Port workers sent home for safety

via the tipline

We at the Ports were advised to leave work at midday today. I ended up leaving after 1pm. All was well then. Now….

Check out the cameras on www.poal.co.nz , I’m sure you know where it is, where you get your photos from.

Looks like they are blocking the roads again.

We have been advised not to come in tomorrow until we are told it is safe to do so.

From the Port cameras it certainly does look like the union is illegally preventing access to the Port for law abiding citizens. There appears to be a large contingent of Police or security in place:


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  • Agent BallSack

    Sack every one of them and hope they rip Parsloe to shreds. What a disgusting bunch of wankers.

    • Guest

      Sack ’em – and ban ’em from ever getting a benefit, throw ’em out of state houses

      them & their families should be starving in the gutter!

      or better still, send in armed specials and wipe ’em out once and for all

  • Beenthere

    It seems this isn’t going to be resolved nicely..

    • Guest

      Bullsh*t. It’s going to be resolved very nicely indeed: no MUNZers anywhere in NZ!

  • Random66

    I feel real sorry for those poor non-union guys who must be checking their rear vision mirror all the time.  Go hard PoA management and I hope you are dotting your i’s and crossing your t’s otherwise this is going to back fire badly.

  • Euan Rt

    I’m guessing the guys with the high vis vests are ports security stopping striking workers from entering as they seem to be on POAL property. I’m sure I’ll be corrected if I’m wrong?

    • Guest

      Only way to stop a MUNZer is a .45

  • Pakeha56

    Too bad a judge says the Port Company has to negotiate in good faith. He should know that is not possible for them. They are committed to contracting out.

    • Markm

      He said Munz had to negotiate in good faith to
      Parsley being the unintelligent unionist he is opened his mouth straight away and lied and abused Poal.
      He should hardly be surprised the port has had a guts full of him and his band of slacker ill bred mates.

      The city and country aren’t behind you Pakeha56, they are in front of you.
      They are the people that out of touch union losers over the years have inconvenienced at every opportunity , so they can gain a financial advantage over decent hard working people.

      They are the people who will be their when you useless hobos start being violent as you will.
      Suck it up pal you’ve been done by the union , leave the country and increase our average IQ.
      Unlike the old joke , you’ll also lower Aus IQ , but you will increase their crime rate

    • Peter Wilson

      In theory, I suppose it is good faith bargaining if they are saying up front “sorry but we intend to knife you in the back anyway.”

      At least they’re being honest about it. In a way it’s a shame the judge has favoured the union in all this, now we’re back to square one.

      • Bunswalla

        Yes, the judge has favoured the union in the alternate universe you inhabit.

      • Jester

        Peter, it a well known fact that mediators and Judges tasked with mediation favor the party who is in their view going to lose.

        Not many mediations would end in a satisfactory compromise if he put the boot into the underdog.

    •  You’re quite right Pakeha56; they are committed to contracting out, which is, as the employer, their inalienable right. Labour’s employment law reforms have tiled the field far too far in favour of employees, and it’s about time that an employer’s right to structure its workforce in the manner that best fits its needs is upheld.

    • Guest

      Which is why they’ve locked the MUNZers out & given security shoot on sight instructions. 

      that’s what I call good faith negotiation with Unions

  • Bilcaro

    Resign Gibson ( 750k for a 33 hour week ) and Pearson ( 200k for a 12 hour week ) clear your draws out get on your bikes and fuck off and collect Brown on your way out

    • Travdog

      Fuck off Bilcaro, take your blindfold off. It’s the useless sloth strikers on their way out.

      ………..or are you one of them?

      • politically unstable

         here here!!  Gibson will recover his salary cost in months by having lazy arsed MUNZ loafers removed from the Port forever through increased productivity.

      • hoha

        And as a ceo like teachers their day doesn’t finish just because they are not at the office.

      • Bilcaro

        No not one of them …..used to be but i fucked off because i was sick of working 26 hours a week and filling my bank account with 91k a year. Remember the old sayings you moron…believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Also ….tell them what they want to hear and they will believe it. 
        You idiots on here are as thick as pig shit and your grammar is shit and you call the wharfie’s ‘morons. So easy to manipulate it’s frightening

      • Lazy Eyebrow

        Bilcaro put your money where your mouth is.  I am sick and tired or hearing people bleet senselessly about Gibsons salary.  Show us the evidence with which you have or shut the fuck up!  The Union keeps spouting on about his salary but his salary is not the issue here, is it?  This all was generated over 4 shuttle positions and the ex Union staff losing confidence in their membership and hierachy and resigning from said union, becoming a non unionised and threatening labourforce (to the Union).  Lets get one thing straight here.  Most of those shuttle people walked out with a nice healthy redundancy, all their super with the company’s contribution and walked straight into…..a company that contracts labour to the Ports of Auckland.  And they were snapped up and are well respected by that company! 

