4th down the list of national headlines on the Herald. It doesn’t rate in the top ten most popular stories on either site so nah, I don’t actually think the public care too much. 

      • johnbronkhorst

        yes phil…I do! Since the only liars here are the union and cecil!!People don’t like liars phillip, it insults their intellegence at the feeling that these liars believe we are all too stupid to research it and just believe them!


    So this Cecil can go on radio and bag his employer,but now we see the amount of time he had off,and the effort the ports went to for him,(including paid leave),and his family(past,and future).Now the ports are the bad guys.If you think the ports will feel a public backlash for this leak,then you are very wrong.Makes the Union look worse,as they are the ones complaining re bad employer.Hell my Mum just past away the other day,and I wont be getting berereavement leave as have only been with my new employer for 4 months(as per contract).See Cecil got paid for leave he did not deserve.Bad employer my arse,where do I sign up,as there are harder done by workers in NZ then these Union twats.

  • Quintin Hogg

    There is a new piece in the NBR comenting on the disciplinary background of the MUNZ bargaining team.
    Where the whale goes the NBR follows

  • Jester

    I can see it now….

    Our kids sitting there with their own kids on their knees!

    “yes Jimmy…..He was a blogger and they called him Whale Oil and it was the day he broke the Maritime Union”

    “aw so cool……..tell us again…pleeeeaaasssse mummy!”