Quote of the Day


It is not often you will find me agreeing with Andrew Little:

Labour’s ACC spokesman Andrew Little says it’s clear some ethical standards have been breached, and an independent inquiry is needed.

“It is most unusual and out of order for someone in Michelle Boag’s position, a highly reputable PR person, a person who operates from the political arena, to associate herself with what looks like a pretty dodgy claim.”

Ms Collins has confirmed she received an email from Ms Boag, which she passed on to ACC.


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  • Timandtim

    Agree with you WO and A Little – can we do a prisoner swap – Kelly for Boag?

  • Deep blue

    Here we have Mistress Boag, so wrapped up in her own sense of importance that she has now involved the Govt into the ACC mess her “friend/client” was involved with. This will have Key’s Chief of Staff Wayne DB Eagleson coughing up his end of day Heineken as no doubt Mistress Boag emailed Wayne about this on a number of occasions. 

    Remember that Michelle Boag placed Eagleson in DB a few years back, as well as hand-picking John Key to stand for the Nats.

    What a complete mess, and who is the one to thank… oh that’s right “a highly reputable PR person, a person who operates from the political arena…”

  • ConwayCaptain

    A highly reputable PR person.  Now that is an oxymoron.

    A diplomat is someone who is paid to lie for their country.  A PR person is paid to lie for their client, or to put a good spin on the sitauation at least.

  • Mr_Blobby

    Watched a bit of the Petroleum industry spokes person talking about fracking. Not only was he being very vague about numbers but you could see he was gagging on the shit he was talking. Not very good when you don’t believe your own PR. It makes you wonder how these people sleep at night.  

  • Charles

    I wonder if our MPs wouldn’t be put in this position if so many ACC claimants didn’t have to get their representatives to intercede on their behalf in their cases in order to get treatment or entitlements from this awful bureaucracy.