Ports lock out Union

This afternoon the Ports of Auckland has locked out the Maritime Union strikers.

Ports workers were served an official lockout notice from Ports of Auckland management this morning, set to take effect in two weeks.

The notice is for an indefinite lockout.

A Ports of Auckland statement said the port would function as it had during the strike – with contracted stevedores unloading vessels – over the next two weeks before the lockout takes effect.

This can come as no surprise to the union after they ignored the Employment Court Judge directions to refrain from speaking with the media.

Since the judicial minute was released last night Helen Kelly and Garry Parsloe have been in every media outlet claiming somehow that they have won, the pOrt has backed down and the Port is poorly tun, they are losers and every other description agains the Ports of Auckland.

the moment the union started conducting themselves in the media and the Port adhered to the court direction there was only ever going to be a lock out situation. It is the only legitimate tactic when faced with an intransigent union that ignores directions from a judge.

The Maritime Union has only themselves to blame for this action.


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  • thor42

    Good job.  

  • Notrotsky

    Hah….. the flea lawyer and Labour felchman from west Auckland is working himself into a frenzy over at The Standard.

    Think I might pop over and bait him into a tiz.

    • Doug_S

      They really are a deluded lot over there. Just the same old tripe sticking the knife into a company that is the lifeblood of not just Auckland but the wider country. The petulance is deafening.

  • MrV

    Must have got a phone call on strategy from Alan Joyce …

  • ConwayCaptain

    Now where is Doshi??????

    POAL 11-MUNZ 0

    Thank your good mate one Gerry Parsloe and his kide kick Helen Kelly.  They were told by the judge to act with decorum and then they went and bragged and brayed all over the place.  POAL issued a few lines in statement after the Dubious Duo went berko, now they are wondering why POAL have just gone in with what can only be described as a 15 inch broad side.

    They must be feeling like the three Italian cruisers caught by Andrew Cunningham’s Battle Line in the Battle of Cape Matapan.

    • thor42

      Well said, CC. 
      I think it was Nelson inspecting his ranks who said –
      “I don’t know about the enemy, but by God, they frighten me….” 

      • ConwayCaptain

        No Wellington.

        Nelson’s when handed a copy of the Navy List put it aside and said the same spirit pervaded the whole service.

        In this fighting instructions he said “A Captain can do no wrong if he uts his ship alongside that of the enemy”  His last signal was

        “Engage the enemy more closely”

      • Greg M

         Captain, I thought his last signal was ” kiss me hardy”

        He may have been a bit too stuffed to do any engaging by that stage. :-)

    • Bobm (ex RNZN and Angry Croc)

      Or an Italian cruise liner on a reef, stranded and nowhere to go.

  • In Vino Veritas

    Does this mean that the Greens Denise Roche, holder of a Diploma in Labour Studies, who claimed “companies made this kind of backdown only when their legal case was weak”, will be spitting shoe leather for a while?

    There, in the herald, laid out in black and white, is the industrial spokesperson for the Greens. One of their finest. May God have mercy on us all.

  • Richard B.

    Is it just me? Or is anybody else a little nervous that POAL might have been better to sit tight for a day or so.
    Saying nothing, letting Kelly and Parsloe shoot them selves in both feet, and piss the judge off?

    • Jester

      Nope needed to done before the workers returned to work and negotiations restarted. Leaving it late would have just let MUNZ continue to drag its feet, threaten strike action and generally frustrate the bargaining process. Then after 4 weeks mucking around refile papers claiming bad faith bargaining by POAL. All the while whittling down the resolve of the port, the public and the Council.

      This way,  its make or break in 2 weeks. Accept or see you in court.

      Anyone who believes that MUNZ wanted anything less than an agreement on their terms needs therapy. If POAL intended to hold the line, then it was always destined for ER Court.

      The ER Judge would have given each party independant advice on the merits of their case as is standard practise then told them to go away and sort it out.

      My take would be that POAL got a thumbs up and has acted accordingly.

      • Jester

        Also if MUNZ claim seeks redress in full proceedings it has to be a different judge hearing the case.

    • Guest

      Naa fuck ’em over! 

      No MUNZER should ever have a job or a benefit in NZ – or be allowed to go to Oz or anywhere else.

      Let ’em starve in the gutter.

  • Drea

    This just gets even more entertaining.  When will these union muppets learn to keep their mouths shut.  Everytime they open their mouths they just make the situation for the wharfies worse.  But then again, if they did, I would have to find something else to entertain me and this has been pretty funny so far.

    • niggly

      Sorry but Helen Kelly has no concept of what keeping one’s mouth shut is. Never will. (Oh well never mind)!

      Heard her on Morning Report this morning, just going on and on putting down the Port Company.

      Unfortunately for MUNZ’s workers, Helen Kelly is sticking to their cause like flies stick to a carcus.

