Same day different results

Yesterday the Maritime Union had a march and called on all of Auckland to support them – 2000 turned up.

On the same day it was the annual Pasifika Festival at Western Springs – More than 100,000 people turned up to that.

It is 4.38 kilometeres from Western Springs Park to the start of the march….but too far for 100,000 to give a shit about supporting the rich prick wharfies and their overseas bully boy mates from Australia and the US.

The only thing worse that the Maritime Union could have done on TV was have a pasty whinging pom speak in their favour.

Lets put this into perspective using simple (because they are thick) maths. 2000 people out of a population of 1.4million is 0.14%….it is laughable. Pasifika Festival on the other hand enjoyed just over 7% of Aucklanders support.

The people have spoken, they prefer brown people over racist, sexist bully-boy unionists.

And you know the left wing is a lost cause when they steal right wing blogger’s nicknames: (On the 19 January 2011 I called Len Brown the Night Mayor)


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  • Morgy

    And just a kilometer or so away on the viaduct, the place was filled with people gearing up for the Volvo Ocean race…bars full, families relaxing….a very vibrant place to be. And no sign of the ‘rich prick’ wharfies and union mates (Kelly’s rent a mob)

    • SalaciousTCrumb

       No doubt for fear of being asked to unload something.

  • Jimmie

    havent seen too many skiny whafies – the walk was prob the most exercise they have done for many years.

    • Tony

      I was down at Lyttelton Port last week waiting for a ship to come alongside. With the ship 200 yards from its berth the line handlers still had not turned up. At 100 yards one truck complete with obese idiot turned up and said that everyone was on coffee break and would come down when they had finished!  At 50 yards the ‘team’ turned up – it gets very lonely on a ship 50 yards off a berth in confined waters with nobody on the wharf available to take your lines.

      lazy, unprofessional and ubiquitous 

      • Jobbie

        You’d think the people of Lyttelton and CHCH would be doing everything to save their port not jumping in the deep pool of shit that MUNZ is swimming in.  Fools

  • Jester

    Michelle Boag on Q&A

    “2000 protestors? On a fine Saturday afternoon in Auckland you could get over 2000 people protesting the opening of an envelope!”

    • Peter Wilson

      Irrelevant really. I wonder how many marchers you’d get to a march supporting asset sales, for example?

      • Pete George

        It’s not necessary to march supporting asset sales, that one was won in last year’s election.

      • Bob

        Why waste time marching in the streets when you can just tick the ‘National’ box on a ballot paper in a general election late last year?

      • Jester

        Peter, yes the whole conversation is irrelevant, it’s over. 300 unemployed is Parsloes legacy.

        And as any good mariner will attest, common practice is for the captain to go down with the ship

    • Travdog

      and P-arse-loe still telling lies in that there were 5000. As Richard Pearson said, its all over now.

  • EpochNZ

    And for the ultimate in sloppy media, the NZ Herald have hedged their bets and given the figure as 3500……which is almost exactly between 2000 and 5000….


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  • Jobbie

    Lots of kids marching there too so if you took out the kids, the MUNZ, the other unions, the BRUVVERS from USA and AUS, the Labour attention seekers and John Minto, what you are left with is a small enough group that MUNZ could have afforded to pay to turn up.  I wonder if they had a group urination at the end.

  • Mark

    I was downtown at the commencement of their little protest march and there’s no way in hell there was “5000 people” there…