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Yesterday I promised that if Conor Roberts didn’t deliver his profile to me that I would start unpicking his ‘mate’ and colleague James Bews-Hair.  Here’s example one of how this guy is a union smasher from way back. The more I find out about this guy the more I’m liking what I hear.

A number of years ago the Service and Food Workers Union decided it would target Sky City and make an example of it.  The Union needed to prove just how powerful they were after Labour returned to government.

During discussions on smokefree workplaces, Sky City (using James Bews-Hair’s strategy) made a deal with the Union that Smokefree work days would be brought forward.  In return the Union would support Sky City’s efforts to get an exclusion for the Highrollers room.  As a result the Union started to play nicely with Sky City management which made life a whole lot easier in running a casino.

Sky City was supposed to launch the campaign to bring forward the start of smokefree at the same time the Casino owners submitted to the select committee.  In reality, Sky City (James Bews-Hair) did the opposite, reneged on the ‘deal’ and pushed the Union aside.

Funnily enough the Union (and Darien Fenton) started to get rather bolshie but by that time Sky City had installed its own Employee Advocate who did a much better job than the Union ever could.

Sky City didn’t get their exemption for the Highrollers room but the Service and Food Workers Union lost any chance of doing over Sky City.

So, totally outplayed and humiliated (a shame Fenton is too thick to realise it)

“It’s a great day for Sky City workers and we congratulate Sky City for taking the lead,” union national secretary Darien Fenton said. “No other hospitality employer has been brave enough to take this on.”

Fenton was rewarded in the time honoured Labour way when it comes to losers with a scum List place.

To illustrate just how faceless Bews-Hair is, the tipline tells me that Darien Fenton has spent much of her time since yesterday’s post trying to find out more about who Bews-Hair is.

Darien, he’s one of yours!


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    Poor Old Darien, I’m afraid the hamster is dead, but the wheel is still spinning.