Ports remove lock out

The Ports of Auckland have removed the lock out notice  (Ports Press Release) and the unions are dancing in the street claiming a great victory.

Not so fast though, with the celebrations though.

The Port needs to save $8m per year which means Auckland City Council has supported the 12% return.

Let’s look at some facts.

  • The wharf is working at 40-50% capacity with 57 staff.
  • 195 staff turned up for their pay.
  • To reach 100% efficiency they need another 60 staff.
  • That means 135 staff need to be made redundant.
  • A calculation at $27.00 per hour (using union figures for pay) 52 weeks x 135 staff = $7.5m
  • The union started this battle with 300 staff on the Ports and will be left with just 60.

Looks like Tony Gibson and Richard Pearson have chucked down the gauntlet – we lift the lockout – you help us save $8m.

Brilliant, I’d like to see Garry Parsloe tell the membership that more than half of them are now down the road but it was a great victory.

In the meantime I better send my $4.00 to the IRD on behalf of Matt McCarten.


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  • johnbronkhorst

    Even if  we take the $91000 average salary…thats still 88 staff gone, 88 union members, 88 less people giving to the labour party etc etc

  • Evan Johnson

    Well … another backdown by Ports of Auckland Management – who by now MIGHT be understanding what due process and good faith are all about.

    If there is $8 million to be saved, lets start working through the means now.  The standoff of the last few months has been absurd.  

    And management changes are clearly needed at Ports of Auckland if we have yet more stuff-ups. 

    • Anonymous

      Does that mean the Union have lifted their strike notice? It appears “good faith bargaining” means workers can strike as much as they want but employers can’t lock out.
      Can’t wait til the first round of redundancies then.

      • jackwhite

        both union and employers must give 14 days notice of either strike ,or a lock out notice by law.The port company did not issue 14 days even after union lifted the strike therefore ports illegaly locked the workers out.So no workers can not strike when they want ,Please try to at least keep up to play fuckwit

      • BW_Lord

        @ Jackoff white
        The ports lockout hadn’t even come into effect as it was set for 14 days after the date of issue.
        Followed the letter of the law.

      • DJ

         wow Jackoff, people in glass houses ……

        The immediate lockout was for safety purposes but the ports issued the imminent lockout correctly, notifying MUNZ they had 14 days before the Indefinite Lockout would commence.

        So retracting your “fuckwit” comment would probably be the right thing to do …… but then again that is probably beneath you.

      • Balanced View

        The point that the lockout was legal was “seriously arguable” Enough for the ports to be concerned to the point of backing down. I don’t know why you would want to come here arguing it’s legality?
        Evan is right, this whole drama has been absurd. No matter where you stand the POAL management have handled this poorly. Helen Kelly and Garry Parsloe have also played a huge part in this relationship deteriorating. I think a clean out from both parties is required.

    • Markm


      Any good General knows that to win the war , you will lose some bat ties.
      Parsloes not a General , maybe an average corporal

      • Markm

        Need edit function should have read battles not batties

      • Rightoverlabour

        Not even a corporal, just a dick head who does not give a toss about the members that will eventually pay the price for his stupidity. The best thing he could do is do  a swan dive of the bridge and become shark food…..

      • Travdog

        There IS an edit function. Can’t work out how you saw ‘reply’ but not ‘edit’ right beside it? Time for another coffee!

  • Bilcaro

    Figures and fact are two different things, just have to wait and see

  • Random66

    Obviously the main reason for the turn-around here is the pressure that is currently on the port to move goods for their clients and to keep the economy ticking over.  This is just one more bend in the road – it is not the end.  The following excerpt is taken from the PoA press release and would show that this battle is far from over because their goal has not changed.

    “Does the Port still intend to contract out?
    That proposal is still there, but for now it is on hold. We’ll be talking to MUNZ and trying to get what changes we need through a new collective. Ports of Auckland also confirms that retaining the right to contract out in the collective remains a bottom line.”

    • SJ00

      To be fair, letting MUNZ back on the wharf won’t help get goods out *faster*, as I believe the ship count was 18 unloaded by non union members, and at a faster rate than when MUNZ are ‘working hard’.
      If I was a non union member, I’d make sure I would walk around in pairs, having a witness and if necessary a camera, to record anything MUNZ workers do to ‘the scabs’. They are going to have a go at them and they should be done the second they step out of line.

      • Gpperters

         The claim that union labour is unproductive is false and unsubstantiated the fact of the matter is that unions take pride in completing work to a high standard and maintaining health and safety standards. Productivity at the port has been continually increasing as well as working safely.  Non union labour’s only focus is making sure they do not rock the boat for fear of not getting any more work for them it is quantity not quality.

      • Gem

        No that’s not right Gippeto or whatever your name is.
        One thing only has bolstered their efficiency rating incorrectly and that is that fact that the yard is not full so there are not as many rehandles and container proximity to the berth has reduced straddle travelling time.  Should the customers come back, the extra volume would reduce that efficiency saving.

