Quote of the Day

Judith Collins on Trevor Mallard’s fantasist claims:

Collins said Lusk has no involvement with the email.

“I’m just staggered by Mr Mallard’s comments today,” she told media.

“I’m not going to try and work out Mr Mallard’s mind, I think he’s still working it out himself.”


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  • Troy

    Clowns to the left, Jokers to the right…. Mallard is clearly the first… just continues to cause his party embarassment yet they think the sun shines out of his daffy ass.

  • Grandstream

    The Crusher is in fine form !  And, to think Doughnut Duncan Garner was drawing parallels in comparing the crusher and ACC leak to the David Benson-Pope saga ! Who is more absurd Garner, Gower or Mallard ?

    • Bob

      Difficult to say, Dunky and Pedro are about equal in their poor quality ‘reporting’ and clearly demonstrate how the NZ press pack has deteriorated into a kiddies play ground, how do what’s left of the actual press gallery feel about these two dragging them all down? At least we don’t pay them, Trev is worse… we pay him a lot and he does what?

      • They’ve more likely been told they’ve no show of getting a job as someone’s press secretary in the future so are now showing up their bitch sides….

    • Dr Wang

      If Garner is comparing Judith Collins to Panty-Slut-Boy he should looking for a good hiding place asap…she’ll have his guts for garters.

      •  Judith Collins in garters – nah can’t think about that……!!!