Rogues Gallery

Stuff has a Rogues Gallery of Ministerial sackings and resignations.

Nick Smith today joined a line of Cabinet ministers to have resigned or been sacked from their portfolios in recent years, when he handed Prime Minister John Key his resignation and made a tearful statement to Parliament.

Left off are the ones who didn’t have the courage to resign and just brazened it out and ordinary MPs who had to quit in disgrace.


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  • Perhaps you should construct your own “Parliamentarian Wall of Shame” for us to enjoy?

  • johnbronkhorst

    Add Phillip Field, Chris carter, Shane jones (wasn’t discipined though was he?),Ruth Dyson, Darren Hughes….Notice 2 things, how many Labour MP’s compaired to others, and what the circumstances were….Only the Labour MP’s on this list actually broke the law, or were found to have DELIBERATELY mislead parliament, not a big claim but, the Nats seem to have done “technical breaches of ministerial conduct, or found to have absolutely “NO CASE TO ANSWER”, Labour however have the ignominious honour of teh ONLY MP’s to have actually broken the law…the very laws they make that we have to obey!

    • Fozzie

      when will you get it – it’s not about the ‘crime’ it’s about the cover up !

      • johnbronkhorst

        What bull shit!!!!! Cover up my ass!!!! The letter was readilly available and came to light relatively quickly. It was a mistake in cabinet proceedure. Unlike labour MP’s who’s many actions of inappropriate behavour, was actually ILLEGAL and DELIBERATE!…Way worse than making a mistake. As they were ministers in a govt., that makes laws that us mere citizens have to obey…it doesn’t get any more corrupt or just plain wrong……than that!

    • Peter Wilson

      As usual JBH, it depends on which side of the fence you sit, as to what you see. I’m on the right side of the fence but try to see things objectively.

      The other lot would probably argue it’s because the Nats are more practised at the dark arts, so they are rarely caught out so blatantly. Witness Pansy Wong, no actual law breaking, but some clever dealing by her husband. Richard Worth, more of a Labour MP in his transgressions, and now Nick Smith, caught out exerting the subtle influence of those “born to rule.” 

      • johnbronkhorst

        Really peter…let’s look at them.
        pansy Wong….you said it yourself “No actual law breaking…..but clever dealing by her HUSBAND….not her!
        Richard Worth…there was a police investigation, finding…NO CASE TO ANSWER (unlike darren hughes…insufficient evidence).
        Nick smith….percieved conflict of interest, due to not following correct prcedure. (unlike Phillip Field…found guilty of corruption, or Ruth Dyson guilty of Drink driving, or Leanne Dalziel…Blatantly lying to parliament, Shane Jones buy porn on his parliamentary expenses, Dover Sameals…Pissing in hotel coridors, Trevor Mallard…Common Assalt etc etc etc Yes their is a huge difference between them. National have some people who need to review the rules so the don’t make mistakes, LABOUR need to review their selection criteria, so they don’t put CRIMINALS into parliament!

      • Peter Wilson

        What you’re highlighting JBH is that good people can lose their way on either side of the fence and it’s a little sad when they do. The further down the lists you go the clearer that becomes. Didn’t Brownlee toss someone down a flight of stairs?

  • This was e-mailed to me this morning. Nick Smith is really guilty of using ministerial stationary when he should have used CottonSoft. By contrast, some of the following were very serious indeed;

    Clark’s cabinet hall of shame:
    1.      Dover Samuels – sacked June 2000, reinstated August 2002
    2.      Ruth Dyson – sacked October 2000, reinstated June 2001
    3.      Marian Hobbs – sacked February 2001, reinstated a few weeks later
    4.      Phillida Bunkle – sacked February 2001
    5.      Harry Duynhoven – stood down July 2003 while not legally an MP
    6.      Lianne Dalziel – sacked February 2004 for lying, reinstated 2005
    7.      John Tamihere – sacked November 2004
    8.      David Benson-Pope – stood down May 2005, reinstated months later
    9.  Taito Phillip Field – sacked October 2005
    10.  David Parker – resigned April 2006, reinstated May 2006
    11.  David Benson-Pope – sacked July 2007

    • Peter Wilson

      To be fair, it’s bit harsh including poor old Harry in there. The poor guy just affirmed his Dutch citizenship or something similar, thereby breaching his right to be an MP, as I recall. Same goes for Parker, he basically resigned in error, thinking he had broken the law years ago, when he hadn’t.  Probably not the same as Smith acting corruptly, or Dalziel caught out lying.

