Re-heating policy – An unmitigated disaster

David Shearer’s farm sales blunder is totally inexcusable. In fact it is an unmitigated disaster.

On top of the many mistakes in his proposed bill which I have already blogged about, a bit of hunting through the archives, reveals that Labour’s “fresh” Leader with “fresh vision” is simply reheating a policy that Phil Goff announced in October 2010.

It looks very much like Shearer’s simply grabbed a Bill that was in Phil’s top draw and claimed it as his own.

What’s even more unforgivable, is that Goff got himself in all sorts of strife with the announcement, because he didn’t have hard details of how it would work, and couldn’t say whether or not it would be consistent with CER.

Having seen this policy bomb once before, it’s inexcusable that Shearer and his office would make mistakes the second time around.

David Shearer will now be wondering whether or not he needs to micro-manage his staffers in the Leaders Office because they couldn’t even do a simple find/replace on an old re-heated policy. It is either micro-management or constantly checking over your shoulder for approaching knife-men such is the ineptness of the policy. You really do wonder if it was deliberate.

What is more concerning however is the fact that he and the “team” in his office think they can get away with such re-heats without anyone noticing. it is either th

Here’s the clip where Goff was forced to admit CER would have to be renegotiated. Note he uses the same lines that Shearer is now using to describe the re-jig of policy.

It’s quite pathetic really. I thought David Shearer would be better than this.


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  • Troy

    Would never have happened if H2 (Helens “very close” girlfriend) was still Chief of Staff for the leader.  Although she was a real hard bitch, she ensured her leader didn’t get dropped in it.  Shearer has real credibility problems – and at the start of his leadership, that’s fatal.  Watch closely the other two David’s over the next few months!

  • titanuranus

    I`m amazed they found someone more fucking useless than Goff.

  • Peter WIlson

    It’s hard to believe the old hands in Labour are letting this happen. It seems they are giving him just enough support, but no more. So they won’t be in his “camp” when he is given the push.