Port 9 – 0 MUNZ

Once again Garry Parsloe’s hollow promise that not a single would be worked at Ports of Auckland has been proven false.

So too has Helen Kelly’s lie that Maersk wouldn’t be sending ships to Auckland while the strike is on.

This morning at 0630 Santa Belina docked and is discharging cargo. Yet another ship that didn’t follow the words of Chris Trotter and pass Auckland by.

Another union lie, that Maersk ships were turning off the AIS, is also proven false again. Here is the AIS data for the ship showing its track into the harbour and Fergusson.


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  • Agent BallSack

    Parsloes doing a great job. I for one would never join a union in my life again after watching this unfold. As for Kelly, she may as well be speaking orcish for all the good that shes done for the cause.

  • Gravedodger

    But Kelly is easy on the eye with the sound off, still tits on a bull though.

    • Ciaron_A

      I think you need to consult an optician my friend :)

  • Sniper Steve

    No wonder the ship snuck through.  Parsloe was troughing it up in the Koru lounge in Wellington yesterday and wasn’t in Auckland to direct the dopey wharfies. 

    • ConwayCaptain

      It is amazing isnt it how many of these troughers that bang on about being there for “the workers” and poor and down trodden egt to like the trappings of management that they all go on about.

      Bet Garry flies business class, hir Koru sub paid for by “the bruvvers” who also pay for the car,mobile pohones.  Bet he also has an expense account which he uses.


    Wonder how many new members the Union will get after exposing themselves as complete useless wankers.Not many,and hopefully will sound the end of them for good.No loss.

  • Agent BallSack

    Who would want to join an organisation that encourages you to strike on one of the top paying labourers jobs in the country then loses you that very job? Parsloe has it seriously wrong and the only way out of it for him is to blame everyone else around him, POAL, Len Brown, Shearer, National, etc. Of course he will never admit he’s wrong but hopefully at the high court injuntion today he’s slapped in the face like a naughty schoolboy. Parsloe, If you’re reading this? Rope’s cheap and I’m sure one of the many lashers you caused to lose their jobs will show you how to fashion a noose. Then we’ll swing your lifeless body from the cranes as work carries on as per normal.

    • ConwayCaptain

      They will be unable to show him how to fashion a noose. All rigging is bottle screws and steel bars.

      However he can do one of two tghings and that is

      1 Tie some twistlocks to his feet and jump over the side.

      2 If he can remember from his seafaring days the way to make a noose is to make a ‘heaving line knot”

  • Jester

    “If score blow-outs are occurring (ie 35+ at halftime), both coaches must meet
    and come to an agreement as to how they can generate a more even contest.”

    At least one union (NZRFU) had a policy to stop such routs occurring.

  • wannano

    Is it possible to get a graph of shipping movements per day…Auckland v Tauranga??

    It would be interesting to see how much revenue is flowing into the mighty BOP.

    Thanks Gary & Co, we are pleased to accept the cash.

  • Freddie_Robdul

    It is now 10-0 with Schelde Trade docking this evening