        However, it is what they are doing with vessel operations, how they are working with their teams, and that they are coming in before a vessel arrives and working it through and then leaving.  NOT, coming in 7am for a ship that starts at 1pm and sitting around for hours then doing 2 hours work and getting paid for 8.  They’re also working 12 hour shifts, something MUNZ is agressively against, they prefer you to be able to “work” a double – 16 hours which is surely a MASSIVE health and safety risk, except of course a lot of that is spent in the mess room.

        I hope when you get back that you have to work the new way. 

        Some of you I suspect will adopt a new slower way of walking and plenty of new ailments and injuries – that’s just putting your hand up to be culled.

      • Gpperters

         Well done Gem you seam to be very close to this dispute, POAL management perhaps? Maybe this is why you are so one sided on the issue.  As an outsider looking in POAL management obviously do not respect their most valuable asset, their labour resources.  I congratulate MUNZ for standing up for meaningful full time employment.  Casualties may well result from the poor decisions of the POAL management but at least the jobs left will have the ability to provide stability for families.

      • Roland

        Yes I agree, I remember when the Tanker Drivers in Christchurch were having a go and Paddy O’Boyle was being given a real hard time and he kept coming into our Refinery with a smile, I asked him why he was so happy and he told me that he had a Tape Recorder running in his top pocket, he made the Bullies look very sick with his multi thousand dollar payout….

      • Gem

        Gipetto, I am union and unlike you, I have a brain and like to make my own decisions.  I also take responsibility for my own actions – again, unlike you.  The port might value its stevedoring labour more if it actually worked for what it was paid for.  The people inside the red fence, who are the majority are highly valued it is only this one department where guys with square butts full of lard want to pretend they are employed by the union and not the port. 

  • Evan Johnson

    Cameron – It is notable that you predicted yesterday that the Lockout would stand.  It has been withdrawn.  Hell you were wrong for once.

    • Very hard to predict the squeamishness of softcocks. At least I venture an opinion ahead rather than most commentators who simply wait to see what will happen.

      • Bilcaro

        When are we going to change the score sheet, the Union seems to be going quite well at the moment

  • Gpperters

    It would seem that perhaps one or two of your bloggers are currently scoffing down the last few mouthfuls of hat, maybe this is the reason for the lack of words at the present time.

    • Salacious T Crumb

      Lets see who has retained their jobs before you break out the condiments.

      • jackwhite

        at least some will still work ,I mean why lose over 68 million to save 5 million if they upped the container rate by $5.60 per box they could be in the 9.3 profit margin but thats to hard for the port company .They would rather wast your tax payer money.

      • Gem

        Don’t you get it, you think the sky is full of money?  They can’t up the container rate by $5.60 per box!  They would price themselves out of the market and give the worst service.  Port of Tauranga stole so much of their business because they were able to work so much more productively for less outlay that they undercut POAL and got the work.  If POAL became more expensive you might get a new job there sweeping the pavements outside the new apartment blocks they built on Fergusson terminal because the port would be over.  Add to that, that the shipping lines work on a tight margin and they never want to go up in price and are always trying to drive the price per box down.

    • Gpperters

       Perhaps if the ports of NZ were to join forces and stand together then maybe they could stop undermining each other and stop the global operators from dictating terms of container rates.  But as the port operators appear to be run by cut throat snakes such as Gem then there is probably not a lot of hope.  This is what drives down the working conditions of average NZ’s unlike yourself Gem.

      • MrV

        Then I’m afraid all we would have to look forward to are feeder services from Brisbane/Singapore.

        That is where the real competition long term is, not Auckland v Tauranga v Napier etc

      • Gem

        Hahaha!  Cut throat snake – that’s a good one, and you are??? Black widow spider??

    • Gpperters

       cargo would still be moving across our ports

  • Evan Johnson

    And what about the salary of the Chief Executive?   How much has the actions of Management cost us?

    • jackwhite

      68 million and counting

    • BJ

      Anyone thats done no more than go to work and put their hand out for a pay packet year in year out wouldn’t have a clue what’s involved in keeping a business going and labour thats gets too full of their own self importance should consider that they are only there because others with far more guts started a business 

    • Gem

      The chief executives at POAL have always drawn a similar salary. His salary is irrelevent to the argument.  The cause of the argument is, he wanted you to be more productive, you countered that you wanted more paid sick leave and to have the union picnic day a paid holiday and then you stuck your hand out demanding more wages and no change.  YOU brought the loss of revenue, YOU lost the customers, YOU dragged the port down and YOU have besmirched the name of wharfies for the next 20 years.

  • Evan Johnson

    And I see a Director has now resigned – about time I say.

    More More More !!!

    • Lucky it was him who resigned, he would have been the one wanting to smash the union completely.

      • jackwhite

        are you out of doughnuts sugur level dropping?

    • He resigned in disgust at the softcockedness of the the rest of the board.

      • SC

        He resigned because he was instrumental in the development of the strategy and has been found out. That strategy has failed and the wharfies are back.  By the way, thanks for your work you have been a big help to the union, keep up the good work.   