      Didn’t the MUNZ workers figure out how damaging she was to The Hobbit film workers job security last year (b y trying to get involved)?

      Jeez, if some MUNZ workers thought that Parsloe was an over the top thuggish control freak, well sorry lads but Helen Kelly makes Parsloe look like a school boy who has wet his pants and she will continue to inflame the dispute even more in order to regain her mana again (and unfortunately that day will take a long time, if ever, whilst union workers suffer for her cause)!

  • Vlad

    This cat has excellent advice for the union. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKI-tD0L18A

  • Timandtim

    heard of 150 people turned up to support the wharfies.

    Ok that leaves 1.4m to head home and get their picnics and sleeping bags ready for the all night Occupy” at the wharf.

    What are students doing there! shouldnt they be doing their homework and thanking mum and dad for paying their taxes and rates so they can go to that wonderful university.

    Auckland Uni students – take a leaf out of your Otago colleagues – go organise a street party and get drunk. Your’e too young for politics!

    And if you have an earing through your nose – then the counsuellor told me it because people want to be lead.


  • toby_toby

    I have only one thing to say: this latest event is just brilliant.

    Thanks, carry on.

  • Grumpy

    POAL had no choice after Parsloe and Kelly ignored the Judge’s directions.  Even worst, the NZ Herald repeated their ridiculous claims without checking facts.

    The POAL had to act and this was the only means MUNZ and NZ Herald left them.

  • Phar Lap

    Message for Union Kelly and Whiskers Parsloe.I heard both of you rabbitting on about the POAL .running scared.Ha! Ha! Ha!  Seems both of you have never heard the old adage.”There is many a slip between cup and lip”.

  • politically unstable

    It is certainly a very ballsy call to announce the lockout. There is no way POAL would do this if they were not 100% bulletproof legally!!  

  • SJ00

    Still cannot understand how if I was to stand on the motorway with a sign (protesting or picketing), if I firstly didn’t get bowled over, how the cops wouldn’t rush up and arrest me for whatever law I am breaking. These guys are standing on the road, blocking traffic. Whats the difference? By saying you are picketing, does that allow you to just bypass rules and laws and you can do what you want? The cops can scrape together dozens of themselves to arrest a guy accused of copying The Batchelor (I know its more complex than that but..), why can’t they send a riot squad or hundreds of cops to clear the street? Especially if they are stopping lawful people going about their business.

    • hoha

      I was thinking that as-well.

      • Brian Smaller

         Because it is too hard. A TV camera might be there.

  • The Stepper

    I think the immediate lock-out (being for the next two weeks) is a tactical mistake from the Port. 

    Firstly their legal ground is pretty shaky at best, and they’re facing a severe risk of an adverse Court decision, which could include significant damages (and they could be seriously significant).  My understanding is that they’re having a go at an artificial separation of mediation and collective bargaining, which I suspect Judge Travis would kick for touch.  Employment law isn’t nearly as clear cut as commercial stuff, and the look and feel of something is almost paramount. 

    Secondly, collective bargaining is a race to the moral high ground.  The Port was running a great PR game, and had public sentiment on their side.  Now looks like they’ve become overconfident and are starting to look vindictive (no comment on justifiability of that!).  They’ve let the union look like heroes.

    Richard B. above is right on the button.  Far better to leave MUNZ and CTU to shoot themselves in the foot.  They’ve slid back a long way, and after doing so well!  Pearson doesn’t present well either.  Time to roll out someone the public (and the Court) can sympathise with. 

    • Guest

      Hell yeah it’s a tactical mistake.

      They should have fired em all, announced no redundancy, gazetted it was MUNZers fault and there should be no benefits whatsoever.

      Then Key should have immediately followed suit for all other unions in the country. 

      Union?  No work, no benefits. 

  • hoha

    Anyone know what happened to the strikers? They have all left Ferguson park

    • Gazzaw

      What time does the Britomart close?

    • White Pointer

      Well they had lots at the start because they were all walking back from the Union offices to their cars on the “official” picket line.  When they got their, most of the sensible ones left (the majority) which left 25 port strikers (out of how many? 292?) being buffed up by numbers from the nurses union, the student union, EPMU, First Union (sacked Graham McKean now working for First Union) and other non descript rebels without a cause. The students were all sitting on the road.  Its digusting that C’s get degree’s so we really aren’t looking at the cream of the crop holding court out there!

    • White Pointer

      Ah, they are probably calling a secret meeting off site to go over their stand over tactics that they will employ over every lockout day.  I wonder how many innocent they will bully and intimidate this time around.  Plus, there were cops at their so called demonstration this afternoon and as I understand it, they were given to 5pm and then they were going to be moved along….I take it by force if not voluntarily.

  • A. Friend

    I snort with laugter at the irony of the lazy ass wharfies bleating about a lockout when they go on strike at the drop of the hat.

