Ports Update, Ctd

The union bullies of the Maritime Union have enlisted the aid of their militant bruvvers in Australia in yet another illegal secondary action.

Australian port workers are showing their solidarity with their kiwi counterparts by refusing to unload a ship handled by non-union workers in Auckland.

A spokeswoman for the Maritime Union of Australia said union members are refusing to unload the Maersk Brani, which docked at Sydney DP World Wharf at Botany Bay at 5am.

The ship left Auckland on Wednesday evening, after being loaded by non-union staff at the Ports of Auckland.

I imagine the courts in Australia will boot this the same as the courts here.

Meanwhile the union march in Auckland could only be described as a failure. With just 2000 people out of a population of 1.4 million it is clear that their claims that the population of Auckland supports them are somewhat hollow.

When hardened left wing politicians express public disappointment then you know you are rooted.

Despite the numbers, former left wing MP Willie Jackson described the turnout as “disappointing”

“The union movement has to really get out and support these guys,” said Jackson.

“The CTU (Council of Trade Unions) needs to mobilise these unions a bit more. There’s a challenge for the CTU, these guys deserve their support.”

On a fine sunny day in Auckland the best the Maritime union could do was 2000 people and even then most were union ring-ins from other unions. I note that Labour decided to trough it up on the taxpayer flying Charles Chauvel from Wellington, Megan Woods from Christchurch and Moana Mackey from Gisborne.



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  • No Davids yet overtly supporting the union donors then? Funny that…

    • Gandalf

      David Cunnliffe was shown marching with them on the news

      • Troy

        Just goes to confirm he’s just as much a loser as the rest of them.  Frankly, i’d outlaw Unions and before all you leftwing soft cocks rant on about that, consider a country that wasn’t held to ransom by a small pocket of lazy assed union members… now, that would make NZ a great place to live.  Tired of these bums.

  • And to rub the final defeat into the nose and corpse of MUNZ, Len gets reelected for a second term.

  • Travdog

    I see David Cuntlippes out shouting and looking stupid with the protesters too.

  • niggly

    Bet his missus is hoping he hasn’t invited the MorUNZ workers and protestors back to their mansion afterwards?

    • Gazzaw

      Wouldn’t exactly be a good look if Parsloe turned up for cocktails.  

      • niggly

        Especially if they pee’d on their top-of-the line BBQ?

  • EpochNZ

    Maybe some of the members were spending time at home with their families?  Wasnt that what this was all about?

    I see on the news though that roughly 200,000 turned up to the Pacifica festival…..

    • Mully


      That is *awesome*

  • Bunswalla

    So a much-hyped and highly publicised march and public rally to show support for the port workers drew just 2,000 people? That seems a little light, let’s do the maths:

    – 292 workers made redundant (runnng total 292)
    – if each of them brings say 3 people to support them (wife (there aren’t any husbands), kids, family, a friend or two) that’s another 876 (running total 1168)
    – 110 overseas union bruvvers flown in for duty free and to show solidarity (running total 1278)
    – “hundreds of firefighters” from the NZPFU’s own press release of yesterday, from as far afield as Christchurch who will want to support the embattled workers etc. See their press release here: http://nzpfu.org.nz/articles/media-release-9-march-2012.html. Let’s say hundreds means at least 300 (running total 1578)
    – MUNZ executive, families, usual rent-a-mob, educated guess 100 (running total 1678)
    – assorted left-wing MPs, nutters, and people who will trun up to protest anything, educated guess 100 (running total 1778)

    That doesn’t leave room for much support from ordinary Aucklanders on a fine day with no events on to distract them, [re[ared to turn up and march 1 kilometre to the Port. 220 out of a population of 1.4m is not what I’d call overwhelming support. My figures are conservative and/or based on information released by MUNZ and NZPFU. 

    • Gandalf

      TVNZ claims there were 5000 whereas everyone else could only see 2000. Their reporters must have double vision

  • Travdog

    Lets see what Mr Sh-Sh-Sh-Shearer has to say on his “first in depth interview” (according to tvnz) tomorrow morning on Q&A. Th-th-th-th-th-th-this should be good….

    • Leata

      Spot on Travdog!

  • doshi

    5000 at protest today ship held up in Sydney and the next port it gets to and all you say POAL have had victory I can now see why you all should have worn boxing gloves as children as masturbation has obviously effected your thinking,I was at the march and never had one of you   made contact with me.I did notice a couple of dubious looking people hand cuffed to people in white coats watching the march and I assumed they were the lovely people who have no better things to do than get their rocks off complaining about wharfies who as it looks are well on the way to getting a result here.

