Ports remove lock out

The Ports of Auckland have removed the lock out notice ?(Ports Press Release)?and the unions are dancing in the street claiming a great victory.

Not so fast though, with the celebrations though.

The Port needs to save $8m per year which means Auckland City Council has?supported the 12% return.

Let’s look at some facts.

  • The wharf is working at 40-50% capacity with 57 staff.
  • 195 staff turned up for their pay.
  • To reach 100%?efficiency?they need another 60 staff.
  • That means 135 staff need to be made redundant.
  • A calculation at $27.00 per hour (using union figures for pay) 52 weeks x 135 staff = $7.5m
  • The union started this battle with 300 staff on the Ports and will be left with just 60.

Looks like Tony Gibson and Richard Pearson have chucked down the gauntlet – we lift the?lockout – you help us save $8m.

Brilliant, I’d like to see Garry Parsloe tell the membership that more than half of them are now down the road but it was a great victory.

In?the?meantime I better send my $4.00 to the IRD on behalf of Matt McCarten.