Shearer – Consistent?

Shearer’s been claiming he’s been consistent in his position on POAL.



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  • tas

    Whale: I think these posts are somewhat unfair. Has John Key taken a side? What is his position? Both Shearer and Key are doing the smart thing and staying as far away from this issue as possible.

    Labour (minus their “leader”) are clearly supporting the thugs. But Shearer personally has not been any more inconsistent than anyone else.

    • Jester

      Perhaps David is unsure if he has his “guns” on the inside or the outside, if there loaded or unloaded or even if he is armed at all and not just firing blanks?

    • BJ

      Key and Len Brown have been impartial while Shearer has been inconsistent by his actions not matching his words

    • CJA

       From my understanding he stated that he was not for or against but yet he was seen on the March (I might be corrected on this) with the Wharfies. Surely that means he agrees with them by default. I wouldn’t march with people I didn’t agree with. In terms of Key he doesn’t have to take a side because Labour has managed to cock themselves up so much by themselves he doesn’t actually have to do anything.

    • Peter Wilson

      I think the Labour leader, by definition, needs to take a stance on labour disputes! If his stance is to remain neutral, like the PM, that is fine, but come out and say it – of course the party finances might take a hit!

    •  Agree Tas – Mr Smiles is looking decidedly un-assertive these days – far too glib – does he actually have any real good ideas – what are his spin doctors doing these days – they still in Aussie?

  • BW_Lord

    Shearer as leader has responsibility of his party.
    If he has MPs acting outside of where his stated position lies, then he is, by association, inconsistent.

  • Euan Rt

    Shearer is in a tough spot. He is nailed if he sides with the union and he is equally nailed if he sides against them. He knows they are labour supporters and he has to try and maintain this base for votes and financial reasons, but he equally knows that the majority of kiwis will not back big income earners who have it easier than most. Herein lies his dilemma, he supports overpaid wharfies and beneficiaries. Both groupswhich average workers despise.

    •  Agree
      Euan – also my difficulty – hate both sides of this issue – too much ego on the
      part of the main protagonists and the workers are being lead blindly along knowing definitely not to trust the bosses but hamstrung if they disagree with the union. Shearer is actually doing exactly what Key is doing – trying to stay away from it – this is not actually a political issue. We’re actually starting to see that Shearer is a very good example of what middle New Zealand Labour people also hate to like about Key Mr bloody Centre-ist.

      • Euan Rt

        I think I like what you said? I think JK and Shearer are too nice to be politicians. I ‘m surprised JK has lasted as long as he has, but make no mistake I am very happy about it. But to be an opposition leader, you need to be tough and thick skinned and a bully to some extent; something neither JK or Shearer are. This is why Shearer actually needs to make a firm pro union stand, but he can’t stomach the hypocrisy of how he really feels about it. He has a conscience and he can’t live the bipartisan life of a politician.