Ports Update

Despite the claims of Garry Parsloe that not a single ship would be worked at Fergusson Terminal at the Ports of Auckland, ships are being worked and turned around in record time.

Lisa Schulte – Arrived pilot 0500 yesterday morning.  Vessel discharged 715 containers. ETD was this morning approximately 1000 hours – discharge completed ahead of schedule and sailed last night at 19:16.

Maersk Brani  – ETA 0600 Wednesday 7th March. Expected exchange approximately 380 moves, ETD later same day.

Passat Spring –  ETA 2130 hours Wednesday 7th March commencing work 0700 Thursday 8th March. Total exchange approximately 1100 exchange.

The court hearing in Wellington has finished – the Judge has reserved his decision until early afternoon.

The Maritime Union have flown in the bruvvers to assist and Matthew Dearnely in the Herald this morning repeats all their bravado, including this from a stroppy American unionist:

“There’s huge international support – I mean this is an international incident at this point,” said International Longshore and Warehouse Union vice-president Ray Familathe, as 300 Auckland port workers reached the 10th day of a four-week strike.

“It has gone beyond reason, the management seems to be on a destructive path here, which just seems to have no common sense about achieving some balance in the collective agreement between management and labour.”

I wonder why Matthew Dearnely didn’t mention that this Longshore unionist, who has been quoted in his papers, is the same unionist who threatened a POAL staffer in 2010 (when Ports was considering bringing in competing stevedores on the wharf) saying “we know how to deal with people like you in the US” and “don’t ever come to the States”?

I hope while Ray Familathe is here he asks the Maritime Union to share how much their Stevedores get because given his current pay arrangements perhaps he is looking for job here.

The Maritime Union continues to endorse racism, bullying and sexism. I’m not sure why they think that meddling unionists from overseas are welcome here to meddle in our industrial relations.

One thing is for sure, Ports of Auckland continues to unload and load ships without the union bully-boys of the Maritime Union. Every ship that is processed drives a nail into the heart of the union cause. No wonder half of their members no longer show up ont he picket, some having bolted to Australia for work. They have given up.



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  • ConwayCaptain

    Acclording to the NZH  61 BRUVVERS rom the US and Aus will be here for a march to show SOLIDARITY with their NZ BRUVVERS.

    Well the girls in Fort and Customs streets should be BUSY.  Think of all the Duty Frees bought in to share with the local BRUVVERS.

    Why dont they just stay at home.  Bet they all flew business class.

  • Phar Lap

    Just heard Liebour is on the side of the economy destroyers,the Wharfies .Looking forward to seeing “Dormouse” Shearer on the picket line.Might do someting there, as his presence in Parliament is as usless as an ash tray in a wind tunnel.

    • Gazzaw

      It’s pretty well known who really controls the US waterfront unions and labour wants to line their support up alongside them?

  • BJ

    We don’t’ need MUNZ getting pointers from any other countries unionists – it is none of their business and they can only be here to encourage heavy tactics. Next thing they’ll star bullying the non-union workers.This country does not need any group controlling the supply chain – it needs to be knocked on the head right now before it gets out of hand.
    We do not need The American Way shoved in our face.

  • Frangi

    Yip, America has enough problems they should get back to work over there instead of coming out here for a free holiday on their members fees.

  • Biker

    Three cheers for the great work by those down at Fergusson and general wharves who are keeping the supply chain going and doing their best to make Auckland a viable port call.

  • Doug_S

    Ports expansion gone! “Today the Council voted to undertake an extensive review of the role of Ports of Auckland before deciding on whether to support further expansion into the harbor” Says it all really…..

  • Doug_S

    6762 people signed the online petition…that is only 1000 more since early last week…LMAO That campaign is really working out well eh Garry!

  • joe bloggs

    meanwhile on prolefeed across at TheStranded:
    POAL acting illegally by forcing non-contract workers to work!
    Services failing  – massive declines in dockings
    Secret show-of-hand ballots affirm support for slave-labour stevedores
    Global, nay, pan-universal support for the vulnerable union cadre
    Bourgeoisie running-dog employers caving in to demands  – how long till management folds?

  • Blokeintakapna

    Surely MUNZ/CTU/Labour can now be lawfully charged for inciting commercial &  political terrorism by introducing American union stirrers to their hostage/extortion exercise?

    Bringing American extortionists into the fray must surely be a case for the FBI to act on now… especially since they have a heap here sitting around in Coatsville doing not much – surely they could extradite their own rabble back to a deep hole somewhere in North America? 

  • Timandtim

    So the US says this is an international event – I thought Super Bowl was the only truly US international event. Followed closely by the Olympics (split between summer and winter events). Then the NBA and the NHL – which are both very good international events.

    The funny thing about this is that G Parsloe thinks that bringing in the so-called heavies that this whole country will cave in. Will firstly if you need to bring in the heavies the first thing I would say is this – true leadership inspires and motivate people and that is a skill left for people who build nations and identities – e.g. Hillary, Snedden Rutherford Whineray etc etc – I find this bravado by the  Union President is about as exciting as attending my grandparents renewal of her wedding vowels.

    I am very disappointed that the person leading this Strike (The President) can’t lead and inspire and requires to bring in people from overseas. Its not a Telethon or maybe it is – where do I donate and can I sing that “thank you very much for your kind donation” song.

    I have always said this will go down as one of the embarrasing Union PR jobs in NZ History – some sound advice – take a deep breath – go back to the members and say – ok we have tried everything but we are going to run out steam.

    And the other thing too: The US guys have to leave at some stage…I don’t think they really care….and who is paying for their expensive hotels – oh – the Union members each week out of their subs.


    Why don’t you all get your facts right!  Ray Familathe visit was planned before all this carry on began. He was a speaker at the MUA conference that was held in  Aussie last week talking to members about Rio Tinto’s lockout of 750 members in Qubec. They too were in collective barganing when they were locked out on New Years Eve. They had no demands for better pay or conditions. Those workers are now picketing in -35 degrees while Rio Tinto try to break them. Ray spoke in Invercargill on Thursday to union members from Rio Tinto’s smelter in Bluff and members of the Maritime Union. His message was clear. If they can do this at thier most profitable smelter they own then they will do it across the board to increase the profit to the shareholders at the workers expense. Much like POAL. Trust me all the other Port Companies will be watching the outcome of this dispute to see how they can do the same.

    • Euan Rt

      Excellent. More profitable wharves around the country. Maybe there is hope for this country yet.