Pullar Files – Want Privacy? Be Private

Last night on TV3 and on Radio New Zealand, Michelle Boag just kept on digging a hole for her “friend” and herself.

Michelle Boag talks about Bronwyn Pullar maintaining confidentiality and complaining yet again about her privacy.

Cactus Kate has a great line that is applicable. Want Privacy? Be Private.

Boag and Pullar keep running the privacy lines yet Bronwyn Pullar has been less than private in her communications with me and presumably other people she tried to enlist on her mad crusade against first an insurance company and then ACC. I have held back many of the emails that Bronwyn Pullar sent over the years, many of them contain highly private information about her cases with Sovereign and with ACC. She cannot claim to have kept the confidentiality agreement with Sovereign because I know the details of her settlement, because Bronwyn Pullar told me. She also emailed me details of it and of her ACC claims.

She said this to me in an email on 12 April 2009:

In some ways I’m more relaxed about this than Sovereign as I know I have a legitimate claim, with strong written medical evidence, and a good team that support me who know how my life has dramatically changed since the head injury.

That was in a lengthy 1000 word email detailing every aspect of her case and the doctors and the details of what she was going through.

It is interesting that she says her ACC claim is legitimate and she is more relaxed about it than her Sovereign claim. She even uses the word legitimate….to describe the ACC claim in comparison to presumably her ‘illegitimate’ claim against Sovereign.

In another email of 6 October 2010 she stated:

This is ACC’s latest antics – ACC dictating to the medical profession as to what constitutes “fully unfit”.  The ODT are about to run a story on it, and apparently Nick is busy trying to defend ACC’s position with it being some “rogue” case manager!  Yeah Right.  Shit is going to hit the fan on this one once it goes public, and I understand the Medical Council are up in arms about it.

She was trying to get me to run the story for her.

Earlier again on 12 February 2009 when she was discussing some mad ideas about politicians she said:

Maybe the bugging equipment and the fluoro pen is a bit mad.  I have had a head injury of course – not quite right in the head and very experienced in insurance matters (getting payouts) if you’d like my assistance with your claim…

Her solution for my own insurance issues was to advise me to engage Michelle Boag and send her in to sort out the insurance company. I declined to do this and that is probably why my case is still with the lawyers and not settled and sitting in the bank.

I was to that date a complete stranger, having not even met her, yet she was telling me intimate personal details about her cases. Imagine how much whining bandwidth from Pullar ended up in poor Cactus Kate’s inbox? Knowing CK’s level of sympathy the junk email settings would have been adjusted at some point.

As you can see Bronwyn Pullar wants everyone else to respect her privacy and yet she yapped to anyone who would listen about her various tactics, threats, settlements and issues.

Perhaps Michelle Boag should have asked Bronwyn Pullar just how wide she had disseminated information about her personal circumstances before bleating about privacy issues.

Next Installment: Pullar Files: Standing Over Vodafone


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  • ConwayCaptain

    There is the saying that if you have a sevret and tell someone else it is no longer a secret.

    Pullar and that extra that could play one of the Witches from “The Scottish Play” should shut up

    • Petal


      • ConwayCaptain


        Thespians appewaring in the play always call it “The Scottish Play” bbecause if they call it by its real name it brings bad luck.

        Maybe we should say to Michelle Boag “Out B;lack Spot out I say.”

  • AnonWgtn

    Love the bitch fight –
    there appears to be four bitches in the fight

    Pullar, Boag, Collins, and a lady from ACC – who may or may not have leaked.

  • Zerotaxnz

    As the TUI ad would say


  • Mully

    If they breached the confidentiality clause with Sovereign, would Sovereign have a case against them? That’d be hilarious if Sovereign were able to get some money back

  • Jac

    Bob Dylan said of privacy: once you sell it, you can’t buy it back.

  • kehua

    Have you got a photo of this con woman Cam ?

    • Petal

      Google a bit to hard for you is it?

  • Petal

    I feel for Nick Smith.  Essentially he’s down and out because he’s a nice guy.  Pullar is just a tar pit.  There Be Dragons.

  • Middle Earth

    and the by-line from TV3 to the video

    National president Boag talks about ACC – Video

    Fri, 30 Mar 2012 20:27
    Watch a full interview with National Party president Michelle Boag about the ACC privacy breaches. – read full story

  • Kimbo

    “Want Privacy? Be Private.”


    Worst case of “I want to be left alone” while engaging in self-publicity since that wretched woman, Charlotte Dawson washed up on our shores a few yaers ago, supposedly to take refuge from the paparazzi in Australia. Next thing, her story was in all the NZ woman’s mags, and she was whoring herself and her private life 20 different ways on the local telly – before eventually leaving again for Oz with some parting smart-arse comments about Kiwi lack of sympathy and sophistication.

    Man, do I hate the product of PR!

  • Short Memory

    this post is clearly not written by the not-nut-toffee Cameron Slater, an individual who just a wee while back was running a mad crusade against first an insurance company. 
    The rants back in 2009 against Fidelity Insurance when they turned off the money tap were “out there”

  • Guest

    And your memory is even shorter..Whaleoil stopped those and got a lawyer, not a Boag