  • BJ

    Any decent employer like the POAL is, has many stakeholders to consider – but they have not swayed from what they say is their ultimate goal – that is to make the port efficient and profitable which will mean a win for all parties in the end. What is a sad fact is that the Union thinks its about winners and losers as they approach the whole exercise full of fear which means of course they behave badly and show how inflexible in their thinking they are.  How about trying the grown up mature approach of working cooperatively towards the goal and then we can all ‘win’

    • Evan Johnson

      That question should surely be put to the Directors and Management of Ports of Auckland.  They are the ones that have been trying things on, and then having to back down.  They need to be taught to work within the law and in good faith.  

      • Gem

        You mean like the way that you work within the law, like blocking roadways, surrounding women in their cars while wearing balaclavas and rocking their vehicle, approaching people making deliveries to the port and aggressively telling them to F***OFF. Making up lies about deaths at Port of Tauranga with no thought of how the families of those people may feel.  Telling half truths on TV like Mita Skipper talking about how he’s been a straddle driver for 5 years when he’s been on ACC for the last 2 and a half years????  If MUNZ is a living example of pure goodness and all that is right in the the world, then we are living in hell on earth.

      • Random66

        Nice Gem.  Well said.

      • Evan Johnson

        Gem (not) and Random 66 (very random)

        I have no idea what you are talking about.  I have driven past the protests day after day, and seen nothing more remarkable than the occasional toot of the horn.

        So far, all the court action has found the Ports of Auckland management to be at fault.  If you listened to Checkpoint with Mary Wilson tonight, you would have heard the Union chief explaining how the bosses have been coralled into a no-win position.  
        Again, the Ports of Auckland management CLEARLY need to be TAUGHT lessons about Industrial Relations.  If they wish to experiment, rather than receive proper training and advice – be it on their heads!

      • seems to me

        Seems to me that basing a future prediction on a Mary Wilson interview with a  Union Chief about the ports issue might be just a tad “random”..  Having heard many interviews by “attack dog” Wilson, getting to the truth, gets eliminated in the quest for Mary to pursue her own agenda.   Shame really.  Certainly think neithe party can claim a “win” yet. Twill be a long time until the fat lady sings…..

  • Arnold

    bloody sad day for New Zealand when you pack of scum bags can hold the country to ransom…

    in reply to Evan Johnson and Jackwhite

    • jackwhite

      not as sad as a company that does not bargain in good faith..cocksuck

      • AzaleaB

        you know, foul language doesn’t add weight to your argument…it only makes you look a simpleton and uncouth.

      • SJ00

        Union didn’t bargain in good faith either..

      • DJ

         Rejecting 9 offers of changes to the collective agreement, going on strike to get several employees re-employed is hardly good faith bargaining.

        The spoilt child always cries the loudest.

      • Bafacu

        How sad that you have to resort to calling people names to try to get your point over.  I think you will find it a lot harder for the “union bullies” to play the stand-over game that they have enjoyed for so long.  Perhaps if you spent more time working and less time agitating all would be better off.

      • Frangi

        You don’t know what good faith is.

      • Rightoverlabour

        looks like you are an expert at this, so whose do you suck, any union members or just the MUNZ hierarchy? The one thing that is noticeable about all the posts on here written by union thugs is that they constantly use foul language and threats to try and get their point  (or lack there of ) across. Childish, immature and proof that you are losing the battle…

      • Ronnie Chow

          Touchy touchy . Your gang leader is back to square one , no further .

    • Evan Johnson

      It was the Ports of Auckland Management holding us all to ransom.  Except they have been found out – much to their embarrassment.  

      The public won’t be fooled much longer.  Kiwis hate U turns.

      • Gem

        You’re so stuck in victim mentality you shouldn’t be let back in.  You’re determined that someone else has brought this all apon you and not remotely looking at your own actions.  I hope they post a security guard to your leg when you go back through the fence who’s 6’10” and 20 stone and he follows you EVERYWHERE because you sure as hell are not a good employee

      • Cadwallader

        This will be a short-lived victory for the union. The port is a disaster and eventually the accounts will dictate that the unionised lazy pricks are surplus to requirements.

  • ConwayCaptain

    If POAL say they need another 100 workers to cover leave, sickness, training etc they can reduce their workforce considerably.

    Also they can say to MUNZ we will take these people and the rest can go. so they can get rid of the standover people.

    Any problem with threats etc you are “down the road” and all you will get is your outstanding pay amd leave entitlements.

    NOW if POAL paid everyone a dollar rate per hour which included all leave etc entitlemets the if someone stepped out of line it is “down the road” heres your outstanding pay now Bugger off.

  • Andy

    What’s happening is this.
    POAL has lifted the notice and therefore is forcing the Union back to the bargaining table. The POAL will present an offer which will include efficiency measures, organizational restructure and so on. This will force the Union to make a decision which will always work in favour of POAL.
    The most likely outcome will be that the Union will reject the offer, will go on strike and therefore will justify POALs strategy of outsourcing. What it will do also is to show up the Union for what it is, a obstacle to the day by day operation of the port.  

