SFO ignores Winston’s Rantings

National Business Review

Winston Peters, under the protection of parliamentary privilege ranted and raved about a corporate mugging and essentially defamed and maligned several business men. The Serious Fraud Office thinks he is off his rocker:

The Serious Fraud Office (SFO) says it won’t pursue complaints about the receivership of transtasman baker Yarrows.

SFO boss Adam Feeley says teh[sic] decision was made after a thorough assessment of the allegations and advice from Crown lawers[sic].

“We are satisfied that the information provided does not disclose evidence of serious or complex fraud, and that there are civil remedies for the complainant to pursue if appropriate,” Mr Feeley says.

However, as with any complaint, the SFO won’t rule out reconsidering the investigation if new and relevant information comes to light.

Last week Mr Feeley told the NBR the agency was assessing the complaint amid fresh claims about a “conspiracy” that forced the founding new Zealand [sic] arm of Yarrows into receivership.

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, speaking under parliamentary privilege, last week claimed Westpac Bank conspired with Yarrows directors and insolvency firm BDO to wrest control from owner Paul Yarrow, leading to the receivership.

Once again Winston Peters has hurled around unfounded accusations. He isn’t brave enough to repeat them outside of parliament.

PS Georgina, dear, you work for a newspaper that has editors and sub0editors…get them to check your work more thoroughly next time will you.


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  • thor42

    He’s becoming as gaga as “triple-dip” Jim Anderton.
    Time for him to be marched off to a retirement home somewhere. 

    • Vlad

      I can’t knock Jim Anderton, he was and is a straight shooter who gave it his best shot.  Wrong targets, wrong gun, not a bad human being. 

  • Don

    Just a wee suggestion Whale.

    A fair bit of your own work would benefit from a run through a spell checker before posting.

    I often spot typos.  It’s not as bad as the Chch Press has become since outsourcing to Aussie, but I’m often left wanting edit access to fix them.  It’s generally good writing, but the mistakes do tend to devalue the message somewhat.

    Please take this as the friendly request it was meant to be.

    • Landy

      Don.    A national publication has one standard, a blog another.   It’s the message in the blog that counts and speeds achieved, being far greater, justifies a little haste.   But we expect the (weekly, well-staffed) national publication to get it right.

      • Landy

         Sorry, JUSTIFY.   Don, Don, don’t let it upset you.

    • Blokeintakapuna

      Agree here too bud… cheers

    • Yeah and I’m not paid, nor do I have an army of sub-editors.

      • Don

        I wasn’t suggesting an army of sub-editors.

        Just a quick click on a spell check button, which would take a couple of seconds.

        Never mind.

      • LesleyNZ

        I use Google toolbar spellcheck – it is pretty good and quick.

  • jackwhite

    GO WINSTON,and whaleboy lay off the donuts,get into the gym for crying out loud

    • Philip ure a cock

      Shit Jack, smells like you need to change yor nappies! Press the buzzer and the nurse will be along shortly. Don’t leave it too long or you’ll miss bingo in the recreation room.

      • jackwhite

        but i dont like bingo?

      • Gazzaw

        Are you making a statement jackwhite or asking yourself a rhetorical question?
        If you have nothing to lucid to say here then just fuck off.

      • Dion

        > but i dont like bingo?
        In which case can I suggest bridge as an alternative.

  • Nick K

    Gee, a bank wanted its money back.  Yeah, go Winston.  That’s a HUGE story.

  • Just love your parting comment – “to Georgina” WO. Geez I get sick of stuff just so wrong, even to the partially knowledgable that ends up actually printed in our press.