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Irene’s Remedy has left the port. It was turned around ahead of schedule.  It was due to sail at 19:00 today but due to increased productivity at the port has been able to leave nearly 4 hour earlier than planned.

The non-union stevedores have raised the container crane move rate from the old day of  26.1 moves to 32-34 moves an hour on a par with Tauranga which has a rate of 34.9 moves. It is amazing what can be achieved in just 4 days without union interference. By removing the malignant presence of the union the Port has seen a dramatic increase in productivity.

The Standard claims that the port used to deal with 4 ships per day this is a lie. The usual rate is on average there are 1.6 ships per day berthing at the Fergusson Container Terminal. At every step in this dispue the union has lied. They lied about pay rates, they lied about the letters sent to staff, and now they are lying as are their lap-bloggers about ship arrivals.

The next ship is due in on Sunday. It will be worked and the union will sit outside and watch. Every ship unloaded will see union resolve ebb away.

Despite Garry Parsloe’s bravado that not a single ship would be processed at the port during the strike we have now seen two processed in record times. No wonder his members are now crossing the picket and calling for secret ballots.

Why won’t they have a secret ballot?


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  • Good to see and hear.

    Was wondering how things were going down there. I noticed the Wiri Inland Port has been a lot busier than normal to since this strike. Flow on effects here from the increased productivity? 

    • Mully

       IIRC, some of the Wellington boxes are ending up at Wiri (if they’re railed up). Cosco Yingkou discharged in WLG last week and those boxes are appearing now.

  • The Baron

    The lack of a secret ballot is simply indefensible to me. I didn’t realise that this was even a problem until I heard about Tau H’s private members bill requring secret ballots for unions – the one that I think Darien Fenton described as “neither needed or wanted”.

    I think this matter proves just how incorrect that statement was.

    • Hakim of phut

      How about secret votes in Parliament too ?

      • In Vino Veritas

        Why? It is unlikely that Parliamentary services will threaten you if you vote one way or the other.

        Fenton is the floor sweepings of the teabag world. It wouldnt do to not be able to bully the dissenting voice, after all, that is what socialism is all about. 

      • The Baron

        Is this a serious question?
        All votes on private matters should be conducted in secret to prevent coercion. That is exactly why you go into your little tent when you vote every third November.

        Parliament is different because it is a public process, and Parliamentarians are called to account for the decisions they make.

      • Hakim of phut

         Road Rage Tau wont be asking for secret ballots in parliament, is thats how they keep the backbench in line.

      • joe bloggs

        What’s up with you Phuckt?

        You don’t embrace the concept of open parliament and accountability to the electorate.

        Yet you want union members to toe the party line with open ballots in front of union bully-boys…

        Phut by name, phuckt by nature

    • Gazzaw

      Since when did Fenton make a correct statement?

    • The Baron

      I was incorrect in my quote of Darien, so I withdraw it.

      But the sentiment remains the same here: http://blog.labour.org.nz/2010/02/24/taus-bill-is-such-a-crock/

      Interestingly, Trevor Mallard at least voted for it to go through its first reading. I dunno what happened to it after that – does anyone?

    • Troy

      That ugly bitch Fenton of course would never agree to it, thus the Labour party won’t.  Why Shearer has that viral bitch on the second row in the Chamber is beyond me – yup, the real “new” Labour party.  Caspar really got that one wrong.

  • Hakim of phut

    the port used to deal with 4 ships per day this is a lie. The usual rate is on average there are 1.6 ships per day berthing at the Fergusson Container Terminal”

    mmmm the port is bigger than the Fergusson wharf. There is second container wharf, which has the older container  cranes…….mmmmm maybe thats why they could be slower

    • Agent BallSack

      We accept your apology, you apologist. BTW we don’t need secret votes in Parliament because there’s not a gang of union thugs waiting to beat your fucking head in if you vote the wrong way. Now fuck off and spread your lies at the Standard

      • Hakim of phut

        Ask Brian Connell  what happens if you dont toe the line. And Williamson  was on the verge of expulsion because he wouldnt toe the line when English was leader

      •  Bugger off Hakim; is MUNZ paying you to screw this blog up?

    • Beenthere

      Seeds of doubt with no foundation.

  • SillivingnNZ

    Oh well the mounts gain.

  • Monkeygirl

    Hakim – there are fundamental differences between union leaders bullying union members and your English/Williamson example. A closer comparison would be Bill English bullying an ordinary electorate member.  English and Williamson were both elected MPs, selected by the local Party.  