    • Gem

      Thanks, that’s good to know

  • Owl

    The Owl has woken for the evening

    Reading the paper now – as said before I will be first eat humble pie – I have a very interesting question though.

    Whale Oil – nice calculations !!!

    Will post later

  • Positan

    Jackwhite – POAL nine times attempted “good faith bargaining” with MUNZ to absolutely no avail.  Your baseless support of the MUNZ position of being paid (and grossly so) for far more hours than they work only confirms your own greed-based, parasitic inclinations.  

    I won’t be holding my breath expecting you to concur with that established fact.  Your expressions of disagreement indicate both an impoverished vocabulary and a determinable paucity of intellect.

    • Evan Johnson

      It was still embarrassing when they went to the Court Room, for POAL management to be found in breach.

      Other employers are obliged to follow the law.  Why not POAL?>

      • Random66

        This just brings to mind a comment I heard on the radio some years ago under Helen’s regime.  An employer phoned up and he said that it was now easier for him to marry and divorce the boy next door than it was to hire and fire him.  Shocking but clearly true.

      • Positan

        Are you able to make any sort of sensible comment about the fact of 40 hours pay for 26 hours work – and how such a set up constitutes “good faith” on the part of MUNZ when it is effectively screwing its employer? 

        Have you noticed how you people only ever quote “the law” when it appears to support your own objectives?  

    • jackwhite

      And the union and its workers also tried over 9 times to come to a collective agreement ,always two stories to be told you have only read one please try to read the other.

      • Beenthere

        We already have both sides of the story & most of us have come to our own conclusions. Attempting to rewrite history isn’t going to change those conclusions.

      • Positan

        The union seeks that its members be paid 40 hours for 26 hours’ work.  Would you uphold such rapacious nonsense if you were an employer?

      • Light

        Yes, there are two sides to each story, each person’s perpective is their own reality. 

        Jackwhite:  I have copies of the union negotiation demands from your first meeting when you were made a great offer and turned it down.  It tells a third story, one of utter greed.

        The documents were not leaked by POAL, they were left lying around, an unbelievable oversight by one involved in confidential negotiations. 

        Page one alone is eyepopping.  While most NZ’ers get 5 paid sick days a year MUNZ members get 15 yet in their first negotiations round where POAL approached them to get on board and take on some productivity initiatives, they came to the table with a demand to get 30 paid sick leave days a year.  This is how far apart the two parties are. 

        The union has not tried to move with the times or acknowledge the global economic climate like all other businesses have had to, it has gone to battle over it’s perceived threat that it should need to change.  What MUNZ wants, is to remain the same and to get more and it is not showing any signs of enlightened leadership.

  • Quintin Hogg

    Interesting analysis.
    POAL have made it clear where they are heading with work place flexibility so I can’t see that bottom line shifting.
    What MUNZ will look for is the status quo, and even that seemed to be a shifting target as i read the various proposals.
    I suspect that the outcome of the “bargaining” might not acheive that much other than more strikes/lockouts.

  • Guest

    So the union started with demands for pay a increase.  Then 300 were about to lose their jobs.  Now they might keep their jobs, well 80 or so of them, with no pay increase.  Yeah, that was a good day out for the union.

    • jackwhite

      actually thats not the case GUEST have you not been keeping up to date,get the facts correct before you spout off utter tripe please.In fact the workers turned down pay increases or profite on box rates,They just do not to be on callback 24/7 with short notice on shift start and finish times.Get back under the bosses desk from were you emerged MAGGOT.

      • Guestosterone

        are you part of the 220 or the 80 Mr Rocket Scientist?

      • Beenthere

        So whats with all the anger then..

      • Gem

        That’s an echo from John Key is a Maggot – are you back doshi?

      • Frangi

        Another fallacy, and particularly insensive of you considering your casuals are on call and you’ve never thought to strike over them having to wait for phone calls before. 

        You also know that if you’re a casual, you ring the labour allocators and tell them you’re available.  They’re not an automated answer service and will let you know when work is coming up and when you might be needed.  Then you get on with your day.  You don’t have to wait like a frightened child alone in a dark room scared and at the mercy of a mean monster.  It’s called being pro-active.

      • Eli

        What I don’t get is, if a port can post a time table of when ships are due to arrive and depart, is it really being on call? These things seem to be planned fairly decently in advance aren’t they? Its not like a ghost ship is all of a sudden going to turn up without anyone knowing about it

      • Ronnie Chow

           Eli , ships are often late , sometimes early . my latest container was 2 weeks late after ship repairs in Perth . MSC I might add .

      • Eli

        Ronnie, true. Do they keep their etas and the like updated with the destination port?

