Shearer Comes Unstuck on Foreign Ownership

Just one day after launching his populist assault on Winston Peters supporters , David Shearer’s plan to ban foreign land sales has come unstuck.

Asked for some actual detail of how it will be enforced, and the possible impact on land prices, Mr Invisible had no answers, only stuttering, uhms and ahhs.

On ZB this morning Mike Hosking confirmed what we all knew – that this opportunist policy has about as much depth as a bird bath.

The more David Shearer speaks, the better it gets – for National.


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  • Davidp

    What was his point when he going on about share milking at the end?  If the Labour and Green-supported Michael Fay bid had won then Fay wasn’t going to farm the land personally. Why would the farm manager care whether Fay or Chinese people were paying his or her salary?

  • Bunswalla

    LOL – at 4:24 Shearer actually stated that it was important to “keep the land in New Zealand”. This muppet really does believe that when you sell land to a foreigher, they dig it up and take it away forever.

  • i actually donned full-body-protection and listened to this..

    ..and with the qualification that i have been hardest on shearer than most..

    ..i hafta say that in no way did shearer look bad in this encounter.. is the interviewer who comes out of it looking the total dick..

    ..hosking seems to feel that interviewing is asking the same question over and over again.. in he posed a hypothetical..which shearer (correctly) replied that these details would be worked out in select committee etc..(after submissions etc)..

    ..and hoskings just ignores this..and spends the rest of the interview just posing ridiculous hypotheticals..(that could only be answered after that select committee process..)

    ..(one so farcical..shearer actually laughed at it..)

    ..but nowhere did i hear a serious critique of the policy shearer is promoting…

    ..and hosking really had no arguments against it…

    [email protected]

    •  as a disclaimer i should note i support foreigners/non-residents/non-citizens.. being only able to lease land…

      ..and if we want to get into vast rightwing  conspiracies..

      ..i reckon part of keys’ randite/neo-lib-agenda is to turn nz into a welcoming bolthole for the obscenely rich.. where they will be ‘safe’ from the upcoming environmrental/social-disorder..

      ..and one with a compliant/beaten-down/low-wage-workforce/servants for them…

      ..with such added sweeteners as no capital gains tax…

      ..and the lowest taxes on the richest in the oecd..

      [email protected]

      •  You too could be obscenely rich Phil, if you’d just get off your arse and get a job

      • In Vino Veritas

        Phillip, you claim that we have the lowest taxes on the richest in the OECD. This is not correct. And to help you, refer to the following link:,3746,en_2649_34533_1942460_1_1_1_1,00.html#pir

        And the figures here include taxes not from Central Government. For instance, Norway’s highest marginal rate from central government is 24.6%. NZ comparable is………… 35.5%. Happy reading.

      • Sarrs

        Please, IVV – Phil chooses to ignore evidence based facts presented here and in other places and chooses to believe the nonsense that backs up his thoughts. He tries to legitimise his fantasies with so called ‘facts’ that he just rattles off, never backs up with facts and continues to repeat in the face of evidence to the contrary. As the saying goes – you can’t reason someone out of a point they did not reason themselves into. 

    • Cobolt

       Phil, leading politicians can not go into these sorts of answers without at least “for instance” answers. To publicly launch a policy and then have no idea how it will work is disastrous.  This is not leadership, it’s poll following.
      Shearer is so far out of his depth it’s embarrassing from both sides. He took the leadership too soon.

      • Pete George

        It’s just more of the same, Goff frequently looked like he was the front end of a PR push with no heart in the message. It looks like the same system for Shearer.

      •  i agree with you that labour have done their focus-group/polling work on this one..

        ..and they already know they can ride a growing wave of nationalism/protectionism..

        ..and as for me..this is not anti-china..(i travelled quite widely in china..(pre-tianenmen square..)..and it was a major experience in the life..

        ..and from a raft of experiences i came away with a deep well of respect/love for the chinese people..(to use a broad brush..i found they operated from their hearts..not their heads..and there is a difference..)..

        ..but the fact is that we are about to become pawns in a battle for global resources between china and america….

        ..and there is no time in our history where there has been a clearer imperative to clutch what we have to our chests…

        ..if we don’t…before we know it…it will all be gone..

        ..and i think many new zealanders are coming to that (sane/rational to me) decision… pull down the for sale signs..

        ..and to send the greedy/self-interested real estate agents on their merry way..


        [email protected]

    • Macca

      Phillip are you SERIOUS?  Shearer was so far out of his depth that nothing could save him!  The reason Hoskings kept asking him the same question was that Shearer was incapable of giving a rational, sane answer!

      Take some more drugs and go back to bed – its still morning and way too early for you to be up with the grown ups!

      •  shearer gave him the ‘rational/sane’ answer..

        ..namely that such details are worked out during the select-committee process..

        ..are they not..?

        ..surely hosking should have focussed on the rationale behind the actual policy..?

        ..if he was in any way trying to illluminate/bring a clearer focus…..

        ..but i see hosking is from the school of interviewer who views each encounter as a battle…and high-fives his desk-jockies at the end..

        ..if he has succeeded in his aim of it being all about him shouting down the interviewee…..

        ..and whatever tawdry agenda that interviewer is pushing…

        ..and should you think i am just a shearer booster..and my words are coloured by that..

        ..i wd note i did a review of q&a yesterday…

        ..where nothing good was said about the note from williams..

        ..that ‘he has a nice smile’..

        ..what i’m saying is that going on this example..hosking both sucks and blows as being an interviewer of any note/worth..

        ..he is reactionary-talkback..

        ..and shouldn’t pretend his self-preening to be anything else…

        ..and that interview is almost suitable for including in a journalism syllabus.. a textbook example of how not to conduct an interview…

        [email protected]

      • Cobolt

         Phil, you need to go back and have another look at Q+A, Mike Williams sung Shearers praises and even Michelle Boag gave him some credit. The problem with this guy is he’s had 2 1/2 months to get up to speed, and he’s been found wanting, seriously wanting. Some say he’s still got a lot to learn, the problem is I’m not sure he can learn this political game.

  • Samuel Hill

    They are flogging a dead horse. The Left could lose the unloseable election in 2014.

    • i would not necessarliy equate a weaker labour as a centre-left defeat..

      ..the greens..hone..and peters…

      ..are there to take up any numerical shift in the centre-left equation..

      ..don’t you yet see that national are building are heading/on a fast track to/for another nine years in opposition..?

      ..really..? can’t yet see that..?

      ..why do you think key has suddenly disappeared from view…?

      …the realisation for him/national is sinking in that both the media and the people are over him…

      ..we have had our fill…he has little left to show us…

      ..and national mp’s in swing seats are grappling with the realisation they will only be there for one term..’s all getting kinda interesting..…?

       [email protected]

    •  (reply to cobalt..)

      i don’t need to go and watch it again..i wrote an extensive review of it..

      ..where i touched on those kisses-of-death you refer to..

      …and i concluded he/shearer is national-lite…

      ..and an ‘acceptable-gatekeeper’ as far as the rightwing establishment is concerned..

      ..and not the vehicle for the serious change of direction we need..

      [email protected]

  • Cobolt

    This can only do my ipredict stocks good.

  • Greg M

    How many train wrecks do you need before deciding to change the driver?

    • Cobolt

       I think they need to be fatal first.