Random Impertinent Questions

If Nick Smith is thrown under the bus would he be eligible for ACC?

Who would be his support person?

Was all this what Michelle Boag meant when she said she didn’t want to embarrass Nick Smith?


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  • Deep blue

    With friends like Mistress Boag who needs enemies! 

  • Blue Tim

    Time for the boil to be lanced.  It’s not his 1st lack of judgement

  • Nicks Mate

    No all that she is saying DONT SCREW THE CREW

  • Vicltd

    Sack him and hold a by election, national wont win, force a general election and National will be returned with a stronger majority and Act will end up with 3 seats and make the government more stable

    • Hmm… I doubt it somehow would go like that? 

  • kiwiinamerica

    Um Nick Smith has a very comfortable 7,000+ majority – National has a similar majority in the party vote in Nelson. Since MMP merged the more Labour leaning city of Nelson with the more National leaning Richmond and lifestyle hinterlands of the city, Nelson has voted National. Furthermore Labour and National are polling pretty much near where the votes they got in November so I doubt whether your desired outcome would occur.

    • Evan

      Hey Cameron ..  I am starting to get it .. but do you know how the 6,700 names fit into the overall script?

      How was it that this woman, of all people, ended up with the list of 6,700 names?

      This part of the story does not fit the rest of the story.

      • Ben

        Surely has to be someone on the inside

      • Cock up rather than conspiracy…always the way.

      • AnonWgtn

        A staff member of ACC leaked the letter, which no media wants to show as it is really innocuous.
        Did the same person deliberately em the list to Pullar ?

  • parorchestia

    His “offence” is does not warrant his resignation from his seat.  We leave it to Mr Key to see if he can still be a cabinet minister.  In my view the use of letterhead is a minor offence worth a “slap with a wet bus ticket” as he is very intelligent and a productive Minister, though somewhat thoughtless at times.
    The really interesting aspect is Pullar’s refusal for such a long time to hand over sensitive (though not very sensitive) material she received by mistake.

    (I do wish this posting software had a decent spell checker.  I assume it is an American product.Why is it that American firms think there is only Americana and nothing else?.  There are excellent NZ spell checkers available.
    The little red lines under non-American spelling make it seem as though I am in an American elementary school class. If I were paranoid I would think it is all an American plot. I am not paranoid as I KNOW it is an American plot.) 

    • Agree on all counts including the bloody spell checker.

      What Nick Smith did was fool hardy and most likely a tad dumb for as you said a productive Minister (and one of the better ones I have seen and talked to). Look what would the Private Sector do is the question?

      More likely a nice Written Warning and a Censure on the way out but not a resignation.

      So in translation, no resigning his seat – just a Censure for his sillyness. However that could change if dear old Winston manages to crank something of relevance out.

    • Peter Wilson

      His “offence” is does not…

      Probably you would gain more from a grammar checker. Seriously though, using your position to help your mates is probably the easiest thing to get sacked over. It’s not like he’s the General Manager of a department store.

      • parorchestia

        Grammar checker – like those awful American products that try to impose dead, lifeless grammar?  Type1 sentences and only in the active voice? Illustrate your point please by showing me the errors of my ways in my previous posting. 
        As for Dr Smith – I do not condone his actions, but he was a good minister and he will be missed.  
        I wonder what his fate would  be if Helen were still PM.  Her decisions seemed to be quite capricious, but a good way of getting rid of people you don’t like.
        You need a comma after “Probably”.

  • I really don’t think he should leave cabinet over this. He may be something of an embarrassment at times, but he’s a good minister. 

  • Steve (North Shore)

    As much as I detest Nick Smith he is taking the shit for this. He is retiring so the ETS will be abandoned – all instigated by a bit of shit stirring. This has nothing to do with ACC, or any sex scandle, it is an escape for National to get rid of the ETS.
    Good spin from those who use others, but it backfired? or has it?

    • parorchestia

      It may be good to wait and make a concerted effort with all other countries to implement an ETS, and then we would not be disadvantaged by being an early adopter. At present we are going to face an enormous disadvantage by being the only country to impose such a comprehensive ETS as we have.  Waiting will have absolutely no effect on global climate as we are far too small to have any influence on the global concentration of optically active “gases” such as, in rough order of importance: water, water vapour, methane, gases from the manufacture of computers (why do we never hear about these highly polluting gases?), and least by a long, long way, carbon dioxide.