Queensland Election

Long after the unlamented demise of Dannevirke born Premier, Joh Bjelke-Petersen who rigged the state with a fantastic gerrymander, Queensland goes to the polls.

This time they are kicking out a highly unpopular Labor administration who outstayed their welcome.

Coverage on the election can be found at the Brisbane Times. Readers should submit other pages they think should be published so we can all share the joy watching pinkos getting smashed.


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  • While its great to see public opinionĀ  in general swinging away from smug socialists like Bligh, Campbell Newman is just another pseudo-opposition politician like John Key.

    Newman will continue to foist socialism on Queenslanders just like Key foists it upon NZers. Just like John Key, Newman pretended to be opposed to socialism when in opposition. Just like John Key, Newman’s should be judged on his actions, not his words.

    Here is Campbell Newman’s legacy from when he was Mayor of Brisbane-


    Forcing Brisbane ratepayers to subsidize a failed bike riding scheme.

    Its excellent that another smug insipid Klark type socialist is on the way out. It’s a shame though that her replacement will just be another example of the kind of Labour lite politician that is stalling the fight against socialism in so many places around the globe.

    Key in NZ, Ted Baillieu in Victoria, David Cameron in the UK are just a few examples. All fakes, and offering no real resistance to the plague of socialism.

    If Mitt Romney wins in the US, he’ll be another. Useless.

  • Fergus

    Learnig what we and the poms already know…labour are useless liars.

  • yup


    here is a good site for watching the demise of a labor party