Port Report

Yesterday the Ports of Auckland’s non-union permanent stevedoring staff finished discharging cargo from the Maersk Aberdeen before schedule.

This morning the Ports of Auckland are processing Irene’s Remedy at Fergusson terminal. Irene’s Remedy will discharge over 1000 (containers) TEU at the terminal. Irene’s Remedy is around 2900 (containers) TEU.

Two ships in two days, when Garry Parsloe said that not a single ship would be serviced. The strike is broken and so is the union.

via the tipline:

MUNZ are interfering with Wallace Investments trying to stop their MUNZ members from working with non-union staff on Fergusson Terminal. Yesterday’s Maersk Aberdeen was worked with a mix of non-union port staff and casual workers as well as Wallace stevedores.

Today at Fergusson they’re working the Irene’s Remedy and MUNZ are trying to force all MUNZ Wallace stevedores to stay off Fergusson to cripple the port and have the vessel stranded at sea with no NZ port to sail into.

Also yesterday non-union staff, single liftting the Aberdeen achieved 27 moves an hour – Farrrrkin Awesome!

Irene’s Remedy

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  • ConwayCaptain

    I wish these modern ships could be given decent names.  Irene’s Remedy, what is wrong with her.

    Alfred Holts of Liverpool named all their ships after characters in The Odessey, Caln Line ships were all Clan……, Port Line after ports in A’sia and Canada, now we have things like Jody F Millenium cos the owner fancied Jody Foster and the ship was built in 2000.

    • politically unstable

       Interesting you mention the Jody F, given that it was parked on a beach for some time. Maybe the name helps tyo curse it…

    • Quintin Hogg

      CC, agreed.

      My father sailed with Andrew Weir & Co (or Bank Line). 

      Most of their vessels werel named after various rivers in England and Scotland. Although where “Luxmi” (the name of one of the vessels he served on) comes from escapes me.

  • Whafe

    Great to see that MUNZ are pushing shit up hill and drowning in the proverbial brown stuff

  • politically unstable

    27 moves in an hour …if thats conventional load/discharge then thats damned good.

  • rouppe

    They’re probably more efficient because they don’t have to look over their shoulder all the time to see if a MUNZ member is going to urinate on them or something.


    If non union members can do their duties in the efficent manner as they have shown in the last 2 days,then why do the Ports of Auckland want,or need those on strike now.

    • Gazzaw

      Maybe they don’t now. Time will tell. If Kelly stuffs up on this after the Warners debacle & then the Fiji fuckup she ma as well resign. As the boss of the CTU she makes a great dunny cleaner.

      • Toerag

        She would never survive Gaz!  She spews too much shit out of her mouth to have enough time in her day to clean it all up!

  • thor42

    The last couple of days have really shown what a pack of broken-arses MUNZ are.
    When the day that MUNZ goes belly-up arrives, I’ll make bloody sure that I buy some booze to celebrate.