    Also, Chris Carter was tossed for ‘not toeing the party line’ however even that comparison doesn’t fit either for the same reasons listed about

    Membership to an organisation does not mean you must ‘toe the line’ – elected and paid positions often do.  

    • Pukakidon

       Hold on Monkeygirl, Sackim of Shit is correct!!!! There has been bullying in parliament.  Remember Mallard got into big trouble for threatening and using violence.  The Labour and the Unions only function through bully boy tactics because their intellect is very low.

  • Fisiani


    If you ever need to check out how much of a news story is just PR

  • a spokesperson from the australian wharfies was on the radio saying they would support the auckland strikers..

    ..and warning shipping lines..esp.maersk..

    ..that if they break the picket line they will have major problems in australia…

    ..the wharfies have been quite clever in keeping that powder dry for so long..

    [email protected]

    • Agent BallSack

      Standard lies. Australia wouldnt let our apples in for decades, you think they will stand behind their poorer cousins and lose wages for Kiwis? Kiwis will just take their jobs too.

      •  you didn’t hear this guy..

        ..a wharfie union able to support another wharfie union that is facing being smashed..

        ..will do so..

        ..if the port bosses haven’t realised that by now..

        ..they soon will..

        [email protected]

      • peterwn

        Philip Ure
        ..a wharfie union able to support another wharfie union that is facing being smashed..

        ..will do so..

        But in this case other possible unions seem unable to.

        The MUNZ and Mr Parsloe reminds of the ‘Yes Minister’ hospital with administrators and anciliary staff, but no patients, doctors or nurses. The MUNZ is in a similar position – it has no *real* workers. They will stay on strike indefinitely to hide that sad fact.

    • TinkerBell

      Phillip ure you need to marry Helen Kelly! Even village idiots need mate but she will have to be sterilized first. We don’t need you two adding to the gene pool. And here I will make my points why: firstly is that these racist (because they are one if the most intolerant racists in the world – Aussies) unionist are up against the richest and most powerful shipping compNies in the world. This is not david and Goliath scenarios here. They will systematically steamroll over Australians wharfies (who let’s face it at the best if times dont have two brain cells to rub together). You have to remember this, and it is exactly what is happening at POA is that you may have a port with wharfies, but there are just as many non union workers (office staff, marine people, cruise ships etc) that will quietly go about their business fighting to save their jobs. These along with non union wharfies are the unsung heroes because they are all pulling together for a common interest. Secondly Phillip is that I would not crow too loudly about this. You may just have made a whole opt of munz members shit their pants. You are forgetting that a large number of these guys are secretly angling for redundancies so that they can trot over the ditch and try and pick up jobs at Aussie ports. they don’t need Aussie wharfies jeopardizing their chances of employment once they have hit the redundancy cut off date. Its a lose lose situation for them. And thirdly Phillip we have heard threat after threat after threat flow out of parleys mouth only for it all to confirm our previous belief that he is self driven egotistic compulsive liar that has no grip on reality. Bring it on Philip! I think the Australian businesses and public will take a very strong view against a small number of Aussie wharfs jeapordising their livelihoods supporting wharfies in a different country. No I think this is the beginning of the death of all unionized wharfies globally. Let the house of cards fall!

      •  whew..!..tink..

        ..how about giving those poor penned-up words some room to move/breathe..?


        [email protected]

      • niggly

        FGR – Fuckin Good Reply!

      • titanuranus

        Shit ,there must be something in my coke, for a minute there I thought phil was complaining about Tinkerbells grammar and writing style.

    • Steve (North Shore)

      Where are your links/backup phool? A ‘spokesperson’ and ‘you didn’t hear this guy’

      Talking drug crazed shit again I think phool

      •  the host does not allow links…

        ..(always just with the insults..eh..?..can you point us at something even coming wthin coo-ee that you have posted here that is not total mindless-crap..?..

        ….you know..a thought..?..perchance an idea..?.)
        the interview was on national radio..

        i’m sure you could find ‘proof’ there..

        ..now..about that ‘proof’ you are not that mindless drooling imbecile..?

        [email protected]


      •  you really seem to have basic comprehension issues there steve..

        ..or are you on the turps..?

        [email protected]

      • Steve (North Shore)

        The host does allow links, as long as you are not prostituting your own whore blog.
        Otherwise every reader here would have to believe all of the shit quotes that you pull out of your arse phool.
        Try a link without linking to w…w…w…whore.fuckwit.com

      • Travdog

        nice one phil.

        ” ..can you point us at something even coming wthin coo-ee that you have posted here that is not total mindless-crap..?..”

