Quote of the Day

Brisbane Times

I love the robust nature of Australian politics. The voters of Queensland certainly took the baseball bat to Labor yesterday.

Federal LNP frontbencher Peter Dutton says Queenslanders will punish Labor at the next federal election the same way they have the Bligh government tonight.

Mr Dutton told Sky News the LNP had performed strongly in seats such as Kallangur, Ferny Grove and Everton.

‘‘These are unprecedented swings in this part of Brisbane, it’s quite remarkable,’’ he said.

‘‘The interesting thing now is to question whether Labor will get to half a dozen seats.

‘‘I think people are waiting with a baseball bat in Queensland for Julia Gillard as well.”


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  • Blokeintakapuna

    So it’s not just in NZ that the Labour Party are losing supporters and becoming more and more irrelevant every day. Great to see…

  • Gazzaw

    Bligh tried to brush off comments that the slaughter of Labor in Queensland would be an indicator for the next Federal election. Fact is that it was Gillards carbon & mining tax policies that caused the rout in many hard out Labor mining strongholds such as Mt Isa. Mackay, a Laor fortress since 1915 was a very early casualty.

    This debacle will give great heart to the BOAFEN organisation. Bring On A federal Election Now!.Check them out on FB.

  • AngryTory

    My two favorite bits from the SMH:

    The ABC said Labor’s primary vote across the state was looking to be about 26.5 per cent, while the LNP’s was 49.8 per cent

    In other words: exactly the same as NZ’s last election result.  But QLD is a democracy, and NZ is not.

     So it’s not just in NZ that the Labour Party are losing supporters and becoming more and more irrelevant every day. Great to see…

    In QLD Labor is no long a political party – that’s how bad the result was. Federal Labor are trying to bribe Newman not to implement the results of QLD’s electoral law, which means Labor is no longer a political party in QLD.

  • Bunswalla

    Bligh was a well-intentioned time-server who got her opportunity chiefly by keeping her nose clean. Devoid of a single original idea and startlingly incompetent, her greatest achievement was the banning of cartwheels and handstands from primary schools as a “grade 2 risk activity.”

    She won’t be missed.

  • davewin

    The Problem for Labour in Queensland, Australia in general and in New Zealand, is that the core Labour constituencies are no longer there. The Wharfies, freezing workers, the Sailors and the Labourers are not employed as that today. Many if not most run a business of their own. The class appeal to them goes nowhere. Labour Parties need to look at this and see if unsuccessful lawyers, teachers and council staffs and elected members can build a party to appeal to the new classes of voters.Simply mouthing platitudes, soothing fringe interests, and pouring balm on the homosexuals does not cut it in numbers any more.