Rudman doesn’t want to spend other peoples money

Rather than advocate for two new cathedrals he wants one:

At the centre of the Christchurch CBD sits a wrecked Anglican cathedral and a Bishop with a $50 million to $100 million shortfall in rebuilding money. Down the road, her Catholic cousin in God faces the same crisis. A munted Basilica and guesstimated rebuilding costs of up to $100 million.

To a heathen outsider, the solution seems blindingly obvious. Pool their insurance payouts and build something splendiferously modern – and earthquake-proof – that they can share, without beggaring themselves and their dwindling band of future generations by trying to recreate the old.

Brian the problem is that Anglicans and Catholics are a bit like those who want a publicly funded theatre and and those who want a publicly funded death metal venue. Both serve the same function, just slightly different interpretations on entertainment that from the outisde is the same, and with some minor negotiation around the exact placement of the mosh pit. 


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  • sthn.jeff

    Someone should also tell the knob that the Cathlics and Anglicans don’t actually like each other!!!

    • Anonomis

      Agreed. I would never share a church with Papists.

  • BJ

    Do you really think God supports the spending of ludicrous amounts of money when the whole country’s in the s..t

    • peterwn

      And this in a way is Bishop Victoria’s stance. She would dearly love a rebuilt cathedral but  is acutely conscious that it is well down her spending priorities. Money for a new or rebuilt cathedral is going to have to come from the prosperity of the city and province, just as it did for the original cathedral (they were lucky – they skipped the step of a temporary wooden cathedral as was built in Auckland and Wellington – interestingly both survive and are heritage buildings). Fundraising would need to be conducted in a manner that does not impact on the church’s routine giving and fundraising.

      Granny Herald implied she was ‘caught’ by a so-called ‘backlash’. She would have seen it coming, and anyway it does not seem to be as big as some are trying to make it out to be. IMO Mayor Parker’s outburst yesterday was totally unacceptable. The Anglican Church in Christchurch was ‘hit’ in all sorts of ways following the earthquakes and wants to support and comfort both its followers and the wider community. The Bishop is expected to provide leadership with this, and this arguably is much higher priority stuff than worrying about a cathedral. I think people either forget this or do not realise it.

  • grumpy

    This from the Auckland guy that wants his own theatre…..

    Whose land will it be built on?  The Anglican land in Cathedral Square or the Catholic land in Barbadoes St????

    Even more reason why Jaffas (and leftie Jaffas in particular should STFU on Christchurch issues.

    • Gazzaw

      I’ll shut the fuck up grumpy when a good proportion of my taxes stop going to Ch’ch and my insurance & ACC premiums revert to pre-earthquake levels. In the meantime I reserve the right to comment on Ch’ch matters.

      Mind you I totally agree with you that Rudman is a fuckwit. He’d never get a job with The Press.

  • Euan Rt

    …and they will both be wanting to use the mosh pit on the same days….  fail..

  • AnonWgtn

    Let them spend whatever either church wants, as long as it’s not my money.

  • Grizz30

    Now he thinks he knows what is best for the people of Christchurch. Please.

  • Lloyd

    Brian Rudman, it really helps when we have Aucklanders proffering advice on Christchurch. Gosh, we are so grateful. Without your wisdom, we might make a mistake. No, just in case you missed it, Mr Rudman and my sarcasm goes past your little mind unheeded, I am with ‘Grumpy’ above, he needs to STFU with his stupid, lame-arsed paternalistic advice to us.

  • Boss Hogg

    Refuse to comment on Rudman as I refuse to read anything he writes.  How the Granny gives him any column inches beggars belief.

    On the Cathederal, while Bob was on his recent junket he gave a presentation to expat NZers here in Singapore a few weeks ago.  I was not there, but I am told that the Anglican Church self insures world wide under its own Risk management system.  This is, of course, common in corporate risk management for larger comapnies.  On this basis it is up to the Anglican Church as a whole to do as it pleases at any other kind people can make any donations they like.

    I am sure others will have more detailed info…….on insurance payouts, EQC monies, etc.

  • Ngisugo_neep


    What is it with this dreary Rudman character? Why is he considered so worthy of space? You move in media circles so perhaps you know why every damn day in the Herald there he is, cringing and simpering behind his cardi and god awful mo’. I really can’t tell. My best guess is that he moonlights as a sort of Super-granny peeping-tom paparazzo type figure, flitting greyly about the city shadows with his box brownie, catching the Herald’s editors and
    owners in such compromising positions they can’t ever flick his ghastly features from the masthead for fear of exposure… It surely isn’t his writing that keeps him there – or his joyless, nonagenarian, twitching wince of a viewpoint on life.

    • Gazzaw

      The fact that he has reached the pinnacle of his journalistic career as a reporter of local issues and parish pump politics says it all really. Maybe Pravda can’t find anyone else to do the job. Who knows he may get the Garth George DCM.

  • davewin

     Ngisugo_neep I agree with your comments. The future of the Cathedral and indeed any other church is up to one group of people alone – its parishoners.who all klive in Canterbury. Enough said