        I guess just trying to get my head around the “hanging buy the phone 24/7” if its actually a true thing or not, in terms of having to drop what your doing to go unload a ship or if there is a lot more co-ordination around arrivals/departures

      • Gem

        For Eli,

        The ships ETA’s are planned in advance and they book themselves a berthing window.  The window is a time period for their vessel to be worked. If they are going to arrive outside their window they have to forfeit their slot and negotiate a new one or if extremely late they may bypass the port and try to make up time to get to the next port on time.  There is very real pressure put on to maintain schedule because delays can cost enormous amounts. 

        Most shipping companies know in advance when vessels are behind schedule or are going to have to divert to get around bad weather.  So shipping schedules are not fixed in concrete, however everyone who works in the industry knows that, and you can always check the port schedule for updated info.  The only time you get called in on short notice is when people sign off, or are sick, or don’t turn up and you’ve made yourself available to be called up – that’s under the current model.  You have the opportunity to have dialogue with the labour allocators, it’s not like a computer assigns you a slot and you have to live with it. 

  • Light

    There is one group of people who are going to heavily lose out here and they are the casuals.  The casuals don’t have a redundancy clause so they will never have been in the running for a fat pay out, MUNZ have recruited them to join the union and pay subs and then they encouraged them to join the MUNZ cause and go on strike. Whilst on strike, MUNZ have paid them $300 a week if they attended the picket line, however now that they’re not on strike the casuals are on nothing. 

    Now that they have lost Fonterra and Maersk there isn’t enough work anymore to warrant paying casuals when they won’t be able to keep all of their permanent staff busy. So the port will drop the casuals and MUNZ will do nothing, they’ll throw their hat in with the permanents.  The permanent staff have always been good at shafting the casuals.

    As for those who are saying that management have caused all of this, the loss of business comes not from this incident alone.  It is MUNZ’s long history of striking every 2 years, of businesses not being able to get what they want out of the port becuase of MUNZ inflexibility that they left.  They will not put their eggs back in the POAL basket for a long time.  They know MUNZ are likely to strike again in May and however long it takes to get this sorted out is as long as POAL will be considered to be a risk, whether MUNZ are inside the fence or out.

    • Eli

      Totally agree, to think that the strikes have had no impact on the POAL’s customer base is totally insane. Heck if I was a customer of POAL and needed my shipment on time, I’d send it elsewhere too rather than face the uncertainty of it not showing up when I needed it.

  • Owl

    Hi Jackwhite
    Once again you seem to morph
    Owl is not too pleased with your approach – shame you decided to come back
    Licking the postage stamp

    • jackwhite

      hi owl yes crrect we do not haveemployment contract that is why we are going back again to the table to sort one out hopefully

      • Owl

        Not signed – that is the point.

        TEST: Go to the bank and ask for a mortgage – bet you $5.00 the bank wont give you one.


  • Owl

    The OWL reserves the right to eat humble pie.

    I decided to trace back the PORT dispute. I have to one very simple conclusion: Having an enormous about of employment law experience at the cold face side I have only come to one conclusion.

    MUNZ employees do not have a legal binding employment contract.


    Mr T Gisbon said – he listen to Len and Len listen to POAL – they have jointly agreed POAL has to save $8m …. don’t read anymore into anymore press statements.

    The starting point at the first discussion is this.

    Mr T Gibson: MUNZ working together we need to save $8m dollars – how can we do this together?


    • jackwhite

      wow what a hoot

    • SC

      A collective employment AGREEMENT is valid 12 months after its expiry. After that 12 months that same agreement becomes and individual agreement until the employee agrees otherwise. You outdated terms and lack of understanding of the ERA shows to me you don’t have experience in employment law and you are a flake. 

      The real world is just a few strokes away, come join us! 

      • Timandtim

        Correct is valid for twelve months afterwards.
        You have 12 weeks left to sign and counting. Hmmmm May 16th sounds like 12 months since the dispute …. Seriously SC look at consequences of the ERA if repeated offers are turned down.

        The left are really attacking the OWL these days…we love the OWL…he must be correct if you attack

        Go the Owl

  • ConwayCaptain

    We have far too many ports in NZ and far too many in the BoP/Hauraki Gulf area.

    The BoP/Hauraki Ports should either merge or come to some agreement as this area would have about 40%+ of NZs Imports/Exports wheter containerised or break bulk.

    There should be one port in the S Is as the main conatiner port either Lyttelton or P Chalmers.  Their should be a feeder service either by rail or sea (sea is the most efficient) between these 2  Ports and the minor ports of Napier, Welly, NP, bluff.

    There could be conventional?containers services at other ports using ships gear.

    • MrV

       Conway, what are your thoughts about Port of Timaru? As I understand it has an inland port in Chch. Does this not provide good competition for Lyttleton, and was esp. valuable after earthquakes when fuel was trucked up, while the tunnel was closed etc.

  • Owl

    WO lost his bet about the lock out.
    The Owl has not.