        I am also sick and tired of people bleeting on and on about the Port “casualising” its workforce.  Casual and contract are two entirely different things.  You are guaranteed hours as a contractor.  I have contracted most of my adult life and I always get given a contract to review and sign before I start work and that shows me what hours are required.  If I do not like the terms and conditions and I can’t negotiate on them then I have the right to decline the job offer, and I decline it because it doesn’t suit my needs and the needs of my family.  But it is still classified as full time work, not casual work where you are on call.  These boys are getting paid an excellent rate for being flexible and donig shift work.  If the Union members want to spend more time at home with the family then they should stay away from shift work. its as simple as that. 

        Personally and I hate to make this comparison, but this scenario is almost like a cancer patient.  We are currently at the point, where the patient looks like they are getting better and coming around and then wham! they slip into a coma and die.  MUNZ is currently looking into the patients eyes and thinking that they will pull through, only for the patient to slip through their fingers….within 4 weeks time!

        Good Luck Bilcaro, I certainly think you and/or your husband will need it in finding another job. 

    • Travdog

      ” You idiots on here are as thick as pig shit”
      ” your grammar is shit ”

      Signs of a weak debate struggling for ammo.

      But the best one has to be:

      ” believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see”

      Don’t worry, we haven’t believed a single word those liars Parslow and Kelly have spun us.

      And as for believing only half of what we see, well Parslow saw 5000 protesters, so I guess that saying is bang on the money.

      • Bilcaro

        How many protesters did you see…… don’t tell me none.

      • Killjoy

        Yep we believe half of what we see- we believe what we see from POAL, not what we see from MUNZ… 

      • Travdog

        Here’s what i DID see myself. 50 odd miserable picketers lined up to try and gain public support during the Round The Bays. Couple of hours later, 5 or 6. Lets not beat about the bush, the union lacks public support.

        having said that, it’s a redundant debate, it’s OVER. Jobs gone, locked out, waste of time, give up.

    • hugo

      hey dickhead, all hours were in blocks of 8. so where the fuck did you get 26 from go shit stir else where. you would have done p24 if you worked there. and the 91 k is for permanent hours with over time.

  • doshi

    tavdog a see a wee bit of panic in your statement
    Not good given you have a mental problem and need all the help you can get.
    help is on the way
    get a life

    • Travdog

      Hahaha jesus doshi, you sound like someone without a job…

      No panic from me mate, no need to, I have a job.

  • Johnboy

    Perhaps POA should give Helen a call. I’m sure she will be able to to lay her hands on a few hundred refugees who would be only too grateful to work long hours for reasonable wages in a country that doesn’t persecute them.

    We could probably reciprocate by sending Parsloes mob over to Mogadishu to edumacate the locals on peaceful resistance to unreasonable work practices.

    Win win situation really!

  • Sue

    Don’t worry they have were only there for the tv cameras. Seriously the strikers are a bunch of show ponies. The minute tv3 and tv1 news crew packed up at 6.15pm they dismantled any blockades and left. Obviously they felt they had already ‘worked too hard that day’. Total bunch of w***ers, those union idiots wouldn’t know what it is to do a hard days work!

  • Bilcaro

    Like i said it is bloody frightening. Oh and Lazy Brain if you had  put your glasses on you would have seen that i did work at the Ports and retired about 8 years ago so not looking for another 
    job.I was working at Bledisloe which had one of the best container rates in  Australasia until the powers to be decided they better earn their big salaries and make the whole wharf redundant

    • Tramper

      Oh Bilcaro you’ve shat in it now. Bledisloe was the land of the ‘Cop Job’. That is, getting paid 8 hours and only working 30 minutes! You may have had good crane rates but you were barely productive in terms of working a full 8 hours. Bledisloe was notorious for it and hated by the Fergusson wharfies by always signing off when you were sent down there to work a full 8 hour day (really though it was only 6 hours). What a piece of work you are Doshi!

      • Tramper

        Whoops. Getting Doshi and Bilcaro mixed up. Sometimes hard to split peas from the same pod…!

      • Tramper

        Whoops. Getting Doshi and Bilcaro mixed up. Sometimes hard to split peas from the same pod…!

  • davcav

     If I was a MUNZ member I’d be asking why has Parsloe and the senior unionists had screwed me over. The senior members for a redundancy payout perhaps? And with Parsloe being a director of Auckland Stevedoring Company Ltd, would that be a bit of a conflict of interest?

  • Salacious T Crumb

    Doshi & Bilarco – interesting profiles. Limited numbers of posts and all on the same topic.

    Gee, you’re not MUNZ trolls by chance are you?