      •  No Peter, Parker resigned because there were allegations that he had falsified returns to the Registrar of Companies. An inquiry later found that he had no case to answer, and he was reinstated.

        And what in Smith’s behaviour has been corrupt, pray do tell?

      • Peter Wilson


        Parker, asked, and answered.

        Smith, read the paper, or listen to the news. Using your Ministerial position to influence department decisions in favour of, well anyone is a strict no-no.

      • Like I said, it was e-mailed to me, so I can not take credit for assembly of this list.

        But I do question your assertion that Smith acted corruptly – that’s a big accusation. To recap, he wrote a letter (or two?) where he specifically stated that he was only giving his opinion of her well being before the accident. He was very clear that his opinion was not related to ACC (that’s clear in the letter for all to read). She did not get any preferential treatment, and remains unhappy with ACC to this day. To add to this, the scandal was uncovered by a ‘right wing” blogger.

        So… to recap. The person writing the letter expressly said no influence was to be applied, the person who received the letter achieved no gain, and it was exposed by a person on the right. I struggle to see how this fits the definition of corrupt?

      • Peter Wilson

        Well, corruption is just a word, with a pretty big scope, so it may or may not apply. However, one definition of corruption is: inducement (as of a public official) by improper means…..

        But you’d probably want to reread your comment, I don’t like to use the word naive, but……

        The person writing the letter expressly said no influence was to be applied,

        I’m guessing that might be referred to as subtle influence.

        Having said that, I’m sure Smith didn’t intend to influence ACCand he was just naive to use Ministerial letterhead, and basically just caved into the women after so much correspondence.

        Even that is beside the point, he’s created the perception of influence, which is just as bad. Unfortunately for him, that’s what counts.

      • (This is obviously in reply to your later comments) …

        And I don’t like to use the words ‘poorly veiled patronising cynicism”… so I guess neither of us is perfect.

        You assert that Nick Smith’s hidden meaning was that ACC should give special treatment. Well, it was obviously really well hidden, because ACC didn’t spot it.

    • Paddles83

      You forgot about the dishonesty of Clark herself:


      I nearly forgot her cover up on the Peter Davis toilet incident on his US Trip where she had him whisked out of the country under diplomatic protection

      • johnbronkhorst

        to add the worst….Use of PM’s Fund for pledge card…THEFT?????

  • Phar Lap

    Dont forget Darren Hughes who was caught in Annette Kings playhouse ,playing leap frog with a naked student.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Whereby Dear old darren wasn’t procecuted as no case to answer, but insuffient evidence to bring about a prosecution….So there was evidence, just not enough!

  • Nelsonhardy

    You guys are bang on the money. Nick should of taken a leaf from Doug Graham and Bill Jefferies books. Wait until you leave the Ministerial role first.

  • Grandstream

    Does this mean Nick will get some cushy job in the UN like Chris  cock-wallet Carter ? Or is that resevrved for friends of Dorothy whoops, Helen ?

  • Too many short – or one eyed memories here…. But then again its a bit like the Irish and Israel problems – how far do you want to go back to get to “day one”?

    • johnbronkhorst

      david Lange…running over a homeless man, while returning from his mistress’s apartment…maybe???

  • Salacious T Crumb

    When they rewrite the rules around parliamentary priviledge and hold MP’s accountable for liableous statements, then we may see more robust questioning of matters pertaining to integrity.