    • joe bloggs

      that you Phuckt? Snuck back out from under your rock?

    • Jester

      Yeah 5000 at the Port protest, 2000 Protestors and 3000 applicants lining up to apply for the jobs you don’t have anymore.

    • hugo

      It was a march big fuckin deal………….. 2000 people im sure poal are shaking in their boots.there are no winners or loosers except the families.. The only loser is parsloe who couldnt even get a collective signed..  Are the union back at the wharf working? i dont think so……… I think in time you will see you are the biggest loser and poal are the overall Winners

    • Foul_ole_Ron

      Lets see, city of 1.4 million of which 200,000 turned up to a cultural celebration (that’s Pasifika to you Doshi) and only 2000 (or 5000 – again just for you Doshi) shows up at a Port rally.  Just goes to show that most Aucklanders prefer culture to culture haters!!  hmmm yes, I see that you are once again dreaming about the support MUNZ is getting. The ITF and MUNZ are not big enough to take on Maersk, they are the biggest shipping cartel out there, so bring in the henchman because even if internationally this gets messy, these boys are just minnows in the water.

    • toby_toby

      “never had one of you   made contact with me.”

      How would anyone have known who you are? Were you wearing a name tag?

      BTW, you’ll only last so long on your redundancy payout before you have to stop standing around chanting and have to get a real job instead.I hear there’s a few going down at the Port if you’re interested.

    • Vij

      Why are you scabbing an Indian name.  If you are Indian tell us your real name.  Stop disgracing the Indian community with your rubbish

    • Travdog

      It’s over for you dipshit doshi. Let it go.

  • Gandalf

    Ding-dong Doshi – you’re dreamin’

  • Leata

    Result coming in, heard it on the radio, American channel …….. ” sorry mate your dreaming” suck it doshi shouldnt you be looking 4 a job.

  • Leata

    Jester you have hit it! More job applications then union supporters, lmfao. 

  • axis

    when are the port owners going to grow a spine or pair of balls and just fine munz, and the members for secondary strikes. gibson and the board just take it out of their redundency.

  • Owl

    I have been saying for weeks now this is going to be the biggest union PR disaster ever…when will all the unions understand that they have done nothing but allow angry young men or woman be their presidents or union organizers. You need leaders not big mouths. You need vision not fight.
    You need to say to yourselfs that we have really got this wrong.

    I really hope the voters of new Zealand realize how appalling MMP is when it let’s minority groups or people have a say…and it is also reflective in local government elections.

    This is a disaster for the unions as a whole. MMP was created by the left and now the left elected have deserted the left eg Len and labour. Why because they want to stay in power and MMP actually makes them powerless

  • Ratchet

    It would really make me smile to see Maersk turn around and say to the striking ports “It doesn’t matter a shit to us – we’ll just discharge all the containers for the ports you won’t work our boats at the ports you WILL, then you pricks can have fun sorting out trucking them overland to where they need to go, just saves us money only needing to berth a couple of times anyways”

    Bet that response would start feet connecting with asses all over the place…

    • Jobbie

      It’s what they’re doing here.  The only problem with it is that Maersk add a strike surcharge to each container as they have accepted the container booking to go from X to X so they have to rail or truck it the extra leg to get it to its destination.  The strike surcharge is quite significant and it ultimately gets passed on to the end consumer. 

      Who cares if Australians have to pay more for their foodstuffs and sunblock anyway?  Apparently it’s the golden country of magnificent wages and awesome lifestyles where all MUNZies plan to go on with their redundancies and secure themselves cool $200K jobs working in mines or on the wharves there.  Just like they don’t make newcomers welcome at POAL they may find themselves unwelcome in OZ especially if they end up working there as scabs because the Australian unions are out on strike supporting there MUNZ brothers across the ditch.


    Protest March,thought it was the queue at WINZ.Sorry my mistake.

  • Greg M

    Disappointed to see the firefighters joining in. I respect the firefighters and I can’t understand why they would back a small bunch of losers that have LOST already.
    Not a good look NZ fire service.

    • Jobbie


  • Bawaugh

    The Union has lost the war. They bet the farm and failed. They should have sued for peace long ago, before the company decided to have sub contractors sub contract out the work. They are in a worse state than before the stirke occured.

    However this whole strike never should have happend. The Ports should have been run correctly since the 1950s. Still you can not blame John Key for the 1950s waterside strike.