Radio Live at 2pm

I am on Radio Live with Willie and JT this afternoon at 2pm.

Likely that Matt McCarten is on too so we may revisit our Port’s bet.


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  • Cadwallader

    Is it my imagination, or are you getting more and more MSM air-time? I suppose this is due to you being seen as a worthwhile commentator. The pricks at the Standard will despise you all the more for this development. Good luck!

  • Morgy

    Can you post that segment later Cam? 

  • first time caller

    hey cam – what about pitching for your own show on live between 5 & 6am  and replace that encumbent bore they have on there now.  that should hook in tons of early morning listeners that they are otherwise losing…..

  • Owl

    Judge just issued POAL MUNZ ruling – WO any chance of getting copy up on line – fear is only snippet reporting going on.

    Interesting why would the Judge release details to the media a day before he is seeing both parties in court tomorrow.

    What doesnt make sense is that MUNZ has an arguable case on the lock-out as it will effect bargaining – why doesnt that ruling apply to a strike where the POAL are disadvantaged by the effect a strike has.

    The OWL is taking a punt – this soundbite reporting