Shearer on Contracting

Fascinating to hear David Shearer try to argue that he has never been in favour of contractors or casualisation during his interview this morning on Q+A.

It’s fascinating, mainly because David Shearer has written books on the advantages of using contractors and outsourcing.

Seriously hypocritical.


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  • Travdog

    F-f-f-f-f-fail David! F-f-f-f-f-fucked that up good and proper. One must be consistent when expressing a point of view.

  • Vlad

    You want to see what contracting does; what real pride in work does; how NONE of this is about class (whatever) that is, or bosses versus workers.  This guy has the right name, he should look at SHEARERS for a model.  NZ shearers are world-class, we should be proud of them.  They compete in a shed to be the ringer, and it matters beyond the dollars.  They innovate and their skills are in demand all around the world.   Unions played a part years ago but today it is about team-work, individual skill and competition.    MUNZ and the real shearers, compare and contrast.

    • Petal

      I’d like to nominate this for the comment of the day.

    • Paul Rian

      Amusingly, our shearers were involved in an industrial dispute in Australia- where their unions resisted modern innovations in trimmer combs that boosted productivity, while our boys stood up for getting more work done.

  • motorizer

    the next election will be nationals to loose. i mean, how the hell could you loose going up against that?

  • Duncan

    I think David Shearer is a good, honest man. Sadly I don’t think there is a place for such a man as leader of the NZ Labour Party at the moment. Both the Left and the Right are trying to hound him out of office and will succeed. He will probably be gone in 6 months and NZ will have lost a  rare politician and have some slippery bastard in his place. Will we all be happy then?

    • Guest

      Oh god, I agree but please don’t let it be any of those odious woman taking his place!

  • Paul Rian

    But but that’s only knowing that casualization is the sensible thing to do.. it doesn’t mean approving of it emotionally, which is what Labour’s all about.