    People need to start bombarding the newspapers about their lack of fact checking and general lack of investagative journalism. There must be 10 Union seeded stories run for every one neutral or POAL biased story. The newspapers seem happier to fill the column inches with propaganda rather than getting out there and digging up the real story.

  • Doshi

    Captain you go on about me being hard on you well I have had to take shit from all of you
    I am from a maritime family and proud of that fact my grandad was a seafarer my dad a wharfie my father in law a wharfie both went through the 51 lockout I have 2 brothers at sea i am a proud watersider and my son is a proud watersider and my daughter is with the ministry of foreign affairs overseas after my wife and i put her through university at a  cost of 40 k but she passed 5 subjects with first class honours,and as i have said before you can abuse us all you like but we will not go away and most who write into this actually rely on us to set their conditions up for their work so instead of continually having a go at us in the childish manner you need to have a bit of a think of what I am saying.
    What POAL have done here is a disgrace so instead of the crap aimed at us have a go at Mr Pearson whom even you people see has been sent on a course to try and break us but maritime workers being maritime workers and knowing our past will not be broken and although i will receive all the right wing crap in the world what I have said is only to try and protect not only us but the likes of rest home people and others so instead of trying to justify why we should not exist have a thought for wharfies as if was not for them none of you would not have smoko breaks,
    Changes need to be made at POAL but continually attacking people whom are actually fighting for all working people does not solve the situation
    I have no doubt the fuckwits will attempt  to have a field day on this but think on what I have said 

    • Drea

       Yeap,,, I’d love to be a wharfie earning 91K a year by working 28hrs a week and not 68K working 60+ hours a week.

      I work in the Ag industry.  The strikes by the wharfies at the instigation of MUNZ are affecting not only the retail industry but also the Ag industry also, the main money earner for NZ.  We are having to wait for raw materials so we can produce product for the farmers, so they can make a living and then pass on that living to other sectors within NZ. 

      NZ is currently going through hard times economically, a lot of industries are having to tighten their belts and why should the wharfies be any different.  A fair days pay for a fair days work.

      You guys have obviously had it easy for far to long.  Well that ride couldn’t last forever.  Remember when your defending these actions by MUNZ and their comrades you are helping to reduce the ability of other NZers to make a living.

    • Dave Winefield

       While buggering round on strike or whatever nonsense it is today, get a few elementary lessons on punctuation.A bag of fullstops costs little, and then people might be able to understand you.

    • Euan Rt

      Doshi, can I remind you what you wrote yesterday
      “hi everybody tomorrow we head back into POAL and this you fuckwits said would never happen
      I told you we would win  and now to sort out the scabby bastards still in there.Now you talk about taking shit from us. You call yourself proud. I think you should be ashamed. 

      • Euan Rt

        sorry should read:
        Doshi, can I remind you what you wrote yesterday
        “hi everybody tomorrow we head back into POAL and this you fuckwits said would never happen
        I told you we would win  and now to sort out the scabby bastards still in there.”Now you talk about taking shit from us. You call yourself proud. I think you should be ashamed. 

    • Travdog

      You lot are lazy with no work ethic. You’re not fighting for everyone, you’re fighting for yourselves. Don’t give us that shit. Fighting for OUR rights? fucking laughable doshi, accept defeat and fuck off becuse its over.

      The sooner that penetrates your thick skull the sooner the port can get on with being productive.

  • Doshi

    Drea did you read what I said we are the ones who have fought and got what you currently enjoy if you do not  understand that you should not contribute
    and please try and work out how some one on $27 an hour working shifts over 7 days in all weathers in 40 hours for the week gets 91k a year even i get a  different answer
    Even where you work those who want to work overtime are always going to earn a lot more than most and what pisses me off and should piss you off if POAL had employed more unemployed Aucklanders then the ability to earn 91k would not be there but a lot more people would be employed
    Why is it i am the only one that sees this
    For christ sake open your eyes

    • Drea

       Doshi…. I can’t remember the last time i had a smoko break.  I work my butt off to ensure my employer does well.  Because if they do well so do i.  That not something the members of the wharfies would know about.  I work every single minute of my 60+ hours (except of course the 1/2 hour i get for lunch)  suppose i should thank MUNZ for that too…

      And as far as the 91K is concerned.. that is the average.  It has been confirmed by an independent party.  By the time you add in all the benefits these comrade get (which by the way i do not get… should i thank the union for that too) it not a bad lot.  Only one more thing to say… let me know where yours and your families local WINZ is and i’ll personally set up the appointments with the dole officer for them

      • Guest

        No you fucking won’t mate. MUNZers don’t deserve Dole or WFF or DPB or anything. Espcially not Redundancy payed by my damn rates!

        MUNZers deserve absolutely nothing except to starve in the gutter.  