    I always said that if both parties return to the table – MUNZ will accept the original offer. 10% wage increase and POAL get their productivity gains. Refer my earlier posts

    MUNZ will only fight one clause now and I will up the ante…they will push for no loss of jobs…that is their only bargaining chip. If they get that in the contract in a substantive format I will personally write a note on here to mr parsloe

    Also doshi, Jackwhite John the maggot or whatever you call yourself….I have now mailed what I said
    I would do…I really struggle with people who just can’t show humbleness

  • Sarahkoman

    Explain to  me again about the POAL’s “rock solid case” in the employment court.

    • Owl

      Agree that is a good point. I can’t defend that statement.

  • Timandtim

    Light – was there anything else in the document

    • Light

      Yes, there was a lot more, it’s 3 pages long.  I will post some more over the days to come but here’s a few more things from my memory:

      30 days paid sick leave annually
      A subsidised canteen by POAL (also known as ratepayers of Auckland to the tune of $500k per year)
      An additional 1% POAL contribution to MUNZ members superannuation – they already get 7%

      I will dig the document out tomorrow and provide more then.

      • Timandtim

        Best you send to whale oil.
        He can do it as a full post

      • Light

        I will see what I can do.  I don’t have a scanner at home so the best I can do is take a photo of it and see what that looks like. 

      • Light

        I haven’t sent this in to whale before because what happens in the negotiations room is supposedly confidential. However some MUNZ members are claiming that they see minutes from the meetings whereas the public can only hear from Kelly and Parsloe and that is seldom the truth or the whole truth or from the Port media releases and they are about what is happening with the Port not what MUNZ is bringing to the table.  Now that they are back to square one and this is the last attempt I think it can come out as it will no longer be the document that they’re working with.

      • Timandtim

        Thank you Light – no one would like anyone to get into trouble. However what people on here would be interested in is understanding Mr G Parsloe claim “that it is not about the money its about family”

        A key platform for going on strike.

        Accepting that both parties are at ground zero – the public have been asked to support the Union – nothing wrong with that – though the public have been asked to support the family not the money.

        POAL have always said they wanted flexibility and contracting rights.

        So if the Union as you say asked for 30 days sick leave – will that is about the MONEY is it not – readers would agree.

        So why dont we go this way.
        Just answer the following questions:
        Did the Union ask for a pay increase?
        How much was the %age point increase?
        Did they ask for further entitlements?
        What were they?
        Did they ask for no contracting out services?
        Did they ask for no redundancies?
        Did they offer flexibility to the rosters?
        Where there any other requests?

        Please note you dont have to respond (however there will be alot of people waiting with baited breath.)

        We know that POAL offered a 10% increase
        Ability to contract out
        Increased productivity.

        The Union said no and went on strike – their right

  • Owl

    The OWL makes an observation.

    The Auckland City Council did not vote on the recommendation of R Northey.

    Doesn’t that tell you that ACC supports POAL

  • doshi

    Owl listen you unadulterated fuckwit my intention was to stay clear of this crap that is written on this blog but trying to drag me into names that i have nothing to do with you creatant.
    I did not apologise to you and you will not find me on the company email system as i do not even come from the cesspot that is called Auckland and am working
    I am not John Key the maggot even though i Totally concur with the name as he is a maggot but that is certainly not my statements.
    I am a wharfie and a JP and that goes to show you that we are not the unintelligent people you convey on this blog.
    I am humble enough to say we did not have a great victory here today as there is still a lot of work to do. 
    some of you want to grow up and take an interest in other pursuits as making accusations you can not back up means you are all small minded fuckwits
    ps Amid my statement of resigning from this blog and some of the statements coming from it
    I likes the obvious dementia of the Captain who told us all of a bollard pull on a tug
    Extremely interesting
    Keep taking the pills Captain

    • Doug_S

      You just can’t stay away can you Doshi…your last post proclaimed you would no longer post here but yet, here you are again with your profanity,abuse and personal attacks. My advise is once you have said you will not return then you should stick to that unless you are prepared to offer a balanced view without the afore mentioned poor excuses for dialog.  

    • Owl

      Thank you Doshi
      A a….. F…t
      The Owl never swears.
      So a JP thinks Auckland is a cesspot…meaning MUNZ staff are cesspots.
      Ministry of Justice is a great website – thank you for taking me there by announcing you are a JP.
      Do you know JPs are listed on the Internet?

    • Hawker

      So Doshi you are in fact full of misturuths, broken intentions.

      My intention was to stay away, ok you have broken that intention.

      Does this fit with your union thinking of I can say and do what I want. If I happpen to change my mind thats to bad for everyone else. That shows great faith.

      So is this the good faith bargining that you like to bring to the table in negotiations ??

  • Guest

    Explain to me again the POA ‘s “bullet proof”  case in the Employment Court.

  • Caleb

    It seems to me that it is very hard to get anything done in this country..

  • doshi

    I only returned to tell you extremely limited intelligent people that my name that keeps coming up as associated with other people is bull shit
    Doug Sutherland when you get this great honour of being accussed of something you are not and reading your shite and know you also have a problem with what i state
    Doug (I knew one once and he was mad) I do not like being accussed of people i am not

    • Greg M

       Doshi, simple way to fix the problem, post using your own name.
      But since most thugs are in fact cowards I’m sure you are too chicken shit to do that.
      Foulmouth. Coward. Loser.

