Ports Update, Ctd

Updated – 0912

via the tipline

The tipline is humming, I have many voicemails and emails about the situation down at the Port this morning.

Illegal Pickets on Roadways

The Maritime Union are now running illegal pickets this morning at every entrance to Ports of Auckland including Captain Cook Wharf. The terminal was due to open at 0730 for road transfers, and instead drivers were faced with a wall of picketers blocking the road. The Police are in attendance. Traffic is blocked up all along Tamaki Drive, and back into the city.

This represents a major change in tactics, and shows that the Aussies are now running the show. The efforts of MUNZ and CTU appear to have been cast asideand replaced by a more militant and potentially violent confrontation.

Wait for the reports of poor protesters injured by the Police, and drivers intimidated by MUNZ members. The Aussies will be well out of the way, but you can be sure that the influence has come from them, and that they are now pulling the strings.

Gone is the moderate approach promoted by the MUNZ members that their action and presence at the wharf was a demonstration, not a picket.

The action moves from a dispute about flexibility and working conditions to an ego driven defence of the world of Trade Unions.

Access for Workers difficult

Many of the IEA’s were granted access to the wharf through other entrances in order to protect themselves and their cars from MUNZ bullying.

This morning The Maritime Union have been verbally attacking and bullying more than 50% of the people who work at the port who are not union.  That includes cleaners, office staff, payroll, managers, mechanics etc and those who are not union but are still being made redundant.

Union Intimidation

During the staged picket this morning they surrounded a woman’s car and shook it while she was inside it.  The woman has been posting comments here telling the truth about and they’ve identified her by some of her comments. As a result they have decided to bully and intimidate her. This is disgraceful behaviour from the maritim Union thugs and bullies.

The Maritime Union continue their love of threats and confrontational bullying even though it is that which is sealing the lid of their coffin.

The wonder is that Labour has decided to support people who will bully and intimidate women who are guilty of only expressing a view.


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  • Qplah

    They not only blocked people from getting to work but they blocked out the trucks as well.  Anyone know what the law is for people who block a roadway with their bodies so that traffic cannot get through.  Is this also a council offence?

    • Blokeintakapuna

      It’s called a judder bar – just how Darwin intended…

    • toby_toby

       If you’re going to close off a road you need a proper traffic management plan signed off by the council. I doubt the picketers have a legitimate traffic management plan.
      That, and you need permission to close the road to begin with. The council is pretty toothless but I suppose they can issue a fine.

  • GRYN

    Rocking a car with a woman in it is COWARDICE.  You can bet they would be squealing if it happened to their wives, mothers, sisters and daughters.  I say we bring in a fleet of Monster trucks to get these people to work and see how easy the find it trying to eyeball the driver then.

    Better yet, get everyone to get on a ferry and have it dock at Fergusson where they can get off.  

    • Tom

      I reckon they get the ”BIG IS GOOD” guy from the mitre 10 adverts to drive into the port. Their stock supplies would have been interupted by this bullshit for sure!

      •  Pity you hadn’t mentioned that yesterday Tom; I actually shared a flight with Levi yesterday, and would have been only too happy to ask him. He is one BIG unit!

  • GR

    Fuck off Aussies and Yankee Doodles.  MUNZ if you let these guys run you, you will lose control and cause an even worse PR disaster than you already have.  

    • AzaleaB

      well said. This ‘support’ by USA and AU is in my view is more than it seems. The union movement internationally is getting less traction. I think they are using NZ as a test case. We are so small that the headlines will also be small internationally if it goes to custard. BUT, if they gain some success you can bet the international papers will be well informed by the unions.

  • h2go

    Should of been first in queue at WINZ this morning instead of wasting that energy disrupting people who actually want to keep this country going….

  • Taillight

    Attacking women – and one thought MUNZ could sink no lower

    • Fentonhater

      What next?  The bashing of children and elderly?

      • Blokeintakapuna

        MUNZ and the Unions are very happy to exploit innocent children and use them as “shield” on the picket line…

        Unpaid child labour explioted by the Unions… who would have thought…

  • hoha

    That poor women was my wife and she was still shaken from it at 9 this morning 2 hrs after she had started work. If I find out who they were that done that to my wife Im going to fuck them up big time. And for you asshole union members reading this dont think I wont.

    • AzaleaB

      I understand the sentiment but do’t sink to their level. Wrestle with shit and some will stick.

    • Greg M

       I hear what you’re saying hoha, and we are with you mate, the only consolation is that not one single one of the “picketers” will ever work on the wharves again, Ever.

    • Kiwidon

      Hang in there mate – take solace that 99% of the country is appalled of such thugery!

    • Paddles83

      Hoha dont sink to those low lifes level, I understand were you are coming from after putting up with the same shit from the miners union in thee 70’s


      Happy to help,Bunch of fucking cowards the lot of them.

    • Beenthere

      Stand proud Hoha, your not alone in this.

    •  Agree with what the others are saying Hoha; I can understand your anger, but don’t stoop to their level. There will be plenty of other ways to get even.