        OK, the STG or armed specials. They deserve that too.

    • Jester

      If your only working 40hrs as you say then how come your kids are in videos saying they never see their dads and can’t remember what they look like. Why is it you are never home to take the Mrs shopping?

      Do you know what Doshi, you MUNZ munters are so full of shit you can’t remember half the lies you have told.

      If the mrs and the kids are telling the truth about never seeing you and you are infact working 40hrs then I suggest instead of pissing up large at MUNZ HQ after work, stop acting like you’re dangerous gangsters and get the he’ll home where your responsibilities lie.

      Parsloe may thank you for dying in the ditch for MUNZ but as sure as he’ll your hungry families

    • Jester

      And by the way. Nice racist slant. Save Our Port? Wise up buddy….it’s not your port anymore!

      “and what pisses me off and should piss you off if POAL had employed more unemployed Aucklanders then the ability to earn 91k would not be there but a lot more people would be employed”

  • Overmunzbullshit

    Oh doshi,
    hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahah, you stupid fools all of you. Why is it so hard for you to realize that our forefathers and fathers sacrificed for us to PROGRESS (that means to move forward, to take the good that they strived for and move in a forward motion) not to Digress. Your father and his would be ashamed that you took what they fought for and only ever thought of yourself and your own selfish needs. You think about that Doshi. You should hang your head in shame you disgusting excuse for a man. 

  • doshi

    hoha looks like your new name is ha ha
    Have a wee think of the unintelligent reply that we should not look back but move forward and let the boss shaft us.
    one day ha ha or hoha you may thank us for holding on to hard won conditions that even you who probaby is not working so will not reallyhave any relevance as sitting home holding on to every word Key says must make you special in the eyes of the institute that looks after you
    remember to put the boxing gloves on tonight before bed or we may even have more intelligent shite from you tomorrow if staff will let you
    proud to be a wharfie

    • Drea

      What the hell is your response.  Take a breathe, use a comma, a full stop once a while wouldn’t hurt. 

    • Patriot

       Helen Kelly & Garry Parsloe are not winning the hearts & minds of the Ports owners  – us ratepayers .   You are losing

      The Union Leaders  have been out played every time . Your union rabble on the street is hurting your cause too — i saw some wharfies throwing stones at cars stopped at the lights .  Wharfie pricks damaging cars

      doshi  — tell yer mates , we aint backing them & no sympathy for them , when they turn down a 10% offer from POAL   ( Radio talkback )

  • Lazy Eyebrow

    Hoha, don’t be so hard on Doshi, he doesn’t know any better.  He has been indoctrined into the thought process to which he believes, by his grandfather, his father, himself and now has passed it down to his son etc etc. He is proving several facts here, that the Port is a great place to work because if it wasn’t there would not have been 4 generations of his family working at it and secondly, he was always a layabout.  He never had aspirations to be better than his father.  He preferred the easy option of his father getting him a job, as he would of for his son and he learnt to love the art of stealing goods from ships before their products were shipped out to the owners, because that was just one of the perks of the boys around in the 51 lockout days.  I know people from those They stole first then shipped on the goods. 

    Doshi is also a compulsive liar as well.  If he says he is a wharfie, then he knows that the $91k comes from a lot of wharfies having different skills and rates and all they have to do is work 2 extra skilled shifts a week to get that annual average. 

    And bullshit about working all weathers.  The only ones that work all weathers Doshi are the casuals.,,you know, the ones MUNZ have always crapped on every negotiation!  All the rest sit in cabs of straddles or hoists or cranes.  Some are out there marking off boxes and overseeing lash gangs but they aren’t always in that position in those weathers all the time.  Its just farcicle the points you come up with Doshi. 

    This is not 1951, there are labour laws now that weigh far more in the favour of the employee than the employer.  Striking is no longer the way to resolve disputes and this the Union does not understand because its being lead by Parloe and Kelly.  they also do not understand media and worse still, social media. By endeavouring to support their members they are taking photos for the press and making their members put their hands up to the media for blacklisting. Just searching Cecil Walker, Tamati Davie and Mita Skipper on google, you don’t have to scroll 1 cm to find them on the first results page and this is what prospective employers will be doing, shame for them that the searches are hitting all of Whaleoils posts. 

    I am aware of companies within the industry who will NOT employ any of these POAL strikers, and these are companies where those POAL strikers will turn to, if they do not go over to Aussie and suffer the same striking conditions of what their wharfies will be going through.  The fact is Doshi, you need to move with the times to survive.  MUNZ hasn’t and neither will any other Unions that don’t sit up and take notice and nor will any other Unions that turn to Helen Kelly for advice.  She is a black widow – everything she bites turns septic and dies. 

  • Insidejob

    Is Gary Parsloe on $200’000.00 per year? I am not very good at adding and a couple of wines.