      Greg Moore.

    • Doug_S

      Oh my dear Doshi…how wrong you are. You seek but I am not the Doug you think I am. You see….revealing my true identity would reveal nothing. I am in the true sense of the word an “innocent” bystander. I have only opinions and comment. I hold no grudges and I hold those in contempt for their unfounded utterances when done so!

      I will take your comment as a compliment when you state we are “limited intelligent” people. I like you will no doubt have limitations but ultimately intelligent. 

      I sincerely thank you for your compliment Doshi.

      Regards Doug (not Sutherland)….

  • Grizz30

    No one has won or lost yet. The backbone of the dispute is that the POAL are wanting greater flexibility in their workforce and to get them working more of the hours they are actually paid for. Even though the strikes and lockouts are over the dispute is not resolved. It is premature to say who has won this dispute.

    I think MUNZ should not get too cocky here. If they do not relent on the efficiency drive they may still find themselves redundant. If they do relent, some probably will be made redundant. From the POAL point of view this will not be a bad outcome. As we have seen on this blog, there are a handful of oldhands in the MUNZ who are effectively cancer. Bullies, racists, difficult and totally repellent individuals. It would be a good opportunity to give them a redundancy slip and cut them loose.

  • Owl

    Hi Doshi – welcome back.
    A wharfie and a JP…thank you . I knew that.
    Thanks for confirming.

    • Roland

      Hati hati, I think that may be incorrect

      • Owl

        Doshi posted he was a JP on here an hour ago

      • Doug_S

        Is that an Arabic reference Roland? I ask for interest value only…If yes..very clever!

  • Prov

    I have read some of the vicious bile, personal attacks from the gutter, and surprising level of venom that has been paraded on this ugly corner of the internet over recent weeks.

    Two things come to mind – there is an authoritarian mindset present that on occasion lurches over into the grotesque, like the commenter who suggested wharfies and their families should be gassed. More commonly though it comprises of a world view that sees the worker as a disposable commodity who should feel grateful to the charity of an employer for employment – as opposed to a exchange of labour for wages by free working people who ensure they have some collective protection as individuals (union) against a large impersonal corporation whose purpose is to extract as much labour out of them at the lowest cost possible.
    (Ironically in the case of POAL, the employers were effectively off the leash managers, employees themselves, although employed at a remuneration level suiting the self-appointed ruling class.)
    The second is the dehumanization of working people. Rather than a group of several hundred human beings that no doubt display all the foibles of the general population, as well as their good points, it seems to be acceptable in a manner that we have seen before in history to provide cardboard cutouts who can be assigned the easy labels of thug, workshy layabout, unskilled subhuman etc etc. That game can be played two ways – and the middle class slobs, the keyboard warriors, and excited marketing assistants who have screamed and screeched at the outrage of workers daring to organize, stand fast and hold to their principles in the face of an all out attack, have finally ground to a dazed halt as the wheels fall off the master plan to casualize, contract out and reduce another sector of the working class to cap doffing serfs.
    At the end of the day, unity, solidarity and dignity prevailed over the power of money and the “born to rule” tinpot management dictators, and all the slime that could be wallowed in by the ugly right. I can understand why many will hate the outcome. Because it represents the high point of the corporate bureaucrats achievements: their tide is ebbing now and their time is past. That is what the Ports of Auckland dispute symbolizes.

    • Sue

      Eloquently said.

    • Timandtim

      Prov….thank you I think over last 5 days most bloggers here have crucified the right wing of nick smith Boag etc.
      Your comments contradict yourself.
      You lambast people on here in a very lambasting way.
      Daylight saving is starting on Sunday ..don’t forget as I would hope you don’t end up more hours behind the general population.

    • MrV

       There is some truth to what you say, but at the end of the day it is the Auckland ratepayer who will pay the consequences of poor port performance. It is quite ironic that it is effectively a war between a union and socialised infrastructure. All the squealing about who has won and corporate bureaus etc is complete crap, POAL isn’t even a proper private enterprise given its ownership structure.
      The only winner I can see is the port of Tauranga.
      There is alot of water to pass under the bridge on the money side before this is over.

      Aucklanders seem to resent having a port on their prime waterfront, but for some reason it hasn’t yet computed that if they are to move that requires capital investment. That requires a profitable and efficiently run port. Otherwise look forward to ratepayer funded bailouts
      It took 20yrs to move operations to Port Botany in Sydney, something Auckland just doesn’t seem think about despite all the plans that Uncle Len dreams of.

    • Doug_S

      So Prov, while I see the human side of your argument and have a degree of sympathy for those soon to be or immediately dispossessed by POAL, I see no mention of the attitude from the union members ie. terms like SCAB and Intimidating workers unrelated to the issue (office workers) as well as threats to councillors one of which (through his wife) was threatened to the point where he has sought protection is reprehensible. The councillor in question has a debilitating disease making him an easy target. 

