Shearer Gets Something Right

 NZ Herald

The NZ Herald editorial shows that perhaps David Shearer gat least got something right:

Mr Shearer’s speech suggested many of the lessons of Labour’s humiliating defeat last year have been learned. There will be a concerted attempt to regain the central territory once occupied so adroitly by Helen Clark. In that context, what was not in Mr Shearer’s address was as important as its focus.

Not once, for example, were the words “trade union” uttered. Neither did the National Party rate a mention.

Trade Unions cost Labour a lot of votes. They put up dud candidates who can’t win votes, often whom let National MPs increase their majority. They manipulate the list so good MPs like Stuart Nash and Kelvin Davis are out of parliament while proven vote losers and people who help brand Labour the Nasty Party like Fenton and Moroney stay in.

Shearer needs to get rid of the union dominance of Labour if he wants to be Prime Minister. His not mentioning unions in his first speech of the year was a great start.


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  • Gee this own only needs a simple YES to it Cameron….

  • Super_Guest

    Ignoring the union hacks? Dead man walking. This is suberb, Labour are so out of touch that they’ll knife this reformer and put up a terrible union ticket of Little/Fenton or some other nonsense in 2014. JK might as well start planning for the 2017 election now…

  • johnbronkhorst

    need to understand that will NEVER happen (separation of union and Labour party) Cameron. The Union created the Labour party as their political wing. Therefore they OWN the Labour party! They contribute union funds to the Labour Party (another issue re losses in the unions). They therefore expect CONTROL of the labour party, when they don’t get that control they throw a tantrum and make sure their pet candidates get elected.

  • Pete George

    Hence after a token rave yesterday the Standard have deserted Shearer again to resume an all posts attack on Key – non-gotcha of course.

  • DaveG

    Is Moroney like Goldy only made of moron ?

  • LesleyNZ

    Hey – This morning I sent a comment to the NZ Herald about this and they haven’t posted it! There are only two comments posted. That is odd. Selective censorship being practiced by the NZ Herald again? Maybe the NZ Herald didn’t like me saying to them that they were being too soft on David Shearer  and that it wasn’t “understandable” at all.
    Wonder if they will post all the comments now? They should.