        “..now..about that ‘proof’ you are not that mindless drooling imbecile..?”

        Alanis Morisette would have loved those 2 lines in her 4th hit single.

      • I do allow links just not link whoring which you have a propensity for. A link to the bullshit of the MUA wanker might be helpful but I doubt it.

    • Light

      Australian Ports are highly unionised and because of this are the worst performing ports in the Southern Hemisphere.  I haven’t seen the latest standings but a few years ago it was Port of Tauranga at the top on around 30 moves an hour, Ports of Singapore next a few moves back then Auckland around 23-25 and other NZ ports lower than that then Melbourne and Syndey were averaging around 12. 

      If they did decide to go out in sympathy with MUNZ it would drastically effect the Australian supply chain which is the last thing their government would want and it would create an angry and ugly situation across the Tasman.  Whilst unions may want to support each other MUNZ is not getting enough support from other unions in NZ.  Sure some people are turning up at the picket line and signing their petition however none are willing to go out on strike in sympathy which is what you are saying the Australians will do.  I can’t imagine the Australian public having sympathy for this situation and if they did the big players like Maersk would still have the power to break them.

      Adding more dissention to an emotionally charged conflict is not the way to find a solution.

      • Kthxbai

        Maybe the unions that refuse to go out in sympathy can remember back to the 1950s – when the miners supported the wharfies in their big strike, but got no thanks or support in return when they later struck for improved safety and conditions. 

        Couldn’t trust the wharfies then, can’t trust them now.

    • Phil, secondary strikes and actions are illegal in Australia and in New Zealand. It is bravado and nothing more.

  • ConwayCaptain

    When I was Mate in SCONZ and worked well above what w as expected I was told by the Narien SUpt “We would love to give you a bonuds, but we cant”

    The Maste took us up,the road for dinner at the local pub and left the senorf apprentice on board but we had the walkie talkie with us.

    We were appreciated.  Parsloe et al should be out on their ear

    • John Smith

       You on the turp’s , Conway ?

      • ConwayCaptain


  • Bunswalla

    Comparing votes in parliament to union ballots is ridiculous as Goat-fucker knows very well. On the one hand you have an elected (directly or via list) MP responsible to their electorate, which is one reason why votes are open. The other is that you really don’t want law-makers operating in secret, sunlight is a great disinfectant as many before me have pointed out.

    On the other hand, you have an employee voting to make a decision about his or her (OK with MUNZ it’s overwhelmingly “his”) future and livelihood, with union bully boys adopting standover tactics to ensure they get the result the union leaders want – most often to achieve ends very different from the average working stiff.

    That’s why you should have secret ballots – the only reason goat-fucker and other union scum don’t want them is that it might take away their power to intimidate, and deliver a result quite different to what they hope.

    If all the union members truly want to strike, they’ll get the same result anyway, so why would you object to it?

  • Travdog

    Good to see productivity up, those lazy fucks can stand at the fence and watch.

  • Boss Hogg

    Thread twisted by Phil and Phut. 

    Union loosers sitting outside looking in at a more efficicent crew working more productively and probably enjoying being more productive and getting better job satisafction.  Then having a damn good laugh at the loosers outside the gate – Perfect.

  • Timboh

    IVV: nice communication and a creates a wry smile!

    TB: great explanation , with a nice opening. Bit of LLB.

    Your comments and others on this blog is the reason that this is the most viewed (read: best) NZ blog. This blog allows any idiot who wants to comment (Ipso Facto me), and read, enjoy an entertainment blood(less) sport experience that is a 21st take on the Roman games. Go the Christians! Go the Lions! Boo the barbarians!. I admit that the way my old Irish grandfather says in his heavy Irish accent “..are you still reading that bloody Whale oil be fooked) is a reason I read more than once daily.

  • Scanner

    I would take great delight in crossing their picket line, but only if I was allowed to drive a straddle, then it would be my mission in life to drive to the fence upwind of the picket and piss on the lot them, I think by drinking large amounts of liquid I could muster up at least 5 “bladder busters” in a shift .

    • Travdog

      24 box of Tui in the cab, 5 times no trouble. ” I promise I won’t piss on the wharfies down below…..Yeah right!”

    • Steve (North Shore)

      I can see you as “Frank” in ‘Cars’  Scanner. The little shut stirrer Red got away and so did Mater  :)

  • bhudson

    So, just to clarify… The union going on strike increased productivity?

    Looks like the strikes are good news for the city. If this productivity rate continues, they will be well on the the way to the 12% return Len wants.