    • Charlie the farmer

      The best to wife, please let her know that 99% of the country would of been there to help if they could of, but as others have said dont sink to their level sir, there are other ways and other people who will in a completely legal way get back at them. Just be calm know its a stupid thing to say but everyone knows that the cops will not take on those bastards and hammer you instead.  

  • John Mi

    Remember that the majority of these people are desperate. They are also ‘followers’ and ‘cowards’
    They don’t have a hope, and you can’t blame them for using the only tactics they know.

    • Frycook

      It’s a no win.  They are a sad lot and yet they are now going after people who don’t deserve the treatment they usually reserve for behind the red fence.  Garry Parsloe, for God’s sake, show some leadership and reign them in.  Do the right thing, these guys are like tyres with too much air in them ready to blow.  Find a more positive outlet – what happened to the community work or are you determined to take everyone down in your few man crusade.  Let those who want to go back to work go for God’s sake and get rid of your foreign thugs, they’re causing more harm than help.  Humility would go a long way here Garry.

    • Mike

       Of course you can blame them! What a foolish statement. Next up you’ll say that a bank robber who shoots a teller can’t be blamed because he did not know better.

      • Philip ure a cock

        Straight out of a labour party policy manual!

    • Beenthere

      I do blame them for the tactics they use.., these aren’t children were talking about here. What they need, is to suffer consequences for their actions in a lawful manner.

  • Euan Rt

    POAL should set up cameras at their gates and publish the footage – I’m sure whale would oblige. If overseas people are involved in intimidation, their visaa should be revoked and sent home on the next plane with a 2year re-entry ban. NZers caught on video should be processed in the courts. Should also be grounds for instant dismissal (meaning no chance of re employment through private companies)

  • Unionmole

    MUNZ are trying to target the people who have been posting what they know of working at the port here on WO.  They’re letting others through that they think are no threat and intimidating those who they think are squealing on them. 

    What they haven’t thought through though is that inside the union there are guys like me who hate what they’re doing.  We’ can’t voice it cos we’re not allowed to vote and we’re not keen on getting a gang bash.  Whale Oil is a place where we can have a voice.  So to all you car tossers and Aussie cock suckers – beware the MOLE!  Go too far and we’ll take you down from the inside.

    • Doug_S

      Get some footage….audio or video…I think you will find there are a number of interested parties that would gladly assist in exposing these thugs.

    • Orange

       Just leave. You are not being smart.

    • Grizz30

      Are you sure they are not going to turn on you as well?

      • Unionmole

        Of course and for us the punishment will be worse than what you have seen so far. 

  • ConwayCaptain

    They are desparate.  The chairman of POAL has said that it is too late for mediation and that they have contracted out the work.

    These people will NOT be employed by any of the contractors.  Everryone thought that POAL would contract out the work to Auckland Stevedores, C3 etc in the industry.  However they have played a blinder by appointing who they have and these people will NOT employ the lokes of Findlay, Parsloe etc.

    As it is illegal to have secondary strikes in Aus and the US supporting the BRUVVERS you can bet your bottom dollar that thye courts will come down HARD on them/.

    • Mike

       If only. I’m not betting any of my money that the courts will take effective action.

  • Greg M

    What is the legal situation with foreign nationals interfering with a sovereign state’s trade?

    Deport the fuckwits, now.

  • Allancathy

    There were a group of Australian Maritime Unionists on the flight over from Sydney the other morning.  All of them were rather large well built people and one would assume that their main reason for coming was to join the other bunch of losers and intimidate anyone who stood up against them. I wonder who is paying the wages of the imported thugs.

  • parorchestia

    I can’t understand MUNZ.  They have now lost their members’ jobs.   In any case, the dispute  was completely unwarranted and stupid.  If POA had carried on without improvement in efficiency, the MUNZ members jobs would have disappeared as the port failed and could no longer afford inefficient workers.  Are unionists dumb?   They should work with management to preserve jobs, not oppose them so as to lose them.  POA HAD to improve its efficiency.  

    To now resort to heavy handed tactics is despicable and stupid as those members of the public who were wavering will now be disgusted at the MUNZ tactics.

    • Bunswalla

      To understand what motivates MUNZ, Parsloe and other hard-core unionists, you (first need to have a lobotomy and then) need to read your history books. Parsloe is having the time of his life – this is what they live for. For them this is a class struggle, a fight to protect the honest working man against the capitalist oppressors. It’s fair to say that at times in the middle part of the 20th century their role was valid, and useful, and we all enjoy some benefits because of their efforts.

      But times change and they’re bitter about their fading relevance and usefulness, and angry that some of the legitimate tools in their arsenal have been eroded by law changes (driven by the public being fed up with the disruption they cause). They don’t know how to read the writing in 50 foot letters on the wall and go quietly – because they don’t want to.

      The dispute is now heading into territory they know well and enjoy immensely – the opportunity to fuck up as many people as they can. Parsloe and the union heavies never wanted to settle this dispute, where’s the fun in that? They’re just pathetic angry bitter cowards, lashing out at anything in their way, blinded by fury and impotence and determined to show “yous bastards” what you get for crossing them.

