Ramblin’ Man

Ahead of his first appearance for the year on Q+A tomorrow, I’ve made a montage from the highlights of Mr Invisible’s first few months as Labour Leader.

On the first Q+A of 2012 this Sunday (9am, TV ONE), new Labour leader David Shearer gives his first extended television interview as he starts re-positioning his party for a new era.

What does he – and his Labour party – stand for? What’s his vision for New Zealand? And does he have the chops to take on and defeat John Key’s National-led government? David Shearer is live with new Q+A interviewer Shane Taurima.

Then, the Ports of Auckland dispute – is it over or has it just begun? And what roles does Auckland City have in this destructive industrial battle? Paul Holmes talks to Maritime Union boss Gary Parsloe, Ports of Auckland Chair Richard Pearson and Auckland mayor Len Brown. What’s behind this dispute and what’s next?

The song is Ramblin’ Man.. featuring David… Um… Shearer.


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  • Tim

    Just too hard to watch. He’s out of his depth

  • that is cruel..funny..but cruel..

    ..of course key is screaming out for one…

    ..all of his ‘ackshully’s ..strung together…

    ..and all those other words he butchers/mangles..

    [email protected]

  • toby_toby

    Shearer needs Geoffrey Rush to give him some lessons.

  • Pukakidon

    Shearer might be the lead actor in the Muppet show now.  However this bag of bum used to have a reasonably commanding management role in the UN that he is always bragging about.  It really does once again highlight the incompetency of the UN, and that Labour is scraping the bottom of the barrel for leadership.


  • SJ00

    I need umm you pirate umm terrorist umm people with guns to stop umm what you are doing and umm show some leader umm ship. Umm.
    *warlord shoots himself in the head to end the suffering*
    Thats how umm you deal with umm pirates umm in the UN. Umm. Next stop umm NZ.