Shearer’s speech “Sugary Fluff”

The headline at NBR says it all.

David Shearer’s signature vision speech will hence forth be known as the Candy Floss speech.

Candyfloss is not a particularly nutritious breakfast.

But that is what Labour leader David Shearer delivered to a Wellington business breakfast this morning.

In a speech long on fluffy words and not-particularly original aspirational ideas but virtually policy-free, Mr Shearer set out his vision for New Zealand.

It involves having more nice things, and having fewer bad things, apparently,

I’m pretty sure John Pagani didn’t have anything to do with writing the speech because he is way too smart to begin a speech talking about a circus and circus acts. All that did is reinforce the perception that Labour are a bunch of Clowns and their caucus is a circus.

From the get go it was a bit of a circus….the live streaming didn’t work, they ran late with the start and then the key note speech left out the keys…and the notes.

The over-riding impression I got from the speech was wondering just how Grant Robertson was going to deliver on the candy-floss.

Even the title continues the shambolic usual way he speaks, with an over-riding stutter….I mean how else can you describe a title as lame as “The New New Zealand”.

Marcus Lush, normally a simpering shill for the Labour party…described the speech and David Shearer as “Goff-lite”


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  • Shaun Wallis

    “David Shearer has the capacity to win Labour the 2014 Election”…

    Nek minnit…

  • I have unfortunately come to the realisation that David Shearers considerable C.V. may in-fact be greatly enhanced by an extremely talented and diplomatic Somali translator.
    When the Somali rebels were moved to tears by such compelling arguments as (possibly) “drop your weapons and let us through, so that your children may change their destiny with words and not bullets”, this was an approximate translation of Shearers actual sentence “oh, umm, oh no. Please don’t shoot me in the face.”
    All labour needs to do is track down this translator (we will call him Gary) and employ Jeremy the Sign Guy, and they are back in business. 

  • Peter Wilson

    I’d say Shearer’s strategy would be to sleep walk to a win in 2014. Hope the electorate is tired of Key by then, and put together some kind of government with his friends on the left.

    Not a bad strategy.

  • Grendel

    Can you have sunk any lower in politics than when you are described as “goff-lite”, the only thing worse i can think of is being described as “drunker than winston”, “crazier than delahunty”  or “awake less than alamein kopu”

    • Agent BallSack

      Uglier than Fenton, More lesbian than Helen, Crookeder than Mallard, fatter than Parekura?

      • Global Conscience

        Brownlee wins the last one.

  • BJ

    The only thing worse than listening to him on radio or watching him talk on TV is trying to read what he has said. 

    I found his speech the most irritating piece of reading ever. It said nothing at all.

    • BW_Lord

      Maybe if he structured his sentences like Phil U’s it would help get his points across. No, ummm, wait, ummm, I don’t know, ummm, what was I saying?

      • Richard B.

        So he should talk like Phil U and say out loud:
        I think fullstop fullstop fullstop closed bracket question mark new line that people should fullstop fullstop speach mark support closed bracket new line Liabour fullstop fullstop fullstop fullstop exclamation mark

      • Peter Wilson

        Maybe not get his points across, but definitely improve things.

      • BW_Lord

        Dear God what have we created … eh??

  • Agent BallSack

    I was worried, I read somewhere the other day that Darien Fenton was talking smack. I had to re-read a couple of times before I realised it actually said taking smack.

  • Bob

    I see the deluded Labour cheer squad are giving it their best to pump it up as the best speech ever over at the standard, I suppose they have to but it must be difficult to sound sooo excited with the drivel Shrearer served them up.

  • johnbronkhorst

    still pushing that CGT barrow…Google Alan Reynolds, report for the ASX. 99 pages, bit long but basically describes a misleading and disruptive tax. The proponants of CGT make unsustantiated claims about using fluffy words like “fair”. Recognise them…..David Shearer????

  • johnbronkhorst

    As for improving the teaching pool, better be carful there David, isn’t that the same pool that Labour go fishing for their MP’s in???

  • In Vino Veritas

    Esko Aho? Yep, Aho lead a centre right coalition and saved Finland by using a brutal cut and save policy. Ergo, he was voted out at the next election. Is this what Shearer is proposing ? Labour cuts costs and encourages saving? that must have gone down well with his socialist friends.

  • AnonWgtn

    Poor bugger. What has he been let into.
    “Grunty” Robertson and his “special friends” will be delighted (not that you will see).