      Cam may have coined the term NFWAB but 50 years before that they decided you should NFWAU, and they’re now determined to live out that fantasy to try and give some meaning to their pathetic irrelevant lives. It’s sad, it’s pointless, and the outcome’s entirely predictable.

      • Qplah

        Spot on

  • toby_toby

    “Pickets were set up blocking access at Fergusson Terminal, Tinley Street,
    Captain Cook, Princes Wharf and Wynyard Wharf. Police are on site and are in
    discussion with picketers to clear the roads.”

    What is there to discuss? They can’t block off roads. If the picketers won’t stop blocking the roads and intimidating people, they should be taken away in a paddy wagon. Why are the cops being so useless?

    • Guest

      Totally agree, the bulling and intimidation they are doing to innocent people trying to get to work has absolutely no place in a civilised society. At the very minimum they should be locked up for disorderly behavior

    • Tom

      Bring out the watercannons!

      • Blokeintakapuna

        water deserves better – just bring out the cannons!

    • Boss Hogg

      They blew the quarterly budget arresting dotcom……….have to wait until April

  • Doodlebug

    There’s a it on stuff including a repulsive interview with Helen “eletist troll” Kelly.  Doesn’t she know the workers would bash her car in an instant if she worked inside the fence doing accounts.

    : http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/industries/6559219/Port-protesters-block-entrance


    Blocking roads,and scaring woman.Bunch of fucking losers.Karma has nothing fitting for you losers.

    • Travdog

      Karma has already dealt her punishment, this is the reaction.

  • Super_Guest

    Where’s Tau Henere’s bill compelling unions to conduct secret ballots at right now? With the public sympathy firmly on the side of POAL isn’t this a good time to give these thugs a taste of their own medicine? E.g. Being bashed by a larger far more powerful group?

  • Another guest

    Be interesting to see if Willie Jackson gets taken off air for inciting violence. Michael Laws was suspended for what most would see as tongue in cheek comments. Worrying thing is that Jackson is deadly serious.

  • Charlie the farmer

    Now that it is clear that the Auckland port is a no go area for any exporters and from what rumors I have been informed of cruise liners are expecting to avoid Auckland as passenger safty can longer be assured, what is the point of Auckland port??? We can no longer get goods in or out despite the best efforts of those men and women who took on the picket to do their jobs (well done to you all, your fantastic people) Can anyone reassure the rest of the country that its worth sending products to Auckland 

    • Qplah

      It will be yet another loss to the Port of Tauranga who already service a large number of cruise ships and their closer proximity to Rotorua the tourist mecca will be an advantage indeed.  The cruise liner business is lucrative and the tourists spend up big when in port so the shifting of that business will bolster Tauranga businesses and harm Auckland ones.

  • Charlie the farmer

    People!!! One thinks its time to set up a union called the Anti Union Union. Yes the name needs a lot of work but you get the idea. But we will get all the rights under law to picket them!!, where they may work where the CTU and MUNZ head office’s may be and what? will they complain against a UNION never!! Can we allow these so called worker rights F*#kers ruin our lives, it does’nt matter if your a wage, salary, self employed or big wig, WE as people with reason and understanding need to come up with a counter to this debacle of a (I dont know the word to descibe my anger at what they have done to good people who want to their job to their best)

    • Philip ure a cock

      CSU – Common Sense Union. Steal the soap box from the loony left who only get air time because they scream the loudest, and let common sense have a voice!

  • davcav


  • davcav

    Unions: Doing for Auckland what they did for Detroit

  • P2TP

    You all sound like a bunch off teenage girl gossiping bullshit and spreading it round the school yard ahahaha I can’t stop laughing at all your comments back and forth to eachother its hilirious guys keep it up…..whats even funnier yous are probably all the scabs still there working for a company who’s gonna give you the sack too but your up here defending it lol…Oh to the guy whos wifes car was apparently shaken, did you ask her if she drove full speed at the picketers?? almost running them over..thought so I don’t see them boohooing…the POA have cameras everywhere im sure you could see footage of this ‘car shaking’ if it actually happened.. ive been done at the picket line many times and aint seen any of this so called ‘thugeree’ maybe you should sit in your car and spy on them like the the other mole on here and see what dirt you can find coz im sure you won’t find any. Then, come back on here and talk some actual facts instead of the bullshit flowing out of your arse!

    • ConwayCaptain

      BTW P2TP I was a Master on the coast here and know exactly how the union works.  I have seen the Union stand over good people to get them to toe the line.

    • Euan Rt

      Yeah P2TP and did you see those non union guys on TV3 last night going on about the union bullying in the work place….You can try and put orange paint on a lemon, but it is still a lemon. By the way is your user name something to do with what happened to the bbq’s?

  • Trev

    Typical of lefties, they want to get paid for doing nothing.Good to see the courts make the lazy ass unionists at welly port do what they are paid to.One day the union members might wake up and see that the union officals dont care about them, all they care about is lining their fat lazy pockets…

  • Dont ya just hate it when people do something illegal Cameron? Even when its something they believe they have a right to do. Like I don’t know ” Eight breaches of suppression orders and one of identifying a victim”?