      Do you think that you might have a different view if you were in this councilors position and you found yourself having to hire protection for your family….seriously, is this how it works? Is this New York City and the Mafia rule?

      This issue has nothing to do with workers rights…it has everything to do with extending the lifespan of a communist movement steeped in the very dark history that is our english heritage. 

      (As a Pom, I am deeply embarrassed and disappointed) I came to this fair country to escape this attitude…seems it may have followed me.

    • Grizz30

      From my point of view, it is not about who should feel charitable etc. The reality is that both employees and employers should make demands that are reasonable. I feel that MUNZ has crossed a line and are being unreasonable with their demands. Thereafter actions taken by both sides have been questionable.

      I feel the warfies are well remunerated compared to most tradesmen employees. It is not unreasonable to ask them to be more flexible and work the hours they are paid but give them a 10% pay rise in lieu of loss of dead time (1/3 of hours paid on average). However I cannot see Parsloe and company realising this. I cannot see the POAL backing down from this so the likely outcome is mass redundancies.

      • Owl


  • Owl

    Doshi I refer you to your responsibility under the Ministry of Justice policy as a Justice of Peace.

    I think WO would be really interested that he has a foul mouth swearing name calling JP on his website.

    I think Andrew Bridgman will be too

    • Stevo

      And as we all know, if a Court Registrar is not available,  Police have to use   ‘JP’s to  sign off for processes, such as search warrants etc.. ( As a corollary, all the JP’s I know are highly  respectable people.)

  • Beagle

    i don’t know what is the more disturbng news today. That the Union are calling this a victory or that some muppett at TV 3 thinks that a show starring Sally and Jaime Ridge along the lines of the
    “Kardashians” is a good idea.

    • Quar-Fe..Conn-Fe

      Anything ending in Ridge brings nothing but bad publicity. Having had the extreme displeasure of dealing with..ex-husband / father I can reliably inform you all if Miss Ridge is her fathers daughter she has a life of purgatory in stall. Enough said!

  • Timandtim

    I am amazed how people on the left decide to come on here…attack people then leave. Example you have Prov write a sermon which was actually really good then attacks everyone at the end. Doshi is on the run…has trouble identifying who he is…I read your post …it looked like an apology to me…SC gives a lecture on era law..then leaves when pulled up.
    doshi make up your mind who you are

  • Owl

    Not sure what has been achieved tonight but at the end if the day MUNZ have nowngot to negotiate $8m in savings.

    Oh well but we did find out Doshi confirmed he is a JP?. I am 100% sure he won’t be back if he wants to retain his JP status.

    I have been researching the expected conduct of JPs and I have to say Doshi has totally over stepped the mark. Also is date and times he has posted clearly shows he been blogging in working time or amazingly he says awake 7 days a weeks 24′ hours.

    He also called Auckland a cesspot…but proud to be a wharf. logic steps

    MUNZ you are cesspots regards Doshi

  • Greg M

    Owl, Tend to agree. If he is NOT a JP, would that be similar to impersonating a police officer ?
    Very serious.
    Anyway, WO has his email address and I am sure will comply with any official investigation.
    Most interesting posts Owl, Thank you , G.

    • Owl

      Greg I have decided your comments are very accurate

  • Doug_S

    OWL, Having an opinion is one thing but the denigration, poor language and one eyed view surely discredits Doshi as a JP. The title bestows upon the recipient a responsibility to show bipartisan behavior and at the very least a balanced view.

    Doshi’s posts are not what his responsibilities as a JP represent….Therefore, his status is in question.

  • Owl

    I have found Doshi claim of being a JP and a MUNZ member quite disturbing.

    It’s been a restless night

    The OWL sleeps

    • Frangi

      You mean like how doshi can run down tuvaluans, women, chinese and ridicule those he thinks are older than him and in the next breath wish harm to come to the children of non-union members and then tell everyone Happy Easter and then act as a JP?  hmmm, yes, very disturbing!

    • Beenthere

      I agree, Doshi’s attitudes aren’t those you would expect a JP to have.
      It’s possible of course that he’s not a JP at all, after all, we only have his word for it.
      He keeps telling us “he’s proud to be a wharfie”.
      Whats so special about been a wharfie then?, A job for life?, if so, he’s not exactly ambitious then is he?, sort of like a resthome, before you go into a resthome.

  • Committed

    It might suprise some of your readers that wages make up only a third of the Port’s costs. ONLY A THIRD!!! As a manager at the Port, I’d seriously be considering looking at reducing the bulk of the costs, which are NOT wages. Makes sense, eh?

    • Owl

      No surprise actually a third Is quite high as a benchmark.
      So another third will land and building costs – love you to reduce those – sell them ok
      Another third will be operational stuff like printing communication … Fine happy to drop those.

      It is a service industry – service is based on customer service and efficiencies.

  • J B Richard

    The ports U turn is more about collective pressure being applied Nationally and internationally. Poor tactics by Pearson.