Shearer trying to grab high ground

NZ Herald

David Shearer is trying to grab the high ground.

Labour leader David Shearer says he would expect any minister in a Government he led to step down if they made the same error of judgement former ACC Minister Nick Smith did in writing a reference to a friend who was pursuing a claim with the corporation.

Of courser he can say that, he is never likely to be leading a government. Now if Grant Robertson made that claim it might mean something.


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  • Rob F

    Nice burn WO!

  • redeye

    yeah like when he held mallard to account over ticket scalping

  • LesleyNZ

    I wonder – if my local Member of Parliament is also my friend are they not allowed to write a reference for me or act on my behalf with a problem?

  • johnbronkhorst

    So Trevor Mallard’s, efforts on Trade me. Aren’t an example of how he disciplines his “SHADDOW MINISTERS”. In that case, how are we to believe, since here he had a chance to practice his moral stand, That he would behave any differently, should some disaaster happen that renders us all as stupid as chris hipkins, and he actually gets elected!!!

  • Bob

    Some members of National are corrupt.  This is proof.  Smith should go.

    • johnbronkhorst

      Really Bob??? So what tangible gain did Mr Smith get from this??? To show corruption (strong word), you must show the gain!!! ie Phillip Field. What LAW did he break?…re Ruth Dyson (drink driver). Now I have no question re his stupidity in this case! How ever if he had have written this exact letter on plain paper, and left ANY reference to his ministerial warrent out, would we be having thia conversation. Probably not, so it is a matter of using the incorrect stationary then??

  • Shearer’s conduct yesterday was interesting. Late morning, after Smith’s apology, it wasn’t a sacking offence in Shearer’s opinion. But by nightfall, he’d joined the hang ‘im high brigade.

    Just who IS the Leader of the Opposition; David Shearer, Grant Robertson or Winston Peters? Shearer’s indecisiveness yesterday was reminiscent of Goff’s various positions over the Darren Hughes affair.

    • It could be Russell Norman…?

      •  Norman started the session of Parliament with a hiss and a roar, but he’s a sprinter, not a stayer.

    • davewin


      Winston (Show me the scandal) Peters

  • AnonWgtn

    Winston Peter is leader of the Opposition along with his followers:
    Greenpeace Party
    Labour Party
    Duncan Garner, and toofy Robin (like his hairstyle)
    Hone who

    but wait until Grant takes over later this year.

  • MrV

    Yes Winston trying to call someone out over corruption … hello the racing industry is calling.